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  1. There is no barrel length rule in general, but some clubs may require a minimum barrel (not max length; has to be at least 26"...) length for some reason. Lots of sporting guns have 30" or 32" or even 34" barrels.
  2. I would argue that its the best value available in a 1911. Reasonably priced but very well executed. Has everything you need and not much else.
  3. To OP, try to post some pictures of damage. Likely you can get some good feedback and help on here for sure.
  4. Likely they are loaded a touch long (OAL) to keep pressures slightly more manageable, and the longer rounds aren't able to stack all the way down in the mag tube...
  5. FYI - I'm still getting same error msg...
  6. To the OP, I've experienced this before and ita tricky to deal with at some ranges. As Joe mentions though, not many cheaper options available to load yourself...
  7. Power pistol, true blue, and auto comp shpuld all be decent choices for your goal. Slightly slower, gassy powders at max charges in slightly longer OAL rounds will get you closer to where you want to be. Silhouette is also an option. Most any of the Open pistol powders can work.
  8. Those aren't at all impossible targets with the Mini-14 or AK. While not generally regarded as the best option, they can be made serviceable if in the hands of someone who has practiced sufficiently. I would imagine that the problem was that the shooters running them hadn't practiced much if at all and even with an AR and equal practice time, they would likely have been equally unsuccessful on that stage. I recall shooting with a guy a few times who ran a dang SKS in some carbine matches and he could absolutely hold his own with it on 3-4 MOA targets out to 300 yds or so. I suspect he practiced a bit with it...
  9. Ummm... 1) - Holy unhelpful necro-post Batman. 2) - Nope.
  10. It works fine, but I found that I preferred the recoil feel from faster powders.
  11. PM9. Maybe not the flashiest of the three, but I've seen many of them running and shooting well and I know they would stand behind the product if needed.
  12. Its an SKS after all. Not a quarter-minute precision rifle...
  13. These are great timers. Nothing wrong with ordering one at all. OP likely needs to send his in for checkup as it sounds like something is wrong with his.
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