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  1. cody6477

    What got you into Open?

    All the cool kids were shooting open. And I got a helluva bonus at the end of last year.
  2. cody6477


    Only $3K
  3. cody6477

    FTE VS Mike

    It's the same logic as getting penalized on Virginia stages for extra shots (taken at the line) and extra hits (scored on the target.
  4. cody6477

    When to become RO

    I'm pretty slow too, but I like the game and being an RO gives me a chance to contribute and be more involved.
  5. cody6477

    Do you like the new Production rules?

    Golf with guns, literally...
  6. cody6477


    Here's a non-safety-related opportunity to get DQ'd question - Go to safe area to take gun out of case. As you start to take it out, you realize there is a snap-cap in the gun that did not get removed after dry fire practice. Let's assume you didn't pop the snap-cap out racking the slide. But you know it's there. What do you do? I assume you leave gun in case and go find an RO to take you to a bay, unload and show clear, and move on from there. Sound right?
  7. cody6477

    Life of an open gun

    Yes USPSA and Yes comp. Powder I think is AA7. Why? Damned if I know. I'll see him Sunday, I think, and I'll ask some more questions.
  8. cody6477

    Life of an open gun

    Yeah, surprised me too. He gave me a few to try and they struck me as relatively soft. I noticed in another thread that Atlanta sells 9mm major 147s.
  9. cody6477

    9 Major Reloads Question

    I gauge everything. Load a hundred, run them through the gauge and check for high primers, move on. Only takes a couple minutes, one less thing to worry about.
  10. cody6477

    Life of an open gun

    I'm using 125s but I loaded up some of the 135s I've been using for production and they ran fine. Did not really feel a difference from the 125s, but then again I was just curious and haven't tested it seriously. On another note, a friend of mine who is GM in open is running 147s these days.
  11. cody6477

    Shoot ALL the Targets Dummy!!!

    I made a hobby out of that at a major last year. Ugh.
  12. cody6477

    Looking for a CZ dealer

    I've purchased two from Oak Hill and one from CZ Custom and good experiences with both.
  13. cody6477


    Agree with Sarge and DKorn
  14. cody6477


    Unless you're a really high-end and high stakes competitor, your backup is mainly there so you won't have to go home if your primary goes down. Nice to have a backup that's at least reasonably close, and carry a small spare parts kit.