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  1. I don't understand why everyone is so butthurt about this shift... All they are missing now is legit open guns. The P and XL will still serve as great competition guns for 3Gun and USPSA LTD. I would guess that their Open guns were a financial "liability" due to shadetree gunsmiths creating as many or more issues than they resolved and then expecting STI to fix them. They still have "competition" guns with a different look and can also market them to non-competition shooters too. What's the problem...?
  2. Nicely done with the Silvertips!
  3. wgj3

    Why do I really shoot?

    Thought this was the only reason that anybody does it...?
  4. wgj3

    Over gassed ar15

    Geissele has a stout spring available that you could pair with a hefty buffer and stick with standard stuff instead of adding the carrier slug like we often see in 9mm AR bolts. But if you wanted to go the slug route, I'm sure one of the 9mm AR bolt manufacturers could sell you a few slugs to try. Would then just need someone to drill the carriers to allow pinning the slugs in place.
  5. Nickel cases had nothing to do with those primers popping...
  6. Only concerned with actual trigger or complete trigger group?
  7. Brake at that barrel length is gonna be HARSH!!! Go with something like one of the linear brakes or Noveske Flaming Pig style devices maybe...
  8. Using a small pin or somethingaimilar to depress the detent and allow the pin to slide out is how I've always done it. Haven't come across anything glamorous and lose the detent about half the time because it really flies on out if not contained when pin is removed...but this works for me. Tiny blade of a precision slotted screwdriver works nicely, blade width needs to fit in channel in pin.
  9. wgj3


    While both small pistol and small rifle have same dimensions; the same can NOT be said for large pistol and large rifle. The cups on large rifle primers are deeper than on large pistol primers. NOT interchangeable as far as I have been able to tell...?
  10. In my local matches, I see very few 20-ish round stages. And, if you're a competent reloader (of magazines into gun) there's going to be a place where you take a couple steps and can stuff in a fresh mag to finish the stage when you happen to run into a stage where 2-4 extra rounds in mag could save a reload...
  11. Not a damn thing wrong with it if you have a .45 that you like. You can definitely get 17-18rds in the double stack mags. You give up some options on locations to reload, but often it doesn't really matter. Might also be a factor on steel-heavy stages if you miss a bunch, but otherwise it will work perfectly fine and its easier to score your targets too!
  12. Looks like that upper has a proprietary handguard... Are there options?
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