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  1. I noticed this show is just one season that ended 4 years ago. Do they wrap it up well in that one season or does it just sorta stop?
  2. If your post was removed from this thread you would do well to check the forum guidelines.
  3. https://practiscore.com/world-revolver-championship/register That the one? Why the stealth verbiage re: affiliation?
  4. We have rules. They are posted at the top of this very Hate Forum. Closed.
  5. It beats the alternative...
  6. Wow, this feels like a... well I don't know... a test question?
  7. I was just thinking that I know a way to make that holster legal even with the spacers!
  8. Now he's got two sets of rods and the satisfaction of a job well done
  9. I've got 625 moon clips from a variety of sources, including Ranch Products and others I can't remember the name of, and so far haven't run across any bad ones. I can load all of them without tools, though a tool helps demoon, and they all allow for easy reloads.
  10. I'll shut the thread down if anyone continues to call anyone a thief.
  11. For revo reloads I agree 100%. Keep the brass the same to eliminate unnecessary variables.
  12. I'm guessing we need a "K" in there I agree. I've got an RF-100 and even though mine works pretty well I'm just used to the hunt and peck method.
  13. I shot this a few years ago. It was fun and the local restaurants know how to make some excellent crab cakes (I'm pretty sure it's a state law that they have to be good).
  14. Shhhhh.... I want everyone that I might ever compete against to use copious amounts of WD-40!
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