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  1. There's no mention of how, or even if Distinguished Points can be earned in Production Optic Division in the latest rule book. Guess they missed that part when updating the latest rules, as they often do. Just as there is no qualifying score even listed as being available for Open Modified that they added a few years back and now ignore for Distinguished Points in that division altogether.
  2. Alan550

    Corona Virus Humor

    Thirty days hath September, April, June and November All the rest have thirty-one except February which stands alone and March which has 8,000!
  3. There may have been some "contamination" in the powder measure. I had that happen when a small piece of the styrofoam cap lining from the powder jug made its way into the measure and partially blocked the flow.
  4. Ed, If you scroll through, you can see that the changes and new rules have a "bullet point" or a dot in front of the rule number. The first example saw just on a quick scan was 3.2.4 which adds Production Optic Firearm as a new category under Firearms, Equipment and Ammunition. Others include but aren't limited to: 3.8, Stocks; 4.3.2, Alternate Falling Plate Target Rimfire; 7.19, Barricade Event - Modified; 9.9, Weighing Triggers; 10.15, Specific Rules for Conduct of the Barricade Event - Modified; 10.33, Specific Rules for the Conduct of the Practical Short Course Event.....Well you get the idea. The changes/additions are pretty easy to spot once you try it. The list grows after 10.33 to include several new courses that are fired as "Short Course" events. Hope this helps. Alan~^~
  5. Joe, It would make no sense for you to order from Target Barn in Ohio when they only get them from National Target in Maryland, who ships them north to Ohio who in turn ships them back south to you. More shipping costs all around. That's why we went to the mfg source in MD to save the shipping costs. Just my opinion, FWIW. Alan~^~
  6. Give them a call tomorrow and you can get what you want to know over the phone. The lady who handles the calls is Terry, very friendly and easy to get along with. There is a 20% Club discount and prices come down the more you order, naturally. Our last order was for 1,200 so the price was $62.40/100 = $748.80. We're only a couple hundred miles away from them and shipping was $77.86 for the 12 boxes of 100 each. That worked out to $68.88/100, or ~$.69 per target with shipping included. If you don't want/need that many you might consider getting together with another club in your area to boost the total number of targets ordered. That's what we did. Hope this helps. Alan~^~
  7. Here's your best bet that cuts out the "middle-man". https://www.nationaltarget.com/product_info.php/1cb-p-26 The one you pictured is only used at Bianchi Cup with the notches at the bottom. The others available have 2 holes on the bottom and another on the top for mounting purposes. The black 4" centers have been around for about 10 years or so now. Alan~^~
  8. The NRA Action Pistol Regional Championship and the Keystone Cup State AP Championship matches will be held on 18 & 19 July 2020. Further info can be found at: http://www.chambersburgpistolandrifleclub.com/matches.html Alan~^~
  9. Results are here: Bedfordrrc.org 2019 Action Pistol Championships in upper left corner of the home page.
  10. Most are running 4.6-4.7gr WST with those bullet weights. Keep the ammo out of the sun 'cause it's inversely sensitive to heat.
  11. Man is the only animal that laughs and cries, for he is the only animal that knows the difference between what things are and what they might have been.
  12. 3 weeks to entry deadline. It fills up fast after this! Don't miss out!
  13. Alan550

    Flash ads

    I don't watch much TV because of having to deal with ads & commercials. I generally record the shows I want to watch regularly so I can skip the ads. Then comes along a program that I really want to see but it's in real time. Next comes the ads for future shows and the commercials! They "flash" images at the rate of 1-5 per second and many use a moving camera, further confusing this old man with the rapid image shifts that are supposed to be entertaining, I guess, but they are NOT. Then there's the guy who YELLS at you through the whole ad! Annoying! I thought ads were supposed to make you want to go buy something or watch a particular program? Believe me with the latest technology being used in commercials and ads for TV shows, and the short attention span we are believed to possess, it doesn't work for me! Maybe I'm just an old fart but my dollar spends just like anyone else's, and they constantly turn me away from their products, no matter the company, items or shows they are promoting! Thanks for putting up with this old curmudgeon for a minute or two.............. Alan~^~
  14. The Overlord Memorial Cup Regional Championship and The Cardinal Cup VA State Championship matches will be held on September 28th & 29th. These events will be NRA Registered matches again so that National Records and Distinguished Points will be issued once again. Match programs and entry forms can be found at: http://www.bedfordrrc.org/matches This Regional will be the third "leg" of the East Coast Triple Cup Challenge which includes Michigan and PA Regional matches from May and July of this year and the winners will be given the appropriate awards from their previous scores at those events combined with their scores at our Regional match. There is an added awards category this year; an Iron Man competition, which involves shooting in all three centerfire categories for an aggregate score. Most, if not all, shooters get two visits to the prize tables by random drawing both days in addition to the cash awards for the top shooters in each category. Cash and merchandise is typically over $12,000 for the two days. Entries are limited to the first 70 guns each day due to time constraints on the mover. The reason for the name on the Regional is that the match is being held at Bedford, VA, the location that lost more soldiers on a per-capita basis in the D-Day invasion at Normandy, France on June 6,1944 than any other locality in the whole US. The range that we use is the very site where the "Bedford Boys" practiced before shipping off to England to train before the invasion. The National D-Day Memorial is located here for that reason also and tours of that Memorial are encouraged during your visit! The range will be open at no charge for practice for the 2 days prior to the matches with targets and center pasters for sale as needed by the competitors. These are the largest AP events held east of the Mississippi River and we were the first range in the US to have computerized moving targets on rails. Come shoot with us and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as the Fall colors reach their peak. "Shoot 'em in the middle!" Alan~^~ Cardinal Cup Entry 2019.pdf Cardinal Cup Program 2019.pdf Overlord Memorial Cup Entry 2019.pdf Overlord Memorial Cup Program 2019.pdf
  15. Jim,


       Just saw your interview with John Scouten and I am glad to finally see your face.  I first heard of you from Vera over 15 years ago at the Bianchi Cup as being one of her mentors in the shooting sports.  In getting to know her better, she opened up on how you had helped her become the champion shooter that she became. 

       She favored me with the gift of a signed copy of her book as a Christmas present as a "thank you" for our friendship soon after it was published.  It seems that you were instrumental, along with Mickey Fowler, in getting her involved in the shooting sports and for that, I personally thank you!  It's good to be able to put a face to the name of Jim O'Young after all this time.

       I competed in one of the Steel Nationals in Florida a few years ago but none since.  I have been running a Regional NRA Action match in VA for 20 years and she was a constant competitor here until she retired from the shooting sports a couple of years ago, always donating money for the  range helpers.  You taught her well and again, I thank you for helping get her involved in our sport and promoting shooting in general!


    Alan Strawn, Bedford Rifle & Revolver Club, Inc.

    1. Jim O'Young

      Jim O'Young

      Hello Alan!


      I just saw your message. For some reason, I didn't receive it when you sent it and I apologize for my VERY late reply.


      Thank you so very much for your kind words. Yes, Vera is an incredible person and it has been a joy to be her friend for the past 30 years.


      These days, Vera is promoting her book, working on another edition, involved with the Women of the NRA and learning how to shoot sporting clays. For a person in her 70's, she is not slowing down- but that is what you would expect from Vera.


      I'll be sure to say hello to her the next time we speak. Unfortunately, we are not able to get together very often due to this pandemic.


      Thank you for all of your efforts in keeping Bianchi shooting alive & strong and please stay safe & healthy.


      Best regards,



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