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  1. Not the first time this has been done. I don't recall who did it before, but I wonder if this is just reviving the old one...? Reach out and ask them via phone or email.
  2. Cool of you to share! I wouldn't have even known to look for it. You should share pics of rifle with comp.
  3. What part of N. AL? Range around NW AL and NE MS. Range near Huntsville. Some stuff in S. TN. Not much in NE AL or NW GA that I know of...
  4. With a traditional AR setup, you also have to have enough bolt/carrier movement to reset the trigger...
  5. Way to own the thread! You are welcome for the perfect setup!
  6. What's the oldest, still active thread in here...? 13yrs seems solid! Somebody tell me to go use the search function...
  7. Sometimes the shiny spots are where the finish gets filled in with whatever it has rubbed against as opposed to it actually wearing off. I have a Fusion 1911 with IonBondDLC and it has some shiny spots after 12-15K rounds and a buddy dropping it during a COF in a match, but they are from what it touches rubbing off into the finish's "pores" and creating a mark...not from finish wearing off at all.
  8. Just have a decent smith build you a 4.25" upper with a threaded barrel and fit to your Marauder frame and add/fit the comp. Then you have a 2 upper gun or you could just sell the current upper to recoup some of the cost of the new one.
  9. Check out Dothan Gun Club. Also look up Precision Tactical in Crestview, FL: they have a match. And also there are some great matches in Baker, FL at a range that used to be called CORE, but I think the name has changed... Welcome. Open your wallet. Enjoy!
  10. Another option- Take pin out and remove the weight completely. Add mass back to buffer or simply leave it a little lighter...
  11. Generally speaking, yes. But as with most anything to do with laws and especially NFA stuff, there are always gray areas...
  12. Should be good to go then. Grab preferred barrel and bushing and get to fitting.
  13. I don't understand why everyone is so butthurt about this shift... All they are missing now is legit open guns. The P and XL will still serve as great competition guns for 3Gun and USPSA LTD. I would guess that their Open guns were a financial "liability" due to shadetree gunsmiths creating as many or more issues than they resolved and then expecting STI to fix them. They still have "competition" guns with a different look and can also market them to non-competition shooters too. What's the problem...?
  14. Nicely done with the Silvertips!
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