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  1. So has anybody else had these extensions severely underperform? Got em, installed em loaded em up. I was only able to get 20 rds per mag. That was after banging the mags to get the rounds to settle.
  2. That one on ebay is nice, but the holster is going on a belt that doubles as my pcc rig. So ive got a tec lock for easy removal.
  3. Is there anybody that sells just the DOH hanger? Ive got a holster for my ss that i need one on.
  4. I am working on a G17 for a carry gun and maybe play in CO. I have seen multiple videos and posts online about the threads not being that great in the MOS guns and that its better to get a regular and have the slide milled. I don't have a whole lot of experience with glocks so any feedback or personal experience stories would be appreciated.
  5. There has been talk of restarting that match at area 59 in rosenberg, tx undrr a new but similar name. They just started having single stack only matches in january, and the match directors generally come up with some great stage designs. I shot the inaugural ss club match and it was good.
  6. The mainspring housing that came with the magwell is 1/4" longer that the factory msh on the gun. Also the mainspring from the factory is 1/4" shorter than the one I ordered from Wilson combat. When I installed the spring and guts into the dawsons, then installed it onto the gun, I was able to get in installed but the gun was locked up, nothing would work. I changed parts from the factory msh to the dawsons msh, same thing. I can install it but the gun locks up. I tried with the factory retainer and cap and also the set I bought nothing worked.
  7. I got my new pistol today and went to install a dawsons magwell on it. I could get it on, but it was essentially locked up at that point. Changed the factory ms to the magwell, same thing. Then i noticed the 19# wilson ms i bought for the magwell was about .25" longer. Cut it and still didnt work. Then i saw that the msh on the dawsons magwell is a solid .25" longer. WTH? Any advice or tips would be appreciated.
  8. Thats exactly what im looking for. Thanks man.
  9. So 26 views and the only reply is a guy who links me to a website that does not have TARGET sights.
  10. So my SR1911 have the factory novak sights. I wanna replace them with a target rear and fo front. I remember reading somewhere that the rear sight dovetail is a different size than a normal dovetail cut. Can anybody verify this or point me in the right direction? And if so do you know where to get a target rear sight to fit it?
  11. Thats why i was askin if any of the dawson pads fit since they are made to work with the magwell.
  12. Yeah. My wilsons work fine, but i only got 2 of them. Was trying to save a little money.
  13. So my phone takes pics 2 big. But it catches about halfway down the top edge of the basepad.
  14. Im not sure which insert it is. The mags catch on back of the factory base pad. Ill post a pic.
  15. Will any of the dawsons 1911 basepads fit on promag mags? The promags will not seat with my new dawson magwell and i would prefer not to have to alter them. Id rather just change out the basepads.
  16. That is awesome. I want one of those just because. Lol
  17. From appendix d5 "Each magazine must be contained individually within the magazine pouch." Does this mean i have to have individual mag pouches, or just only 1 mag per pouch? Like could i use a 4 pouch rig?
  18. This is the only ar style rifle I have ever owned/shot that does this.
  19. You dont smell it while firing due to powder burn. But racking the rifle cold there is a strong hot/burning metal smell from the buffer tube and also from the charging handle. It is a foxtrot mike upper with forward charging handle. After i first noticed it i lubed all surfaces, did i not lube enough?
  20. That's basically what I'm going for. A cheap bastards Honcho, because I am..... a cheap bastard. From some of the opinions here and elsewhere, it looks like ill be better off getting a whole other top end and just swap out when I change divisions.
  21. Yeah, I would drill the frame for a red dot mount so I could keep my irons there for the limited side.
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