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  1. Turning up the sensitivity of the timer helps.
  2. Hopefully quick, easy, and to the point. Thanks
  3. They'll have to safely ground the gun while putting their belt back on when they ULASC. Other than that, everyone has a giggle and the shooter learns about wardrobe.
  4. Do you think this fire extinguisher will work?
  5. Check for funny smell, chrono a small batch just so you don't get burned. I've had powder for almost that long that is still totally fine since it's been inside, shut tight, and kept in an air conditioned room.
  6. I don't get why they would make a tube, and extensions for the tube. Why not make the tube 40 or 50 rounds long, and just have that be the magazine?
  7. The only one I've beaten up thoroughly is the JP, and it's performed admirably. I'm not sure the bolt is as much of an issue as the feed ramp on your barrel, or lack thereof, at least until you get into which bolts are compatible with which (sometimes complicated) buffer assemblies. My rifle uses a relatively plain 9mm buffer as opposed to the MBX/Taccom/Blitzkrieg/JP captive systems that are more popular.
  8. Now, does a shower cap count as a retention device?
  9. Bring back the one with the soup can.
  10. The Taylors and the 4" MBXes will usually handle anything a USPSA course will throw at you. I have two of the 6" MBXes just because.
  11. For mandatory reloads I'm rolling with the factory mags, either pistol or 31rders, just 'cause I don't feel bad dropping them. The 57-rounder has run fine, but they're not kidding about having to deflash the mag and bevel the bottom of the tube. I did a pile of 6 just because I could, basically went hog wild with a Harbor Freight square file and some 150 grit. The Taylors have also run great -- 42 rounds should be enough for just about anything USPSA-wise, but 57 rounds says "I am a man of taste and class."
  12. Suppose I should come back and eat my words. Man ammo (6.0 gr Silhouette + 115 gr plated RN as opposed to 4.2 gr Titegroup) and the Taccom feed ramp took care of the issue. I don't entirely understand why, since cycling it dry, it seemed worse. Now I just have to create more issues for myself by experimenting with different buffers and springs to avoid learning recoil control minimize dot movement
  13. HSGI Tacos, in particular the subgun ones if you really want more retention.
  14. That's something else I'll have to play with -- I did switch from Silhouette to Titegroup. I guess another buffer spring in the buffer spring drawer won't hurt.
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