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  1. wgj3

    Mini mr Bulletfeeder

    Don't think you can be in the process of loading ammo and simultaneously load the bullet tubes...???
  2. wgj3

    40 mags not fitting the gauge

    Should be an "old-style" SV tube. They are good stuff! As previous poster mentioned, there are multiple means or dwaling with this issue: 1- Different basepad that is a tiny bit shorter 2- Removing material (small amount) from rear of feed lips, where they are contacting the guage 3- Removing a little material from bottom of basepad
  3. I think this is the right plan
  4. wgj3

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    9mm PCC comps don't matter...
  5. wgj3

    X12 Typhoon

    A buddy just picked up an F12 and says it runs pretty well with the slightly warmer ammo. May be a little sensitive to the various "2-3/4" shell lengths out there...
  6. wgj3

    SBR Ideas

    OP never mentioned anything about using it in matches...
  7. wgj3

    idpa rules question

    Procedural per position skipped, so 6 Procedural.
  8. Kinda... Just challenging to accomplish without some kind of measuring jig to denote the points that contact the length limits in the gauge...
  9. Same thoughts here. Can't imagine where we would be without your service. Thank you!
  10. wgj3

    SVI Sight Tracker vs Atlas Nemisis

    OP question can only be answered by OP after trying both himself. Either is a great choice. Adjusting loads and springs will have either one shooting super-soft and smooth.
  11. wgj3

    Cheely Custom Gunworks XWF 3gun Pistol

    Its definitely sharp looking! Enjoy.
  12. Do you want the .223 conversion I’m holding for you, or not? I just need an answer, as others are waiting in line behind you.

  13. wgj3

    Replacing rear sight on STI 2011

    Most don't require much "driving"...
  14. wgj3

    PCC Power Factors at Nationals

    "Nuked" as in blew it up with over-pressure ammo...?