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  1. Well, if you even contemplate doing what you say, at least we know what your character is.
  2. This is the kind of crap that brings more disrepute to the sport than somebody wearing something offensive. This needs to be taken care of WITHIN the rules. By enforcing a rule to DQ someone who didn't break that rule, shows a severe lack of ethics and honesty on the part of match staff, and, if it were to ever be revealed (and it probably would get around), that match staff's and match's reputation wouldn't be worth a plugged nickel, and would probably be banned from USPSA for life.
  3. That's not the breech face. Typical breech face erosion is around the firing pin hole, in a ring, caused by the primer not sealing the case upon ignition.
  4. Stuart is a long time forum member here...EERW
  5. Should not be an issue.
  6. Why do you think you can insert a political reference into a post and it will fly? Restricted ContentPoliticsPolicy and political discussions or debates of any kind - even if you consider your opinions to be "facts" - are not welcome anywhere in the forum.Specifically including (but not limited to):• USPSA vs IPSC• IPSC vs IDPA• STI vs SVI• Limited 10 vs Limited Division• This Division vs That Division• This Government vs That Government• Gun Control IssuesThis is not a free speech issue. As a privately funded and collectively ran "information exchange," we have found that the emotional nature of political discussions weakens the informative impact of the Forum.
  7. That kind of sounds like a reverse parallax issue. Yes, you can zero the dot. The best distance I've found is 15-20 yards.
  8. I've seen the factory buffer chewed up in less than 200 rounds (in a 9mm) or still be good after several thousand (40 s&w).
  9. They come from the factory with a buffer, make sure the buffer isn't chewed up already. If it is, it can slow the slide down and it may not feed correctly. Although you may think you aren't limp wristing it, that may very well be the issue. Friend bought a new TSO in 40, was having same issues. Went to the range with him, watched him shoot and have the issue, then loaded up 3 mags of the same ammo he was using, and mag dumped every one of them, without the issue...loaded them back up, same ammo, he was still having the issue.
  10. I think this is done.
  11. Oh, I got your drift when you posted it. If you are gonna leave openings like that, someone will drive a truck through it.
  12. Like has been said, we need more info. What is the intended purpose of this gun? Do you have a preference in caliber (40s&w, 9mm, 45ACP, etc.). Almost all new CZ's are based on the CZ75 design, which has been around for many years. Each of the models you mentioned vary in their designed purpose for different divisions within USPSA and other shooting sports.
  13. Huh? Who in the world is gonna EDC a full on open division blaster?
  14. https://brianenos.com/eliminate-the-unnecessary/
  15. Try powdered graphite. Clean all the grease off completely, then spray coat the parts in powdered graphite. https://www.lowes.com/pd/3-IN-ONE-3-in-One-2-oz-Lock-Lube/50370408?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-hdw-_-google-_-lia-_-214-_-automotive-_-50370408-_-0&placeholder=null&ds_rl=1286981&gclid=CjwKCAjwuIWHBhBDEiwACXQYsQCe2fi8Jg5m-BbYvTmX5XLsjZTre8qyYhCP5X48zKxaDtnH-1yzvhoChAEQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  16. My RCBS scale died years ago. Replaced it with the pocket Hornady model GS-1500 for (I think) around $40. Works great and I get repeatable measurements.
  17. Hmm. 9mm is 9x19, 38S, 38SC & 38TJ are essentially 9x23, but straight walled case. Kinda doubt you will find a barrel that will work with those. If you are talking about 38 special or 357 mag, if they did make a barrel and mags that would work, it would be a serious issue getting them to feed right with the case rim (and could possibly be an issue with the 38S, as it it also semi-rimmed.) If you want a different caliber, your best options are 40, 10mm, or 45.
  18. I've been using PD for years with great results. I'm sure they will make it right.
  19. This. I use the springs and fail-safe rod on several of my powder measures. The failsafe rod alone (if you have one of the newer type powder measures) is enough, but what's a little extra precaution?
  20. Many years ago (probably close to 40 years), I had swore off all Federal ammo forever. The reason was too many failures in critical situations (hunting). I had Federal duck shot where I had to angle the barrel of my shotgun down to get it to roll out of the barrel, Federal 00 Buckshot hit the ground 20 yards from me when the gun was fired level at a height of 5', and hundreds upon hundreds of .22 rounds that would never light off. To this day, I think I have bought Federal ammo just once since then (Federal American Eagle 9mm) 6-7 years ago. While I had no problems with that ammo, they would not be my first, second, or third choice. I'm even leery of buying their primers, but no one else makes them as soft.
  21. For softer feeling recoil, the 147's will have an advantage. What powder are you using? Try some 147's with around 3.5 grains of VV N320, at an OAL that will work in your barrel (1.150 is what I run in my Shadow 1)
  22. Great option. Lose the rear site and top rail, put a dot in the rear site dovetail, TandemKross bushing and Volquartsen sear and you'll be good to go as far as the pistol is concerned.
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