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  1. Is this a barrel cactus by any chance?
  2. jhgtyre

    mod 19 still match worthy?

    The model 19 still works great for IDPA. I would shoot mine but my wife stole it so I just use my 4" 625.
  3. jhgtyre

    Mossberg 590M magazine fed pump

    I have seen a lot of semi-auto shotguns go down during matches. The 590M should be reliable enough to make it through a match without a serious malfunction but is that reliability enough to overcome a semi in a big match? IDK.
  4. These videos should help:
  5. HAHA, yes at this rate in just 150 years the machine is paid off!😃
  6. jhgtyre

    40 S&W loads for PF

    In Arizona that can be a LONG wait! If your chrono has sky screens try to make sure that both the start and stop sensor are shaded, preferably an equal amount, by the sky screens. Having a tripod with a head that is adjustable for cant/tilt and rotation is really handy in this situation. You could also clip a cardboard target to the screens to get more shade but you do want some light transmission so it is better if you can get the screens to shade the sensors.
  7. jhgtyre

    Reshoot on this classifier?

    Definitely an example of why those types of chairs are not the best for use on stages but not a reshoot. The best chairs are plain wood with a solid back and no arms. This eliminates anyone getting tangled up in the chair which could lead to an unsafe situation.
  8. jhgtyre

    .32 Magnum

    I've seen the two local shooters that run 32's do pretty well with them. One them was using 30 carbine projectiles IIRC but I don't recall the ammo ever being an issue with either shooter. One of our local match directors used to make sure that the stages either required reloads or was otherwise setup so that those 9 and 10 shot guns these guys had wouldn't be an advantage.
  9. jhgtyre

    XL 650 on order

    I've only had sideways primers when the primers were so out of round that they tipped going into the primer pocket or the anvil was sticking up on one side which made the primer drag on the disk. I'd provide an example of a primer that looked like this but I fought through those batches and used them all.
  10. Is it next to a glass covered building that reflects sunlight onto it?
  11. jhgtyre

    Where can i find a s&w 929 factory rear sight?

    Thread closed. This is not the classified section. Please post all "Where Can I Buy" threads in the classified section.
  12. jhgtyre

    Vortex Razor Red Dot Distortion

    Ha, I'm the opposite! If I don't have my glasses on the dot is a blur.
  13. jhgtyre

    627 6 1/2" Barrel

    Thank you!
  14. jhgtyre

    627 6 1/2" Barrel

    So this is why we are going to have to shut down any "How much is it worth" or "where do I buy" types of posts because they seem to turn into a classified ad. If you guys want that to happen just keep talking about buying, selling, or trading in your posts.
  15. Or we could all follow the rules before I shut the thread down. How's that for a plan? You can find the rules here https://forums.brianenos.com/guidelines/ Be sure to pay special attention to this bit: So, lets stay on topic and save the personal back and forth BS for the playground.