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  1. This is most important detail. Depending on what projectiles you're running, that buildup may consist of different things. If "coated" bullets are used, lots of that buildup can actually be lead deposits too... It will chip out.
  2. What part of Alabama are you in? We have a few pockets of shooters who get together regularly for practice sessions, practice matches, and the like around Huntsville and Birmingham that I know of... Another around Dothan. May be another around Phenix City. Not sure about Mobile...
  3. He is retooling his machinery and will be short on inventory for a few months.
  4. Best way to fix? Add a little more bell to help seating?
  5. Inline mount seems more solid to me. Handle seems to be more a personal preference...
  6. Anybody tried magnetic retention with success?
  7. White or blue barrels spray painted black. Hits show the white or blue. Repaint after scoring like steel.
  8. Not very much, actually. And the extra keeps your muzzle/choke tube from hitting stuff when "grounding" it...
  9. Are some of these capable of serving as "11mm" basepads? I notice that it looks like the pins are possibly at different heights in some of the pads. I could use some red 11mm pads if anyone wants to sell. Could trade for current model Dawson's or whatever. I have found myself with a number of the ~130mm SV tubes and need 11mm pads to get max capacity...
  10. "Hands RELAXED at sides..."
  11. There is some company that offers a bit of a discount if you build a complete rig with them...
  12. With experience and confidence, the best way is described above as loading into your caddy(s) in the order you are going to shoot the stage and mixing shells to match your plan. The downfall of this plan is missing a target or reload; once you get "off", it can be tricky to figure out what's still in the gun and where... Loading most of your caddies with birdshot and then having enough of the other shell-types in different caddies works too.
  13. I tend to think that it isn't eroded. That's lead buildup around the bore. I bet you can chip that stuff out back to a smooth baffle face.
  14. Longest target was plate rack around 40 or so... It was a USPSA match with rifles. Dots were perfectly competitive with everything else; no magnification required at all.
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