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  1. Holy $+@#&_*%£×*\÷_+!!!
  2. This is correct. Barrel isnt the main issue in this type of system. Not like gas system length and port size in AR. 10/22 much more dependent on rcvrs components than barrel...
  3. If its still the factory springs and followers. Grab you a set of new Grams springs and followers and I bet all will be right again.
  4. Really??? I clearly need to sell some stuff if so!!!
  5. Love em myself. Use for what...?
  6. There are some who do, but most who teach would teach you to not. There are some older threads about this if I recall correctly. Maybe Jerry M was mentioned as someone who has had great success with this type of grip...? Oh, and do it too and I like it but I learned it shooting major PF and just use same grip for other games as well. But, I probably ain't the guy you want to learn from either...
  7. This is great advice! I had forgotten about them. Lead Star has awesome stuff too!
  8. Not cutout like you asked for and even pricier...
  9. Or find a double stack Para or RIA, etc. Can be had for under $1K for sure. MBX mags and go blasting. Don't sweat the .45 haters, you can be plenty competitive with a .45 on 99% of stages, especially while you are still learning the game. Worry about capacity(caliber) as you get better and feel that it might be holding you back...
  10. Most of these belts are NOT designed to be regularly reconfigured. Having the holster and mag pouch loops barely fit onto the belt keeps things from shifting around when shooting a stage. Also, to keep the holster and such from pulling belt apart, add some hook "Velcro" material to the back of the holster's belt mount loop. Do the same on the pouches to keep outer belt better secured to inner.
  11. Same on Elander and At least one other as well...c-product or ASC...
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