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  1. wgj3

    Mags won't drop

    In my experience, when I had mags that generally dropped free and then began to not drop free, it was because the feed lips had begun to spread a little and caused just enough drag to keep the mag from falling... Take each mag and depress the follower as far as you can by hand. Then squeeze the feed lips together a bit. Not a ton, but a firm squeeze. I generally used a set of pliers. Repeat until mag starts falling again...
  2. Should be worth $100 to somebody.
  3. wgj3

    using AA #5, in 9mm. is it good?

    Try it and chrono it with your gun.
  4. wgj3

    Shock- BUffs, who uses?

    That's cuz you were trying to mess with perfection...
  5. wgj3

    590M For Open

    I think it would be interesting for sure. Also interesting for matches that only specify "pump 12ga" for heavy metal division.
  6. wgj3

    590M For Open

    I think you would earn mad style points for doing it!
  7. Interesting that you would compare loading 50BMG to loading competition pistol rounds...in the .40/10mm thread...
  8. wgj3

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    What if wall was only a foot wide with a target on either side and he put one through it...? 2 targets separated by a no shoot and shooter hits NS, you know he didnt mean to put the round in the NS, DQ since he must've AD'd into it?
  9. wgj3

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    I get those points 100%! Promise. But we have a rule that says walls are hardcover, which is ok to engage. Round didn't strike ground w/in 10ft of shooter. Shooter wasn't moving when it happened. I do think that the above quoted unsafe gun handling DQ has the best chance of sticking if it were issued as such...
  10. wgj3

    Shock- BUffs, who uses?

    I have them in a few of my 19/2011's. I'm a fan. Never had one cause a failure in a match...yet... I've done blue Wilson's on standard guide rods. Some other company very similar. Also use the Comminoli Custom in a couple guns with cushions on both sides of the head of the guide rod.
  11. wgj3

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    Still just pointing out that as we examine the OP further, I'm finding it even harder to quote a rule that calls for the DQ... I'm not saying that what he did was something to practice or encourage, but I still don't see a rule to use to issue the DQ. More importantly, this seems to be one of situations where "some" think it should be a DQ and are looking for a way to support that call versus letting the man shoot his stage when we couldn't determine what he did that would absolutely result in being DQ'd from match...
  12. wgj3

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    Which is perfectly "legal" to engage...
  13. wgj3

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    This is lost on so many RO's...
  14. wgj3

    Is 38SC dead ?

    I am also confused by this statement. No more easily mis-loaded than any other round. Maybe fewer options that will work effectively, but still plenty of options that will work...
  15. There isn't a great solution... Would it fit your hard case with just the tube removed? Fly rod tube?