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  1. Actually we had RO's on a different stage state that it had to be palms and not fingers on the X's for their start position. I just googled "anatomy of the hand" (just to make sure there wasn't some wording that says fingers are attached to but not part of the hand) and the fingers are part of the hand so just fingers would suffice unless the WSB specifically said palms.
  2. I just checked this forum looking for discussions about RO's that decide to "interpret" the start position as something other than what is specifically laid out in the WSB. A perfect example occurred at a recent match where the WSB said, "Standing in Shooting Area heels touching X's, hands relaxed at sides." The RO made everyone stand with feet pointed squarely downrange, shoulders square to the backstop and nose pointing directly at the backstop. This is NOT what the WSB stated and I was a bit annoyed that the crew felt the need to exert their own will in this situation. In the end I didn't care enough to argue and I let it slide, which is my own failing, but I was curious about the right of the RO to force shooters into their "interpretation" of the start position so I came here.
  3. Under section M-2 MATCH ADMINISTRATION RULES the match admin guide states So if I can see the target I can shoot it.
  4. Since you didn't specify that there was an engagement order and you did fire the required number of shots there is no PE for this. So you are down 10 for the two misses and there is no penalty for accidentally hitting the body of the target. He can remove the best hits only if you fire extra shots otherwise you get credit for the best required hits on target. I would say you were down 10.
  5. jhgtyre

    Round count question

    To the previous responses I'll add slamming the moonclips into the cylinder. I've seen a competitor that slammed the moons in so hard that over a period of time he wore a V shaped notch in the grooved portion of the yoke that retains the cylinder in the gun. The result was that he dumped his cylinder on the ground and the screw that retained it was still snug in the side of the frame..
  6. They haven't posted on Facebook since last June so that doesn't look promising https://www.facebook.com/sidekickmountsoutdoors/ They did post on Instagram last month so you might try messaging them there. https://www.instagram.com/sidekickmounts/?hl=en
  7. jhgtyre

    IDPA Revolver??

    That sounds like a fun setup but I can see why you might not want to make the 150pf for moonclipped guns. I am surprised that they let the moonclip server in even in SPD. It just seems too "racy" for IDPA.
  8. jhgtyre

    Gun shop experts and their quotes

    I had a counter guy insist that the laser grips that were on a SA Compact Operator (or whatever they call the officer sized one) would only fit that gun and could not fit any other officers sized 1911. I got him to agree that if they did fit on the other gun in the display that he would deduct their value from the, already low, price of the Springfield. One form 4473 later I was headed out the door with a great deal on a 1911 minus a set of laser grips, that I didn't want anyway, grinning as I looked over my really low dollar receipt.
  9. jhgtyre

    Shell Case Lubing for Pistols

    I lube pistol cases in a gallon sized zip lock freezer bag. I put in a couple of squirts of lube prior to placing the brass in the bag and then zip it up and shake the bag for a minute. Dump the brass out to dry and then it's good to load. Doing this makes a noticeable difference in the operation of the press. I dump the loaded rounds out on an old beach towel, spray it with rubbing alcohol, roll it around in the towel, repeat, and it is ready to fire.
  10. jhgtyre

    Can NROI amend a rule?

    Not to get a political conversation going but this is why we complain about activist judges legislating from the bench. DNROI is subverting the process.
  11. The OCD is stronger in some than others and some people just dig gadgets. I can live without the extras on my press.
  12. jhgtyre

    PCC start position ?

    That may be true but the "overalls" is what got us here.
  13. jhgtyre

    PCC start position ?

    I know a lot of people who "experimented" with PCC in college but they are back on the straight and narrow now.
  14. jhgtyre

    PCC start position ?

    The desire to see your name at the top of a list is strong with some people. The fact that they were driving an Indy car and "beat" a bunch of people driving stock cars, dirt track racers, and go karts is of no consequence to them.