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  1. Sam Reconstitute the Memphis Charity match and let that be the Revo Nationals. Please! Paul Beck
  2. I decide what(or where) I want to shoot and then figure out how much OT I need to fund that. Paul
  3. paul788

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    As someone who has already had to buy another gun and complete setup just to keep competing in a division after a change I am not in favor of any changes to Production or any other division. Instead of looking for what the change does for a new competitor look at what it does to the one who is currently shooting say a Beretta with 10 rd mags. Now to stay competitive they must go buy new mags. If this is adopted I will push to change Single Stack major to 10 rd mags since I have those now and everyone else CAN go buy them, screw the people who enjoy SS the way it is. Every time the rules change so that the existing shooter must go buy something else to stay competitive we lose people. Several of my friends that used to shoot Revo and had significant money in 6 shot guns and hardware refused to switch to 8 shot and instead only shoot other divisions now. There should be no capacity changes to any division that currently has a limit. Paul Beck
  4. paul788

    New to the lnl ap issues

    OP Is the issue that the case going into the sizing die is tilted outward away from the center? On mine the case retaining spring pulls hard enough to tilt the case away from vertical enough to touch on the edge of the die. Pressing in toward the center gets it to go in. I cut and bent a tiny T shape of steel that I attached to the outside of the die to guide the case back to vertical. Crossbar of the T shape held to the die with a TieWrap and the leg bent so that it goes in the gap of the shellplate and just touches the case to guide it into the die. Think a T with the leg bent to an L shape. The reason is that the sizing die is the tightest opening and the case mouth is at it's largest. You can try another brand of sizing die as some have a larger opening. Hope this helps Paul
  5. paul788

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    I'll support changing Production to 15 rds right after PCC goes away. Paul
  6. paul788

    Speed loader technique and bullet selection

    After watching Jerry get DQed for a 180 at a match I decided to go with the weak hand load. If Jerry can break 180 while doing the swap hand load I knew that I would. Paul
  7. Mike I'm not sure. I pulled my K-frame apart, tried that spring and liked it so I cut the 929 spring to the same length. Probably 2-3 coils. Paul
  8. I saw a post on a forum that mentioned a Regional ICORE to be held in NC in the fall. I have not seen anything further. Can someone confirm or deny this match occurring? Thanks Paul Beck
  9. paul788

    Practiscore contact needed

    Just after the email I got one back. Issue fixed. Thanks Practiscore! Paul
  10. paul788

    Para Ordnance P16-40

    P14-45 is Brazos front FO and factory rear adjustable. P16-40 is Dawson FO and factory rear adjustable. I didn't buy the Dawson and I'm not close where i could measure it for you. I would suggest trying a thinner front as well. Paul
  11. paul788

    Practiscore contact needed

    Thanks Chuck. Its starting the second week and no response yet. I'll try a pm to Eugene. Paul Edit. I will do another email and see. Thanks Eugene. Paul
  12. paul788

    Practiscore contact needed

    Is anyone here work at/for Practiscore? I tried two emails to the address above and had no response yet. I missed out on two matches because of this so far. Thanks Paul Beck
  13. paul788

    Calling all roundgunners

    I've got a hot tub sitting in the yard. For enough money i'll move it to the CGG range. Then Cliff will feel welcome. Paul
  14. paul788

    Practiscore contact needed

    Thank you. Paul
  15. Previously tried to create an account from computer at work. Some part of the security suite caused a problem and I could not access the account. Now that I must have an account to sign up for matches it's become more important to fix. When I try to create an account it tells me the email address is already taken. And I can't post a question/problem until I have an account. Can someone PM me the contact for the Practiscore team so I can get this fixed, please. Thanks Paul Beck