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  1. Hello,

    I am new to the forum but cannot believe the information and knowledge on here. I do have a quick question that I cannot find information, in detail on. I have a Stoeger M3K. For some reason, whenever the gun goes to load a shell from the mag tube, it will hang up half way out of the tube, stuck on the latch carrier. However; if I rack a shell into the chamber, and release another onto the lift, the gun cycles with no issue, that is until it goes to load the THIRD shell. That is when the shell jams on the latch carrier, partially in the magazine. I called Stoeger and they said it could be any number of things. I've asked around and done as much research as possible, all I've really gathered is an over powered mag spring? mine is an overall of 30.5" with 17.5" out of the tube. I ordered and SBEII spring and follower to test. Please advise if anyone has seen this before.


  2. Both of my Noveske 16" barrels shot 1/2MOA different with my 77gr Nosler handload from XM193s at 200 yards. One click of elevation on my Razor HD scope. HOWEVER, when you have significant POI shifts as you describe, it usually means a barrel harmonics issue. Try increasing/ decreasing the velocity of one load or the other and it may come in closer than what you have been getting. If that doesn't help, the crown may need to be trued. An uneven crown plays hell when switching between flat-base and boat-tails for instance.
  3. I love everything about my Razor except the weight. It almost makes the rifle top-heavy if the rest is a lightweight build. As said by others, the Strike eagle will get it done, but the Razor is better. Other than adjusting when testing different types of ammunition, I have made only one zero correction in 3 years, a change of 1/2 minute vertical. It has been off the rifle 20 or more times, removed as a unit with the excellent Warne RAMP mount, and never required any adjustment when re-installed at the same slot. All other zero adjustments have been for bullet weight or high elevation changes for matches that require it. It has been on more than a dozen flights , and suffered no ill effects. Absolutely the toughest scope I have ever used. For me, NEVER having to worry about the scope after flying to a big match is worth the price difference by itself
  4. 1/8oz vs 1oz is a 12% increase in weight, which is a direct equiv in recoil. 1350 fps vs 1200 is also a 12% difference, but since velocity is squared when calculating kinetic energy, the 12% difference FEELS like more, and has a noticeably greater effect on steel. If you are thinking about increasing your load, velocity is more helpful than adding shot, assuming you use the correct choke.
  5. +8 will give 12 rounds in the tube, but with some of the shorter slugs, you may get one extra. My +9 will hold 13, but if 4 of them are Truball slugs it will take a 14th in the tube. Not all 2-3/4 shells are created equal........
  6. You can go from running great to single shot just going from one box of ammo to another box out of a different lot when you are at the very threshold of required power. Especially in inertia guns. The reason I caution people against using Estate shells in inertia guns is simply because of the power variation. Some lots run 100%, others not at all. Chrono'd, there might be 30fps difference, but it is enough. Unfortunately shotguns aren't like an AR, where you can open up the gas or increase the load until it locks back on an empty mag. Your first indication that you are light in a shotgun is that it won't go
  7. I feel for ya buddy. I am addicted as hell to Mountain Dew, can't stop drinking it for more than a week no matter how hard I try. And it isn't nearly as addicting as cigs. Don't know how the successful people do it, but they are an inspiration to me.
  8. M3k can go hog-wild with the loading port, but my son and I load weak-hand quads and with a biased port the M3000 is just fine. WE NEED TO KNOW, THOUGH. The shaping is different for weak hand quads to account for the SN position. My opinion- 1) The Stoeger Oversize safety is very stiff, and I feel our double-head safety is a legitimate improvement. Throw it away. 2) I don't like a big handle that won't spin, but that is personal preference. Take it or leave it. 3) Their oversize bolt release is TOO big for me, and increases the likelihood of accidentally bumping it and getting a "death-jam", as Jesse Tischauser also found out. Downsize it, or take it off. 4) Is the SN worth an extra $100? For me, no. Because I have machined hundreds of these ports and can make either one fly like the wind. BUT- IF YOU JUST WANT TO BUY A GUN, THROW A MAG ON IT AND SHOOT IT, the M3K is great, and when you want to go crazy on the port the sky is the limit. Or more precisely, the lip that retains the follower is the limit
  9. Yes, some polish on the magazine tube and inside of the carrier will accelerate the "break-in" otherwise, it might be up to 1000 rounds on some of them with particularly rough surfaces. Better lube like Lucas Extreme Duty will help too. If you are in a wet climate, the stock tubes need to be wiped and lubed after use or they might rust. Some rust, others do not. Unlikely you would have rough, dry and rust, but if you do, fix those three areas and you should be okay with 3 dram. This is a few weeks old, but worth an easy answer. In about 90% of the cases where a customer asks me this question about a factory M3K that he just bought, I tell him to lube the hell out of it. Run it WET, on the outside of the mag tube, carrier rails, and bolt lugs. CLP works great if it isn't winter, but gets gummy below about 35deg. At a local club match a new guy showed up with a brand new M3k and it was doing exactly thisa couple months ago. I always bring my portable gunsmithing box to any match I don't fly to. We pulled the fore-end, sprayed CLP as I just stated, and it ran 100% for the rest of the match. After 3-500 rounds of break-in, you can get lazy about keeping it wet. Or run hot loads from the get-go and forget about the oil, your call.
  10. Their service guys treat everything like it is no big deal. I don't think it is because they see that failure all the time, but they really honor the 5yr warranty like they mean it. It isn't like Mossberg where they make you feel like you need top-secret military clearance to get a part......
  11. We have used the Nordic 20ga tube for this conversion, but machine the adapter nut and tube for a flush fit, rather than the end of the factory mag tube. Whenever possible I prefer to hack on the easiest to replace or cheapest part of the equation. Of course it helps that I have a lathe.......
  12. For lowest recoil, run the smallest amount of reciprocating weight that will run. ANY time you reduce carrier or buffer weight, you will want to reduce gas flow to get the best effect. Lighten everything up but run full gas, and the buffer bottoms out so hard it is worse than the actual recoil as far as gun movement is concerned.
  13. My 1100 was very soft-shooting but kept breaking in matches. Almost made me give up 3gun before I went to the inertia guns. If it gets used little and cleaned often, and mostly for smaller low-round-count local matches, the 1100 will be fine while he decides if he wants to stay in it. JM Pros are wildly unpredictable. May go 100% for years, or may be a dog from the get-go. Never know when it comes out of the box, but I would be VERY wary of buying a used one. Versa is really soft, but also really heavy. Very exhausting for younger shooters to shoot a whole match with.
  14. Update on my health issues- The surgeon pulled the plug on my hip surgery 3 days before it was supposed to happen. He is concerned that because of my Crohn's disease and the fact that Immune Suppressants and Steroids have been used to treat it that I am more prone to infection than he would like. In the meantime, I had been off of the immune suppressants since November prepping for the surgery so my Crohn's symptoms have been flaring badly. So now, they won't do surgery until my Crohn's is better, but don't want me to take the drugs that help with the Crohn's. Now I am looking for another surgeon who understands that I am willing to risk a surgical infection to regain some mobility. It has been severely depressing losing the ability to do the things in life that I get enjoyment from, and toughing out each day just trying to get enough work done to feed the kids when I hurt too much to ANYTHING afterwards. I can't even sit on the bleachers long enough to watch my sons play little league games. Trying some supplements and other things to help, but because I have already had so much of my intestines removed through surgeries I don't get much benefit from them. Looking for long term solutions, but not seeing a lot of avenues at this point. All of your well-wishes and support have been greatly appreciated, and I hope at some point to get back in the game.
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