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  1. This is great advice! I had forgotten about them. Lead Star has awesome stuff too!
  2. Not cutout like you asked for and even pricier...
  3. Or find a double stack Para or RIA, etc. Can be had for under $1K for sure. MBX mags and go blasting. Don't sweat the .45 haters, you can be plenty competitive with a .45 on 99% of stages, especially while you are still learning the game. Worry about capacity(caliber) as you get better and feel that it might be holding you back...
  4. Most of these belts are NOT designed to be regularly reconfigured. Having the holster and mag pouch loops barely fit onto the belt keeps things from shifting around when shooting a stage. Also, to keep the holster and such from pulling belt apart, add some hook "Velcro" material to the back of the holster's belt mount loop. Do the same on the pouches to keep outer belt better secured to inner.
  5. Same on Elander and At least one other as well...c-product or ASC...
  6. I've not had issues with mine and the 25-28rd mags that seem most abundant and available.
  7. 17-18 in MBX 140's
  8. You will just have to play with OAL and maybe recoil spring until you get it happy. I have a .45 Edge that is smooth as butter and runs thru the 200gr SWC like it's FMJ... Mags may need to be fiddled with, but I didnt have to do anything with the MBX .45 mags at all. Also have a Franken-"Eagle" .45 with an STI lower and Wilson upper that runs great too.
  9. I did something very similar with light Speer bullets and 335 myself. I had a super-light BCG and light buffer/spring assembly in the gun and it ran great until the gun started getting a bit dirty. Like you said, almost no gun movement in "recoil". I think I ran mine over the Chrono with about the same charge and was just over 2000fps out of a 16" barrel...
  10. What about grabbing the top or side of a wall. I guess the question is where the "plane" starts, but I would've assumed that usimg the wall material for support would be legal as well. Make wall of something else if this is a persistent issue...?
  11. Not the first time this has been done. I don't recall who did it before, but I wonder if this is just reviving the old one...? Reach out and ask them via phone or email.
  12. Cool of you to share! I wouldn't have even known to look for it. You should share pics of rifle with comp.
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