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  1. jhgtyre

    Fault lines?

    Supply rule numbers supporting your assertion Joe4d.
  2. jhgtyre

    Fault lines?

    3.6 States: C. A shooter who engages a target while faulting the line (which is defined as the shooter touching the ground or other objects on the non-cover side of the fault line) shall be assessed a PE. So it sounds like you can stand on the 2x4. I don't see anything in the rules that says you can decide the fault line is just the inside of a board but I do see rules defining how wide the board used as a fault line can be.
  3. A good attitude and one we should stick with so this thread can remain open.
  4. Please note the highlighted sections in the above quotation. Closed.
  5. I've said this both jokingly and, maybe not so jokingly, on more than one occasion. I see way too many RO's, experienced and inexperienced, who could use a reminder of this and not just when running PCC.
  6. I haven't been a big fan of the Postal Match in years past but the stages look good this year. I like the pics and setup info.
  7. You can chose to take it to the absurd if you like but that isn't what I said. The individual shooter doesn't have to listen to your reading of the stage briefing if they don't want to.
  8. When I RO unless the shooter is distracting other shooters who are trying to pay attention to the stage briefing I ignore them. If they are distracting other shooters in any way I ask them to please be respectful of those who are trying to pay attention. They paid their match fee so let them be. When I'm the shooter I usually want to hear the stage description but not always. I've usually read it several times prior to your reading and, sometimes, I might feel like doing something else while you read. I try not to bug anyone who is listening to or attempting to ask questions of the CRO.
  9. jhgtyre

    "You Were Lucky"

    Oh, well, you had a PUMP, you WERE LUCKY! We had to use a blow gun with naught but spitballs to nudge the ballistic pendulum and hope to God that we made power factor lest we be relegated to shooting PCC with the toffs and fairies! (no, wait, that might be more recent...)
  10. Or pretty much anything with Charles Bronson.
  11. You can round dump now so there may well be a target that "needs" three, instead of just 2, so you can make your SLR happen at a more beneficial time. Even so I've considered running 9+1 at quite a few matches lately for many of the same reasons already stated.
  12. It was terrible. On the plus side it did make a lot of other series finales seem just a little bit less terrible.
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