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  1. Just round dump till the gun is empty and then drop everything on the ground. You've only got 6 shots in the gun so it's pretty rare that you have to dump more than one or two rounds if at all.
  2. https://forums.brianenos.com/guidelines/ Lets pay particular attention to this portion of the forum guidelines: Until further notice this topic is closed.
  3. jhgtyre


    From the Hate Forum Guidelines, which can be found right at the top of this forum, "We have members here that work at most of the big established places (like the Post Office or Walmart, etc.). We have people here in a variety of professions (like LEO's, doctors and lawyers, etc). Don't bash a group."
  4. No, first I need to Google "Arduino"! It sounds like something you might order at one of those fancy coffee shops, "I'll have a Vente Arduino two creams, hold the sugar".
  5. ^^^THIS^^^ I think HOA should only be published if the winner is shooting in a capacity restricted division.
  6. I've shot quite a few "gotcha" stages where it wasn't clear how to shoot it without getting hit with penalties. I can't think of how many times I've seen targets placed just far enough apart that you couldn't easily tell if they were equal threat or not. I shouldn't have to ask the SO how we're supposed to engage a target and I shouldn't have to carry a tape measure in my range bag (okay, I don't do that really) just to know how to shoot a stage.
  7. I liked the article until I got to this little gem on page 7. So if I'm shooting my 625 do I get special parking or what?
  8. jhgtyre

    S&W 625JM

    The S&W X-Frame grips help with the recoil but smaller hands don't work well with that grip.
  9. Mine split but I've reloaded the same batch of Starline brass over and over again for several years now.
  10. It works but I find it to be a lot messier if I don't wait till the carrier (alcohol) evaporates.
  11. Yet it is still better than most of what you'll find at newstands and it is competition shooting oriented, which is what the OP was seeking out. Will it help you fight your way from Orange Mound to Germantown? Probably not, but it still has some useful info if you shoot IDPA.
  12. That USPSA membership along with an IDPA membership, which will get you IDPA's Tactical Journal, are your best bets for competitive shooting related content.
  13. No doubt. If you need a spill stop on a 550 you should cut down on your caffeine intake
  14. This is the same as a "group buy" which is not allowed here under our rules. Closed.
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