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  1. gm iprod

    Dad Joke Thread

    How do you make an Octopus laugh? With Ten Tickles
  2. Alan, I am working on getting Lottery Funding to do this match, I have tickets in the upcoming draw here in NZ. If anyone has a heads up on the winning tickets please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy what I know will be an excellent match. GM
  3. gm iprod

    Bianchi Wings for a Ruger IV 22/45 Lite

    That is what I was thinking. But once on you can fine tune the shape a little.
  4. Been lurking on this. Primers are surely the cause, and keeping primed cases about is not worth the hassle of any kind of contamination, regardless of how anal you are about storage conditions. I would clean everything out and start again. Plus not sure if anyone has suggested this. Test your guns with at least 2 good quality loads, NOT Bulk ammo from Sumso Ammo Corp, no re-manufactured either regardless of who makes it. Also check that the guns have the springs in them that they left the factory with. If it fails on factory then you call the maker and get it fixed, no longer your problem. I load for accuracy, and if it saves money then great. At 30K per annum of 38Super the cash savings are there. Match Grade ammo from Atlanta Arms is still $400 per 1000. There is no cheap 38Super in bulk. 9mm is a little cheaper if you buy in bulk, and they mean 10K at a time. Zero 125gr JHP are about $120 - $140 per K for 10K plus orders. ($0.14 per load) Hodg Tite group is about $150 per 8lb (4.7gr per load = $0.015 per load) Primers run $150 per 5K ($0.03 per load) So for me $17.00 to $19.00 per 100 is for me, especially when that load shoots 0.545" at 50yards. The real deal is I have X Dollars per month for ammo, the cheaper the ammo (and still hit my accuracy mark) the more I can shoot, I have never saved actual cash with reloading, it allows me to shoot more. The budget is the budget, stick to yours and make the best of it. I am bored with half arsing s#!t, just too damn old for crap. I used to make my own lead pills for 38Special, 9mm and 45, just got over it. Needed more time not breathing lead fumes. I still love casting and if I need to then I may get back to it, but would rather not. As for spending 4K on reloading gear, dead easy when you start cranking ammo. Dillon 1050, Decent tumbler, scales (good ones), etc, etc etc. It all depends on how you personally need to do it. Time is something not all of us have.
  5. gm iprod

    Bianchi 2018

    With all the s#!t that I am flinging at the "NRA" over this cock up, it is important that we stand up to those cocks and keep shooting AP. The worst thing they want is for us to make the rest of AP, (Regionals, State Champs) and all the extra shoots that are hosted (Cameron Cup comes to mind) run by individual clubs with no help from Bullshit Castle in Virginia a screaming success, this will show that they are irrelevant to us as a shooting sport organisation. These matches that have seen increasing numbers when all around us there is chaos. The NRA needs to stick to its knitting and what it is best at, keep our rights secure. Let us run the matches.
  6. gm iprod

    Bianchi 2018

    Ryan is dead on here. The NRA does not own the right to the name Bianchi Cup, that name resides with Safariland however the Action Pistol National Championship does belong to the NRA, which is fine and dandy. A match can be run just not with National Championship in its title unless the NRA give it their say so. Seeing as they now use this match as a cash cow for other National Champs (which lose money like a government), prizes/gifts and cash are redirected. What they don't get is that Firearms companies are not awash with cash to hand over to run these events, what they do however have is product, which when given to a particular match should go to the Competitors or Volunteer Staff AT THE PRIZE GIVING, not some shady back room deal that we, the competitors (as in paying entries), only find out about after it is posted on face book. The money given should go to the match, so we don't run out of food at the BBQ, so we don't have to buy deserts at the Banquet, so that the match can be run properly with correct staff numbers on all days. I really could go on.
  7. gm iprod

    Michael Voigt

    He may have led the USPSA for years, but he also shot 3Gun, Action Pistol (Bianchi Cup), Speed Steel, you name it. He was good, very good. He will certainly be missed and by more than just his family. RIP Mike Keep well Maggie.
  8. gm iprod

    Phoenix Trinity Evo grip.

    So the question is, if there is a place for where the grip safety would normally go (as in a gap in the frame then you have to have one and it has to operate?? You could not replace the "beavertail shaped" "hand protector" / "grip enhancer"
  9. gm iprod

    Phoenix Trinity Evo grip.

    If a handgun frame does not have provision for a grip safety, regardless of the manufacturer it is no longer 1911 patter. Regardless of what other parts fit into it. That is how CZ, Tanfoglio and Star are allowed. The frame is not built to take a grip safety therefore it is no longer 1911 patter regardless of how it looks.
  10. gm iprod

    Perfect scores with a revolver?

    Martin, I spoke to John about this a few years ago ( I had my own struggles at the time to get past 1900 consistently and he was happy to help). He switched to an auto to get the 1920, he said he was always one shot ( an 8) away from the 1920 with the revolver. So the auto gave him the time to make sure he could get there.
  11. gm iprod

    2018 World Shoot

    Rumours currently run that Flagler will be Thursday / Friday before Worlds. Jeremy Newell put up a poll to see what fits for most. So three matches in 10 days would be Plan A right this minute.
  12. gm iprod

    2018 World Shoot

    As soon as the Cup is over all the NRA staff hot foot it to another shoot. So it had to be before or well after. Any earlier the range may not be up and running as there is lots of post winter maintenance to be done that time of the year.
  13. gm iprod

    2018 World Shoot

    Standby to repel boarder, rumours are that they will announce very soon.
  14. Alan, Good to see another great turn out. Keep this up and you will have to build a second mover, extra barricades etc etc. Then you can host the Worlds???????
  15. gm iprod

    CZ in Open at Bianchi Cup

    Similar to both my setups. My latest has the barrel with a reverse taper that unlocks out of the bushing (Block) as the slide and barrel recoil. Then when they go back into battery the barrel drives into the block. My block acts as the shroud as well. all once piece. Bastard to get apart when dirty as it tightens up, but easy to reassemble once clean.