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  1. That is an EVIL look. Don't give him any MORE ideas. Paul
  2. Is this still accurate? I live 4 hours from the nearest club. Hoping to shoot the IRC this year since it's on my side of the country. Thanks Paul
  3. Will Far and Near be included? Want to know how far back to start practicing. Thanks Paul Beck
  4. If you want to move up in the match rankings stick to one. If you just like to shoot do both. After you make A then you will have the skill set to switch and not get hurt in the standings. Until then stick to one and become good with it, not mediocre with several. Paul
  5. Try WSF and about 4.0gr to start. I run a 929 and set out to make pf with a slower powder to reduce the sticking case problem. Never have a hard extraction and most times it's tap the rod with my thumb instead of slap it with the palm. I use Blue 147 rn. Paul
  6. Make a fist as if you're holding your knife tight enough to use it. Now look at the space between your fingers. That's how thick the loops for the index and pinkie fingers needs to be. Contact the American Knifemakers Guild and see who is in your area. Paul Beck
  7. Drop it as a classifier and keep the stage in the match. If its not "right " shouldn't use it to compare to what others have done. Paul
  8. Did S&W make a 5" .38 spl barrel ? I'd like to try one. A local collector told me that the only ones were fixed sight model 10s made for two LE depts. If S&W didn't where can I get one made? If I have to go custom then I know I want a faster than stock twist rate. Thanks Paul Beck
  9. Do you know anyone who shoots IPSC? If so get a cost comparison and decide what is cheapest to start in. Or ask if you can borrow their rig and try a match. Most shooters will gladly loan stuff to a new person. Try as many different Divisions as you can before spending your money. Paul Beck
  10. How is the match run? Is it a one, two, or three day match? Shoot half days or all day? Looking at going now that it's closer to my side of the country. Thanks Paul Beck
  11. Did not go to arb but caused a squad to reshoot. Local range that is more 3 gunners than USPSA types had a stage of two arrays of 4 targets each with a required reload between arrays. WSB stated no penalty for not reloading, idea was to allow PCC to post really quick times. Section coordinator was there and had not caught the problem. I pointed out that it is a per shot penalty for not doing the required reload. They brought the first squad back to reshoot. This is what happens when non USPSA people try to run USPSA matches. Or when I try to run IDPA matches. Paul
  12. Wife is constantly on me about driving too fast in the city and how many of her friends/coworkers have gotten tickets. Wednesday morning she gets a ticket for 49 in a 35 zone. Officer was one of 5 motorcyclists sitting in a subdivision entrance on a hill. He wrote it for less than she was actually doing. I asked what it was going to cost me and the answer was $185. And I need to counsel our kids about driving too fast!! Paul
  13. Where are you located? East or West side of the state? Go look at the NC Section page to get a list of matches. Paul Beck
  14. Slow is Slow. Don't think speed, think "Shoot only when I have an adequate sight picture". Practice everything: draw, acquiring a sight picture, moving, and reloading. At first concentrate on getting to the sight picture and then break one shot, re-acquire the sight picture and break shot #2. Then work transitions and movement. The movement skills are what separate the newbies from the old hands. Never accept Slow. Paul Beck
  15. Try removing material from the other end other end of the body and then clip the spring to allow the punch to protrude further. Won't work if you don't shorten the spring. Mine go past flush now. For FWS: when that happens I use a feeler gauge thinner than the cardboard. I have had my LNL with casefeeder for 13 years. Biggest problem is spent primer crap and tumbler media hanging up the primer slide. Keep a can of comp air and blow the punch and slide clean every hundred rounds. I added a case feeder bowl flipper and eliminated the 9mm upside down issue. YMMV Paul Beck
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