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  1. wgj3

    Odin Works + Larue... Will it fit???

    Odin has a fairly generous I.D. on their handguards...
  2. wgj3

    Admitting guilt to an AD

    Sounds like one for Doodie to me! (and I even know of stuff to add about the hubs that legitimately shouldve been a DQ for him)
  3. It is a very different style of venue than what has typically been a "3GN-style" venue. The facility for this match is super-impressive with many opportunities for shooting out to well over 1000yds. The place is huge and has some really cool features too; jungle run areas, actual house that is used for stages/training, mock structure for breaching practice, there's water to shoot across, a tower of 4-5 containers, some 270-360 bays, etc. One crappy feature of the area is a lack of places to stay and/or eat last time I was there. Its a venue that would generally appeal to folk who like "Andy Horner-style" matches with big stages and lots of movement and long par times hosting a match put on by a group that has traditionally been focused on shorter, fast, bay stage matches with much shorter par times. Venue for a "points" match by organization that generally prefers total time scoring...
  4. wgj3

    Forum issues

    I had noticed the same slow-down on reloading, but I am now seeing regular speeds back. Thanks for being responsive.
  5. wgj3

    Too popple...or not to popple.

    Ummm... Do you need to look into a program for open gun addiction...?
  6. You're gonna pay one way or the other...
  7. Slightly slower twist will let you run the lighter bullets (110-125gr) a tiny bit faster and you won't give up anything to the extremely heavy stuff (over 175/178gr) since they are far from ideal in the gas guns.
  8. wgj3

    Why are handguards so expensive?

    Paying for machine time and grams of weight saved... And some of them are impregnated with awesome.
  9. wgj3

    Sweeping with PCC when moving to weak side.

    Absolutely a DQ!
  10. wgj3

    223 loaded with Titegroup

    Reviving an old one here too... Why not try some the 80-90gr bullets that are coming out for the Valkyrie, etc.?
  11. wgj3

    Arredondo mag extensions?

    I've had a few of the Arredondos, and they have not ever failed me. I even whittled the top corners down on a couple to get them to work in a SSS magwell and they have held up just fine.
  12. wgj3

    MBX 2011 mags

    126mm with the wedge basepads fit the box, don't they...?
  13. wgj3

    Auto loading M2

    Looked like his tube got a chubby...?
  14. The Perman grips are tough to beat if you also shoot 2011's. They can be customized as well. Can be painted or covered in grip tape pretty easily. The Positecs from Techwell feel pretty awesome in the hand.