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  1. wgj3

    Magazine issue with STI DVC Carry

    Purely an issue with the interface between the followers and slide stop. Different followers designed to have the "shelf" that engages the stop sit lower is one solution. Another is using a different slide stop as Trace mentioned above. You can also buy aftermarket 126mm mags with wedge basepads from MBX and go that route.
  2. wgj3

    STI Frame Work and Gunsmithing Services

    Undercutting "frame" on 2011? Or 1911? Trigger guard undercut on 2011 is just work on the polymer grip. Oodles of folk can handle that. Glenn/LSI might be a little overkill for this... 1911 frame/trigger undercut is a little less simple since it's some kind of metal... So, which is it?
  3. The Voodoo 3-Gun bag will do it. Just gonna need a slip for one of the long guns to keep them off each other for sure. It's gonna get HEAVY...
  4. wgj3

    B&P Slugs discontinued

    Any updates to this saga...?
  5. wgj3

    Mag ?s

    MBX. Done!
  6. wgj3

    6" STI Holster Recommendations

    The CR Speed/Rescomp WSM2 for STI will let you adjust the muzzle support out far enough to accommodate a 6" gun. It's not as sexy as the full race holster, but it feels more secure to me. Never lost my gun out of it...(yet?)
  7. wgj3

    Extended slide release

    My question would be, why? Do you have it set up to go to slide lock? Why would you ever run it dry? If you make the mistake of running it dry, just practice racking the slide and going right back to shooting vs. trying to hit slide lock/release... I know this isn't answering your question, but I so think it's reasonable to consider why there aren't lots of people with info on your ask.
  8. wgj3

    Extended slide release

    ...ummm...not quite...
  9. wgj3

    M&P full size in IDPA CCP?

    Was this with the 1.0 or the 2.0?
  10. wgj3

    Light 223 burner load for 3 gun..

    Numerous times. Makes a bit over 2200fps depending on barrel. Excellent in bays. Very little blast.
  11. wgj3

    Light 223 burner load for 3 gun..

    20grs of H335 with a 55gr fmj. Add a half grain or so if you want.
  12. This mini paddle is great! You can angle it whichever way suits you best to help you reach it without accidentally activating it with support hand... And it's pretty dang inexpensive compared to most of the other alternatives.
  13. wgj3

    308 Pmags

    Push pad (in correct direction) against a solid surface to install and remove. A few taps of a no-mar hammer on pad can get it started...or seated...
  14. wgj3

    Open gun cases

    Yep. Works even for full-sized, old-school ones. May be a little snug if you have a super-long comp, but should be find for anything but the longest guns with huge-est magwells.