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  1. With increase in sales across the board QC was bound to get a little overwhelmed. I'm sure if you contact them they will make it right.
  2. I'm waaay late on this one, but Steel City Arsenal makes a nice magwell for P80.
  3. Wow wish I would have thought of that. Just wondering if someone here had a recommendation. You can't always trust online reviews and ENOS forum referrals are usually pretty solid and reliable.
  4. Just getting into loading rifle and was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a company that offers brass prep services. I just want to load it. lol
  5. I have been using a Lead Devil belt and I like it a lot, it's very ridged and comfortable . They have different widths so one could use it for both IDPA, EDC and USPSA. Just make sure you choose the one.
  6. I have been doing this for a quick minute and have found shooting is shooting. As others have stated, I have also found that generally speaking USPSA shooters are better shooters overall. There are exceptions but the way the game is played USPSA simply makes you a better shooter faster, IMO. I shoot both and have drifted to IDPA over the years simply for the ease of being able to shoot more big matches without burning a lot of PTO. It did hurt my USPSA game significantly. That's probably why I have been trying to get in more USPSA. lol Ultimately both are great avenues to increase
  7. Common out and join us at the Firearms Academy of Seattle for the 2020 Archangel PRO Mag WA State IDPA Championship. Match take place August 8th and 9th. 12 stages 194 rounds. https://practiscore.com/2020-washington-state-idpa-championship/register
  8. 3.9 grains of Sport Pistol behind a blue bullet 165gr at 1.185 OAL runs great. I needed to bump to 3.9 due to position sensitivity with powder. Yields a 135 PF. If you give it the IDPA tilt it will average 840-850ish.
  9. 3.25 Clays 180gr BlueBullet OAL 1.18
  10. If their prices were comparable to Blue Bullets or Precision Bullets I would give them a try. Currently the accuracy I am getting out of Precision coated bullets is excellent. Blue Bullets just got delivered, will load and test against the precision.
  11. It's a game not training! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. It was too subjective on cover calls and not consistent. IMO, I do however prefer the .5 scoring. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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