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  1. Check out Outdoor Dynamics. He is a small ammo manufacturer in NC.
  2. The Limcat will correct any mags that are not inserted square.
  3. Wrangler rip stops. Cheap and I find them to be comfy.
  4. Precision Delta code - BF19 up to 15% off
  5. http://twofoolsleathergoods.com/fatboy-belts Been wearing one for several years. No sign of sag.
  6. Our setup help gets a code to register early and shoot for free.
  7. Before doing any changes to guns or press, I’d try different primers. Different batch and/or brand.
  8. Thurs-Friday is one price. Saturday-Sunday is a higher price.
  9. My son started with a Ruger SR22 when he was 10. After about six months he started to use a M&P 9mm in Limited minor.
  10. Interesting review. Thanks
  11. Don’t know as if there is one that works in cold temps. We use the Shooters Connection ones also. As said, they are ok but still can come off.
  12. Running MBX for 140’s and gen1 STI with gram guts w/spacer and TTI pad for 170’s.
  13. I’ve used cleanshot for 75k rounds. Ran 4.2 gr, 1.175oal with a 200gr blue. 175pf with a 5”kkm 2011 and 171pf with 5” STI.
  14. Rain gear choices around here depends on the season. Summer and rain, we just use umbrellas. Any rain gear will make you sweat and you’ll be just as wet. Colder temps, I use a cheap frog tog coat big enough to go over any cold weather gear I’m already wearing and an umbrella.
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