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  1. I was thinking he may have wet tumbled because I've read that there can be some issues with depriming afterwards. I shoot a LOT of Federal primers and haven't had any problems with them getting pierced by the pin. My decapping pin is stock, no grinding or filing has been done to it. There may be differences in tolerances from one generation of decapping pin to the next though.
  2. How are you cleaning your brass?
  3. It would seem like an ultrasonic cleaner would be perfect for this task.
  4. jhgtyre

    XL 650 case drop

    The only times I've had that happen was if a smaller case was nesting in the case that was at the bottom of the case feed adapter. In those circumstances the longer length of the two cases can cause the case feed adapter to pop off. Even that has been rare, they usually just jam everything up when nested.
  5. You can find a list of dealers at http://dillonprecision.net/dealers/
  6. Sarge is spot on there is a reason why Dillon recommended just doing the following: I would do that.
  7. jhgtyre

    Snowshooze gone from ebay?

    Yeah, Anchorage is like the Paris of the Arctic Circle.
  8. In like 30 years you are gonna have to buy more. Better stock up
  9. Amazon has it. Little spendy for smell sauce but way cheaper than a good revo. https://www.amazon.com/Azzaro-Eau-Toilette-Spray-3-4/dp/B01H58J0G4/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1530545248&sr=8-1&keywords=azzaro%2Bwanted&th=1
  10. jhgtyre

    Powder charges ??

    Actually your process is more revealing than weighing individual charges unless you go to the bother of adding them all up and averaging them. The Dillon powder measure is good for +/- 1/10th of a grain so if I'm trying to hit 4.4 grains, for example, I get a good result by weighing 10 charges and dividing by 10. Then I can dial the charge up or down to hit close to my goal.
  11. Is the face of the shuttle clean? Excess lube could build up there and pull the case back like you described.
  12. jhgtyre

    Powder charges ??

    That's how I do it. It is simple, it doesn't void the warranty, and I don't have to spend money on gadgets.
  13. Is this a barrel cactus by any chance?
  14. jhgtyre

    mod 19 still match worthy?

    The model 19 still works great for IDPA. I would shoot mine but my wife stole it so I just use my 4" 625.