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  1. jhgtyre

    WIL: Positive Press on Junior Shooters

    Nice. My daughter shot air rifle and went to the Olympic Training Center a couple of times for it so I can appreciate the amount of effort these kids put into the sport.
  2. Not in 20 - 25 rounds, the frequency he stated that he checks.
  3. The screw isn't moving. The powder measure is volumetric so the charge will vary by =/- .1 in either direction. This does not cause a problem.
  4. jhgtyre

    IDPA is a GAME!

    Good, you guys get all that out in this thread so we don't have to read it in others!
  5. jhgtyre

    You know you're a Super Senior when....

    That is better than when you think new gun toys have arrived and it's your wife's order from "CeramicCrapThatHusbandsHate.com".
  6. jhgtyre

    The moped of the gun world

    I'd say Glocks are the Gixxers of the shooting world.
  7. jhgtyre

    Trigger Job Question

    I moved some comments from here to the Vendor Tent area. We don't discuss purchasing products, or selling them, outside the Classifieds or the Vendor area.
  8. jhgtyre

    9mm case ' belly'

    The carbide insert in Dillon dies is longer and is tapered to size the brass further down. When you flare the brass back out this leaves a portion of the brass still tapered below the flare. Then when you seat and crimp the bullet the tapered portion below the flare is visible giving the finished round a "coke bottle" appearance. As others have mentioned this does help prevent bullet setback and is by design.
  9. I would just call Dillon support at 800-223-4570 and ask them.
  10. jhgtyre

    Catching Bullets and Muzzle Flashes

    My non-comped AK pistol (Yugo M92) is so loud one of the match directors drove up, while I was shooting, opened his truck door, immediately closed it, and wouldn't get out of the truck until I stopped shooting
  11. jhgtyre

    Carry Optics/ESP

    The rules seem to have been updated since I made that statement. That link still works but when you go to the IDPA rules page you are offered a different document which is dated 08/10/18. I'm not sure when it was posted but that is 10 days before I linked to that other document. Who knows. Either way the new doc is here: http://members.idpa.com/Content/Rules/mxizbmc3.5aq.pdf It states that you must comply with ESP division and has options for use of lasers as well as red dot or "reflex" sights. It also defines CO as a Specialty Division...
  12. jhgtyre

    Steel Challenge Revolver

    You cannot sell anything that you make anywhere on the forums unless you are a dealer and then you can only sell those items in your dealer forum.
  13. jhgtyre

    Thoughts on increasing membership/clubs

    This is where IDPA Revolver works very well. The average course is half as many rounds and I, personally, have fun navigating these courses with a revolver. Far too many ICORE matches that I've shot seem to have courses with extra non-sense thrown in to "get the round count up". This includes stages with "shoot these targets 6 times each" sorts of requirements as well as stages where we repetitively reengage the same targets from multiple locations. By the time we get to score these excessively shot up targets the scoring lines are hidden under a blur of tape and the task of assigning a fair score becomes difficult if not impossible. I would also add that the scoring being straight time plus puts too much emphasis on some stages and minimizes the importance of others. Going to stage points to calculate match score would be an improvement.
  14. jhgtyre

    Ad removed

    Yeah, this post violates forum rules. We don't advertise outside the classifieds. I'm deleting content and locking this.