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  1. Name calling is going to get this thread closed.
  2. This forum exists for members to ask questions about various rules, their interpretation and application. Members are encouraged to discuss the rules, point out relevant rules and to be helpful towards other members quest to understand the rules. Keep your responses helpful. If you don't have a desire to provide helpful feedback to a question don't respond at all. Telling another member to go read the rulebook, for example, is not helpful behavior and is, in general, asinine. Quoting a relevant rule to the questioner would be a more appropriate response. If your response to a members question is made with the intent to "put them in their place" (or any other demeaning or negative context) you are not posting within guidelines and will be dealt with by the moderating team.
  3. Yeah, I try not to think about the $$$ I spend on stuff like that because I really DON'T want try to make sense of it Apex makes some pads that are a little heavier and don't quite cost $20 each ($15 maybe?)
  4. Your own quote contains this rule: " R. Aftermarket magazine base pads may be used provided they do not make the magazine weight more than 1.00 oz. over the same capacity factory magazine." So if someone makes a basepad for the magpul mags you'd be fine so long as you don't weigh more than 1 oz over the same capacity factory setup when you are done.
  5. My wife used to do this (until she voluntarily had a gunsmith despur the hammer) and it helped her out at first. She doesn't have a lot of hand strength and that double action pull took some getting used to even on midrange or small targets. Finally she graduated to pretty much only using it on further targets and we started to notice that she did worse on those targets when she thumb cocked the hammer. All in all I think it was a convenient crutch in the beginning that became a liability later on.
  6. So you are saying you'd count the berm as "anything other than a target"? Hopefully all of our shots are impacting a berm so I'm not seeing the logic here.
  7. From the Hate Forum rules: "• If your hate rant has to do with shooting then it needs to be directed towards yourself."
  8. As I've already stated, drop the politics. Yes, someone brought it up. No, we arent going to continue down that path.
  9. Lets keep the politics out of this so the topic can stay open.
  10. I bought a Hornady 38 special size die and my bulged 38 Short Colt brass was cured.
  11. ...and this was a "national" match? Wow.
  12. Yeah, I completely misread that as "wife" instead of "wifi"
  13. John will be missed.
  14. My least favorite aspect of Bug-R is: Well, that and it seems like it's never offered at matches.
  15. Well that changes things as far as scoring. Still sounds fun.
  16. The concept is really similar to the all steel stage we've run at the Arizona State match for a few years and, from what I could tell while running the stage, most seemed to enjoy it. With ICORE being straight time I'm not sure you could call a target that nets you -40 seconds a "bonus target". Now if we did stage points... well that's a gripe for another thread. Either way I've shot a version of that stage (if not that exact stage) at your match and it was fun.
  17. Joe R. Lansdale is a great writer. I was bumbed when they cancelled the Hap & Leonard television series.
  18. A practice run sure could help with max traps, swingers and other moving targets. That's starting to sound more reasonable though I'd rather not squad with anyone shooting two guns. Maybe I've just been burned by some slackers who didn't want to help but I've had bad experiences with these two gun shooters.
  19. Even if the second gun is in a different division you already had a practice run and shouldn't be competing for prizes and/or placement with those who didn't get to practice the stages. How much or how little you paid the match organizers isn't relevant here; it's all about being fair to all competitors not who paid what. In the event that someone does shoot two guns it should definitely be on a different day. I've been squaded with too many two gun wonders who spend all of their time dicking around with their gear and no time helping on the stage. No thanks. All in all at "real matches" I'd rather everyone compete once for prizes/placement because taking a practice run at the event isn't my idea of fair.
  20. jhgtyre

    Rain Bags

    Match Theme: Christmas in July
  21. jhgtyre

    Rain Bags

    I'm not sure if they were from uline but I've been at matches that had "nice bags" that were thicker and it was a lot easier (and faster) to reset a stage than with the cheap garbage bag covers.
  22. You kids and your new fangled GUI's. At least you reverted to a real command line interface to take care of the important stuff.
  23. All I've got to say is.... well, I don't want to talk about...
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