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  1. Really well balanced and shoots flat. Using Dawson tuned mags. Been flawless with the usual longer ammo.
  2. Yup has the accurails, trigger is precisely 2lbs, and it functions beautifully. Very accurate. I doubt there was 200 rounds on the gun when I got it. It is exactly as the ad states. I put an Ice magwell, extended mag release, and Dawson F/O front sight on it just to bring it up to more modern competitive standards.
  3. 29 hours scanning the classifieds looking for a good deal on a grip that I could potentially turn in to a useless lump of molten plastic, and about three hours start to finish working on the grip and install.
  4. Talked to Shay Akai this morning and he said he could make replacement rods. Didn't get into specifics regarding price or turnaround but good to know that there are options.
  5. I used a soldering iron with a flat tip. I think it's original purpose was for making stained glass windows.
  6. From my research there was a bunch of guys doing it in the mid to late 90's but that doesn't mean there's anyone left other than Doug. I'm going to try and contact him myself to see about what it would take to get a set of replacement rails if possible.
  7. No that would've been smart. Lucky for me I went slow and didn't heat it up too much and cause any distortion. I really just tried it to see if I could do it without making a complete mess. Moving forward I'll know better what not to do to achieve better results. As it stands it's fully serviceable, looks okay, and the stipple itself is grippy yet comfortable.
  8. Thanks to another great deal from a forum member I finally got around to trying my hand at reworking a 2011 grip. Reduced, double undercut and stippled. I'd use a higher grit paper for the undercut next time as it was tedious getting the scratches out. All in all I dig the feel and the way it looks so I'd definitely do it again. The angle of the pic makes the trigger guard look weird but it's straight and there's plenty of meat left on the bone.
  9. Weird his website was working last week. http://www.acc-u-rail.com/
  10. Found this in the Front Sight archives from 1998.
  11. So why doesn't everyone have them? The slide to frame fit is amazing. Zero play and buttery smooth.
  12. Interesting, never had nor seen one before. Starting to think this buy was much better than I thought it was.
  13. Picked up my new gun this morning and took it apart to see these weird wires??? running along the rails. None of my other 2011 frames had or have these so it's confusing. I think this is a very old gun.
  14. Picked up the gun today and it's near mint without a scratch in the magwell. Whoever built this must have knew a bit about limited guns as it has a pinned grip safety and a very nice 2 lb (measured) trigger. Ultimatch barrel shows no signs of wear either. So better than an Edge out of the box and certainly a good "used" gun as far as that goes. Who was A & B.....
  15. It's definitely "vintage". I called STI and their records don't go back that far. Lack of a FO front sight is another clue to it's age. I'm more interested in finding out more about A&B. There couldn't have been that many 2011 builders even 10 years ago.
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