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  1. wolffy1876

    Introducing kids to USPSA

    There is not much better then being able to shoot with your kids and watching them grow and develop in the sport. My son started with a .22 at 10yrs old. Went to a 9mm M&P in Limited minor after 5 months. At 12 yrs went to a 2011 limited major. Now at 13 he is consistently in the top 10 in Limited. Of course physical size and majority has played a large role. He was a small 10 yr old and now is just shy of 6' tall.
  2. wolffy1876

    Anyone try cleanshot for .40? What's the scoop

    Love it. Soft shooting. Meters awesome. 2011 5" STI barrel - 200gr Blue Bullet, 1.175 OAL 4.3gr Cleanshot = 171PF at NC State.
  3. Revolver shooters were put into Lim10.
  4. wolffy1876

    How much spare ammo to bring

    Double it. Worrying about running out really distracts you from shooting.
  5. I have over 1000 rounds on mine. So far so good. Couple of buddies who bought from same batch I did have already replaced theirs. Did I just get lucky or am I on borrowed time? Time will tell I guess. But I think I may order some spares. You know, just in case.
  6. wolffy1876

    Taran Tactical Basepad Question

    Yep getting caught on the extension. Light sand. I also found using a speedloader and every few rounds set the rounds by repeatedly pushing the loader up and down helped a lot.
  7. wolffy1876

    Thick 1911 grips?

    I used LOK Roughnecks and CMM shims. http://www.cm-machine.com/1911-Stock-Spacers_c_11.html
  8. wolffy1876

    Precision bullets and smoke

    I tried precision 180 gr .40s once. They smoked a lot. Ended up giving them away.
  9. That is some good info to know. Thanks
  10. wolffy1876

    Alliant Clay Dot for .40 Maj?

    Using Claydot for over 50k rounds. In a 5" M&P with KKM barrel - 1.14 OAL 4.1 gr 180gr Blue Bullet made 171 PF Now shooting a Edge - 1.175 OAL 4.3gr 180gr Blue Bullet making 168 PF Very soft, more of a push then a snap
  11. Trust me, money or no money it gonna move.
  12. Was at the range this morning doing some work on walls. Lot of behind the scene work is done. Saw the bridge. Oh boy its gonna be fun.
  13. wolffy1876

    CR Speed Pouch Inserts for M&P?

    I use the STI insert with a shim behind it.
  14. Dang they let anybody in here. LOL Good to see you finally join in.
  15. $825 plus tax, 2ish months ago