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  1. I've tried a number of different options including a couple mentioned in this thread. Not sure what is really the best answer though... I'm with many other in that I bring mixed brass home in 5 gal buckets. Sort once filled. Have a bunch of the kitty litter buckets for .223 brass mostly. Various other containers for 9mm, .38Super/SC, .40, .45, .308, .44 Mag/Spec, etc....
  2. My opinion... Having shot plenty of big matches and run a few too and being, generally, a top 10-20% shooter, I personally prefer an order of finish prize table. However, I also completely understand why many sponsors prefer the random draw distribution of stuff. Sponsors often get much more mileage out of giving stuff to shooters who aren't winning the matches.
  3. Very handy idea and cool of you to share. There are so many great solutions around!
  4. There's lots of voodoo out there. Likely that the variables are not a terrible idea, but maybe not all that helpful either. Nothing wrong with trying and seeing if they work for you though. If it feels good to you and the gun runs well, go with it. If not, ...
  5. Should not be happening. Would only occur if the lip and ledge that interface are damaged. New insert should fix you right up unless the actual metal portion of the magwell has been fairly severely damaged...
  6. wgj3

    Scope help

    Steiner 1-4 P4Xi is a solid scope for just a little more money. Its not just about the "X's", gotta be able to see clearly through the glass for X's to matter.
  7. Fastest powders with heaviest bullets are the recipes that we generally perceive to have lowest felt recoil... So, you can go to heavier projectiles, 185gr, 200gr, etc. You can also look at other fast powders like Solo 1000, Ramshot Comp, etc. Caveat - heavy for bullets with fast for caliber powders can spell kaboom if not managed carefully. Your longer OAL's will help to some degree...
  8. Seems that you should be in the correct neighborhood for sure. The snag with that projectile profile in general is that the ogive is relatively short and you reach the full diameter fairly quickly from the tip of the bullet. Thats what limits your OAL. A more standard round nose profile has a longer taper from the bullet tip to the full diameter portion of the bullet and can be seated out further to allow greater OAL options.
  9. wgj3

    Scope help

    Pretty solid for the money, but better glass 1-4 can be had for just a little more cash...
  10. AR Gold also left off list and excellent! Of the few you mentioned, agree that CE is nicest feel.
  11. Looks like some kind of cross between a Miculek and Lantac... It has no "up" ports though...???
  12. Chris at Ready Tactical has excellent IDPA-legal holsters!
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