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  1. I understand the economics of it. Last I read there were 30k USPSA members or so. I imagine IDPA and 3gun are not larger. There are probably 600k+ LEOs in the US so the math makes sense for them. Also, they have demand for their product. From what I hear, they are selling at retail. If you follow the 2011 Enthusiast FB page, it has turned into the “Staccato this” and “Staccato that” page. I can’t fault them for making a pivot toward a profitable customer base and a market that wants high capacity and cool factor. Most of those shooters aren’t going to wear out their pistols and customize everything the way many competition shooter would. It does not surprise me that StickAuto has little enthusiasm for a relatively small market of folks who break their gear.
  2. I have one of the originals and it weighs 42.5 oz with a tungsten guide rod and empty Tripp 10mm mag.
  3. JayDee

    sp01 shadow grips ?

    Check out Henning’s grips. Great texture, slightly less palm swell than factory.
  4. My recipe: 180 RNFP Rainier plated 4.9 N320 1.15” 168pf from CZ TS 171pf from 1911 FWIW I get similar velocities from 4.5 grains under a coated Blue 180.
  5. Once I saw a shooter break the 180. Actually, he broke the 360 and swept the entire squad, right to left.
  6. Also, the 9mm tubes have channels in the sides. The 40 tubes are smooth.
  7. JayDee

    CZC TS Base Pad Help

    I had the same issue with my CZC bases. I took some fine sandpaper to the edges and bases of the mag "wings". This let me get them on and off without a mallet and now, after some additional use, they are easy to install/remove.
  8. Dan Wesson! +1 ECO are very nice as are Guardian & Valkyrie. Great value for the money and a good company to deal with.
  9. I started reloading because I had a squib using factory ammo...... in a level II match. Luckily the bullet only went into the barrel a little bit and the next round wouldn’t chamber. Neither I nor the RO heard it. Cost me a stage but my gun didn’t blow up! I definitely look into each case and verify there is powder before seating a bullet. The light is a good suggestion. I installed a bank of LEDs over my bench and angle one of them right into the powder station.
  10. I had the same concerns on a used Edge I bought last year. I call it the "rattle trap" because the noise it makes when you shake it. It has about 0.020" (0.010" on each side) of total play in the slide to frame fit as measured by feeler gauges. But, the barrel to the slide fit is super tight and lockup appears to be consistent. Shooting off bags at 25 yards it is as accurate as my custom 1911 that has one of the tightest slide/frame fits I've seen. @jcc7x7 gave good advice. If it shoots well, keep shooting it.
  11. My Hundo XL was very sensitive to certain bullet shapes. The profile of certain coated bullets caused the failure rate to increase. Eggleston 180s had about a 7% reject rate in this gauge compared to 1% for Blue Bullets. The rejects went into my practice ammo and all went bang. I use a Lee factory crimp die, Lee “U” undersized size die and never load glocked brass.
  12. I do exactly the same. My .40 minor loads are delightful to shoot and don’t even require recoil spring swap. I use N320, same charge weight as my major load and wind up with 132 PF minor loads.
  13. This didn't happen in a match, and it was in a rifle, so perhaps this shouldn't exactly live in the "Match Screwups" thread, but it IS a ScrewUp, so I thought I'd post it here so others could learn from my mistake. Last weekend I finally got to the range to break in my new precision rifle. It is my first custom rifle and I wanted to properly break it in per the manufacturer recommendation and started by shooting a single round, then cleaning the bore. The plan was to shoot ten rounds, cleaning after each shot. At shot four things went wrong: the shot sounded "off" and I heard what sounded like the spinning noise associated with a ricochet. When i looked up, my muzzle brake was sheared off at the rear ports. I thought I shot a double charged round or that it had come unscrewed and off center, but soon realized that the spear tip clearing jag I had been using was not on my cleaning rod. Evidently it came off and remained in the barrel. I think it was near the muzzle because there was no damage to bolt/receiver and the case showed no signs of excess pressure, probably because there was an avenue for gas pressure to escape. The rifling is damaged, the brake is toast, and I probably need a new barrel. No one was hurt. This could have ended completely differently. I've used that cleaning rod for 15 years and have never had a jag or brush come unscrewed before. I've never had a double charge or anything that has damaged a pistol or rifle while I was using it. I am super lucky that I didn't get a bolt in the face. I think of myself as a very safety conscious shooter/hunter/competitor and this is worst mistake I've made at the range. A couple takeaways: - Next time I put anything in the bore of a rifle or pistol, I am going to triple check that it came out. - I was chatting with my friend at the range. Would I have noticed the missing jag if we hadn't been talking? Maybe, maybe not. Next time I'm performing any type of maintenance I will focus 100% of my attention on the task. - We competition shooters always wear eye protection, but only occasionally does it get "used" to prevent an injury. This was one of those situations that eye protection was made for. Thank god I didn't need it. I'm super lucky that this will only cost me some money and regret, and nothing more permanent. Just wanted to share this as a reminder that when things go wrong with firearms, they do so quickly. Keep your mind on what you are doing, even if it is something like routine maintenance.
  14. I used to have an STI Duty One. It was heavy and had a half rail. Had to go to GI guide rod, plastic grips and mags with plastic bases to barely make weight. Bladetech evolution holster worked well for it. The rail does add some weight which some say improves recoil management. I didn't notice it much with 167PF loads.
  15. no experience with BUL, but that looks like a bull barrel and won't be legal in single stack (bushing barrels only in full sized 1911s).
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