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  1. jhgtyre

    S&W 625JM

    The S&W X-Frame grips help with the recoil but smaller hands don't work well with that grip.
  2. jhgtyre

    Manufacturers of 38 Short Colt Brass

    Mine split but I've reloaded the same batch of Starline brass over and over again for several years now.
  3. jhgtyre

    Dillon lubed cases sticking?

    It works but I find it to be a lot messier if I don't wait till the carrier (alcohol) evaporates.
  4. Yet it is still better than most of what you'll find at newstands and it is competition shooting oriented, which is what the OP was seeking out. Will it help you fight your way from Orange Mound to Germantown? Probably not, but it still has some useful info if you shoot IDPA.
  5. That USPSA membership along with an IDPA membership, which will get you IDPA's Tactical Journal, are your best bets for competitive shooting related content.
  6. jhgtyre

    Powder spillage

    No doubt. If you need a spill stop on a 550 you should cut down on your caffeine intake
  7. jhgtyre

    38 Short Colt Brass

    This is the same as a "group buy" which is not allowed here under our rules. Closed.
  8. jhgtyre

    9mm only reloading

    I had to remove some posts that discussed buying and/or selling gear. We do not do that outside of the classifieds for any reason.
  9. jhgtyre

    IDPA Revolver Stock vs Enhanced

    The 105 PF for Revo was instituted because factory 38 Special ammo tends to be weak. For example Winchester White Box 38 Special +P 125gr JHP is advertised as making 945 fps which works out to about 118 pf. I don't know what length barrel that is shot out of but it doesn't even make ICORE PF.
  10. I agree, if you feel the need to do more to control the shooter you are the problem that needs solving.
  11. jhgtyre

    Starting weak hand only

    I looked through the rules multiple times and could only find the same info you have posted.
  12. jhgtyre

    Starting Position "standing in box"

    Not once the ambulance comes.
  13. It looks like you have modified the powder bar. Have you tried an unmodified powder bar?
  14. So, if I'm not mistaken here, you are saying he should buy a 1050... today?
  15. jhgtyre

    idpa rules question

    If you can see all the targets from one position you can shoot them from that position, right?