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  1. I had a Sig 320 RX and it came w/ BUIS. I'm not sure what the POI for the irons was but it was not anywhere near what the dot was regulated to hit.
  2. If you wanna get fancy and finish up nice when you're done with the Dremel
  3. I can see winter from my back yard but otherwise I don't know what you people are complaining about. Snow is something you see up on a mountain peak while you're outside, in your shorts and t-shirt, tending to the grill.
  4. The stages, for those who haven't seen them, https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/2020-IDPA-Postal-Match-revised-stage-descriptions-5.pdf
  5. I have two Vortex red dots (Sparc and Strikefire) and they've been back to the factory 3 times between them. Vortex has been great about it and even upgraded me to Gen2 on one of them for free but it still kinda stinks that I had to deal with it. That being said neither of them has broken since the last trip back and I still use them.
  6. If you ever shoot this thing it looks like Buffalo Arms still has all the 43 Spanish related supplies https://www.buffaloarms.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=11.15x58R&category=All
  7. It begs the question; how many freakin' parts were in there to start with?
  8. Just advertise the match as a "Pig Roast", people will come. Heck if you actually HAVE a pig roast they might even come back!
  9. RangerTrace always has the awesome blasters.
  10. 100 here isn't really a problem. 110+, well that's a different story but you learn to cope.
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