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  1. I didn’t know that, thanks! I will sell my Dawson pads off separate try and recover some of the $. I’ve had the mags boxed to ship to brown for a week keep forgetting to ship red
  2. Never was happy with the Wilson 47d’s that I bought, got more cmcs and was gonna sell the Wilson but heard about the Ed brown exchange program. I’m wondering if my Dawson pads will work with Ed brown mags. Anyone know? Red
  3. I installed on my phone and also printed it, with three hole punch and staples. Let me study it easier that way when I'm kicked back relaxing. Only 1/4" thick. Printed front to back. I can see the reasoning of doing offline to make updating it easier. The other side of that coin is that, not everyone is tech savvy, not everyone can see little screens too well, and if a competitor isn't checking all the time and rules are changing there is more risk of messing up. I think ultimately it'll be a net win. My instructor makes us use the book for the Aaron class so I would have just used the find function on my tablet for everything now i gotta go play with my BOSS setup too red
  4. That is fantastic! I am not shooting again until 1/13, works out perfectly! Red guys I apologize, I have no idea why suddenly words in my posts are turning into hyperlinks. My damn signature is now a link for wine?! Wth
  5. Thank you!!! Much appreciated. They need a bit of help w their webpage, whoever gave the idea of setting it up that way wasn't thinking it all the way out.
  6. Hey all, trying to do a good job as a newly minted RO. I have my manual, appendixes and such all in my bag but was going to make another set for home and realized I didn’t have the NROI rulings which the sight says we should keep with us. Am am I missing something? I don’t see an easy way to print it. I was considering re-typing them, wouldn’t take me long, and would help me remember I guess. Just seems there’s gotta be a better option. Sorry if this has been covered but I couldn’t find it Red
  7. Thanks! Factory too pricey to shoot, especially with my options in CA. I already have the powder and primers. Have the dies and setup just need to get off my ass red
  8. Mont what was your oal? thanks red
  9. DagoRed

    Ex wife

    Awesome. One of best I've heard red
  10. This weekend I was at the range for a class, there were 30 of us shooting together. I was standing at the front when I turned around and almost freaked. Scattered in the squad were a bunch of ninjas!! 4 or 5 at least. We are talking 98 degrees outside and these guys had the full face masks, heads covered, black arm and leg coverings. Now, like any good Kung fu/karate movie buff from the 80s I know Samurai=good ninja=bad. Some seriously no good mojo to have these guys sneaking up on you at a match. I don't know who they were there for but I think watching my back threw me off my game. I mean, how can you even know if it's ok to start a shooter, these guys could be down range and you would never know! Anybody else have have these guys sneaking around their shoots? I thought on it later and decided it would be pretty cool to have a special match for them, targets have to be engaged with throwing stars. Start signal is a smoke bomb. This would finally get my brother to give it a try. He has no interest in guns but is a third degree black belt. On on a serious side, the neck sleeve/mask things looked like they'd be good for Halloween or cold weather on my motorcycle. Anyone know where they're getting their costumes? Red
  11. I wear this. No joke. I was given an 80s style jean jacket from Macy's for Christmas. As if I was gonna wear that. When I went to exchange it I was looking for a cologne and my girls were w me and thought the sample smelled good. I've gotten more compliments for this one than any of my other colognes last few years. Can't say how it'll work for your body chemistry but for me it's good. Red
  12. Even if I have shown clear if I were asked again I'd do it and not feel bad. I've had that happen because RO couldn't see first time. It's about safety, that's their job and it's not fun having to enforce rules. I li will say though, after I show clear if they give me shit about how I cowboy twirl it into the holster.... Red
  13. I liked your video, showing both strong hand and weak hand. I am an uneducated Americana and only speak one language but I could tell what you were saying by the demo, thank you red
  14. My buddy has a screen setup and a small scope/camera aimed at the cases to see the powder. Very slick setup. Red
  15. Congratulations!!! those new Indians are pimp! I got a bike again in December. 99 fatboy. Love it. Of course haven't ridden in a few weeks. Too damn hot. Red
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