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  1. Mike I'm not sure. I pulled my K-frame apart, tried that spring and liked it so I cut the 929 spring to the same length. Probably 2-3 coils. Paul
  2. I saw a post on a forum that mentioned a Regional ICORE to be held in NC in the fall. I have not seen anything further. Can someone confirm or deny this match occurring? Thanks Paul Beck
  3. paul788

    Practiscore contact needed

    Just after the email I got one back. Issue fixed. Thanks Practiscore! Paul
  4. paul788

    Para Ordnance P16-40

    P14-45 is Brazos front FO and factory rear adjustable. P16-40 is Dawson FO and factory rear adjustable. I didn't buy the Dawson and I'm not close where i could measure it for you. I would suggest trying a thinner front as well. Paul
  5. paul788

    Practiscore contact needed

    Thanks Chuck. Its starting the second week and no response yet. I'll try a pm to Eugene. Paul Edit. I will do another email and see. Thanks Eugene. Paul
  6. paul788

    Practiscore contact needed

    Is anyone here work at/for Practiscore? I tried two emails to the address above and had no response yet. I missed out on two matches because of this so far. Thanks Paul Beck
  7. paul788

    Calling all roundgunners

    I've got a hot tub sitting in the yard. For enough money i'll move it to the CGG range. Then Cliff will feel welcome. Paul
  8. paul788

    Practiscore contact needed

    Thank you. Paul
  9. Previously tried to create an account from computer at work. Some part of the security suite caused a problem and I could not access the account. Now that I must have an account to sign up for matches it's become more important to fix. When I try to create an account it tells me the email address is already taken. And I can't post a question/problem until I have an account. Can someone PM me the contact for the Practiscore team so I can get this fixed, please. Thanks Paul Beck
  10. paul788

    929 Moon Clips

    First pick a brand of brass. Then order TK clips to fit. In my case I had a bunch of Win brass that was from before 9mm Major so I bought those clips. Do not use random brass and expect good results. Settle on a brand (Win and Fed work in the same clip) then get the right clips. Watched someone have major problems at a Level 2 match because of range pickup brass and cheap clips. Paul Beck
  11. paul788

    S & W K frame

    Check Palmetto Gun Club in Summerville, host of the SC Sectional match this year. I believe they run ICORE most of the year. Pinetucky in Augusta GA is also doing ICORE. Paul
  12. Eddie The dog ate your homework. Paul ate the jerky. The other Paul
  13. paul788

    Which one?

    Unless the club holds a USPSA match every Saturday got to travel. Who do you hate more Facebook or Citibank?
  14. paul788

    New USPSA Division Proposal

    Is it the length of the barrel used on a G34 versus the G19 that you don't like? Or is it that the guys who bought "Game suitable equipment" and practice enough to win that you don't like? The guns you list fit into Production already. I shoot limited and revolver. I can use a 2" barreled 5 shot J frame or the 6.5" 929 that I use now. I play within the rules and divisions that currently exist. So should all these short barrel gun owners. Paul Beck Former MD PCC Hater
  15. Brad I read thru the online manual and did not see anything specific. Call them and ask for an older version of the manual. I will look at the one I have and see if it enlightens me. Paul