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  1. wgj3

    Limited D at GA State Champs

    Agree with what others have said mostly. You got a TON of advice already on opportunities for improvement. You cant fix ALL of the stuff at one time. Pick one thing at a time to focus on improving. Make sure you don't train in any "bad" habits during the process. You're doing great! Keep it up.
  2. wgj3

    Stuck gas block

    Keep smacking it. Try a little heat to soften the carbon build-up that has semi-welded it in place...
  3. wgj3

    So You Want a Sub 2# Glock Trigger

    Ask the man who started it...
  4. Adamj


    Are you running the 2 Gun match at Brock's Gap this weekend? If so I'd love to shoot it, but I'm struggling to submit my registration payment on practiscore. Isc there a workaround?


    Adam Johnson

  5. Definitely some of both at different times and with different intentions...
  6. I ran one on a 650 for a while for 9mm. Definitely beats the one-at a-time thing. Having a few of the magazines makes it better to me... I didn't have any issue with it functioning correctly .
  7. wgj3

    light bearing 2011 holster?

    Bladetech wrs works well, but discontinued now... I've been pleased with my holster from G-code as well. I'm sure Red Hill could hook you up.
  8. wgj3

    Open Rifle red dot

    I might suggest skipping the ramp mount as well. Another issue I saw was that there wasnt enough clearance between the scope and the dot when both were mounted to be able to reach all the buttons, etc. The R.A.M.P. concept is cool, by it lacks a bit in reality...
  9. wgj3

    AR Gold Issue

    Not super-familiar with them but they are great triggers. Something seems off... What kind of setup do you have it in? Share a bit about the AR.
  10. wgj3

    25 Yard Groups????

    The shooter/poster is full crap. He's a high C/mid B shooter at locals and nobody that we shoot with has ever witnessed this feat. Hyperbole is his game...
  11. wgj3

    Preparing for my first Major USPSA match

    Not a lot of difference really. Mainly just make sure you have ALL your stuff. If overnighting, make sure you have everything you plan to wear for the match, socks, underwear, etc. Shooting glasses, hat, earplugs... Remember under belt and ammo and gun. If you shoot a platform that has a known failure point, bring a replacement, etc. Know your mags fit gauge, ammo makes PF and gun is good for equipment check before you get in the car to go. Same as prepping for a major 3gun match, but only a 1/3 as much crap!
  12. wgj3

    Which 1911

    I have an earlier model Fusion 1911 in .45 (from shortly after Bob started the Fusion brand, I think...). It was my first true competition pistol back around 2008 or so. It has been awesome!
  13. wgj3

    Mags won't drop

    In my experience, when I had mags that generally dropped free and then began to not drop free, it was because the feed lips had begun to spread a little and caused just enough drag to keep the mag from falling... Take each mag and depress the follower as far as you can by hand. Then squeeze the feed lips together a bit. Not a ton, but a firm squeeze. I generally used a set of pliers. Repeat until mag starts falling again...
  14. Should be worth $100 to somebody.
  15. wgj3

    using AA #5, in 9mm. is it good?

    Try it and chrono it with your gun.