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2011 Shooting Goals?


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In no particular order:

-get my A-class card in Single Stack

-win my class(whatever it is at that time) at the state match in whatever division I chose (probably SS).

-get my limited gun and at least a B classification by the end of the season.

-win my entire division in a semi-large match (more than just a local with only 3 or 4 shooters in a division)

-finish in the top 10 in my class at the SS Nationals

-become an RO

-take a class from a GM who can help me with my game

That should keep me busy enough :cheers:

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Make A in production

Make B in Limited

Win my class at a sectional or area match

be top 3 in my class at an area match

make master in idpa

start shooting 3gun

loose 40 lbs

get in shape

shoot more!

becom a CRO

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It's been hard for me to think of goals for the next up coming year..

i've had so many goals in 2010 (my first year shooting uspsa) that i was able to accomplish, that any ideas seem very small..

but for the sake starting the year right I'll give it a go :D

1)finish in the top 20 at the Western State Single Stack Championship

2)Score %75 of the match winner's score (same match)

3)Win a level 3 match in my class

4)move to limited

5)Start loading 40, (been shooting 45 in L-10)

6)Work on Smoothness

7)Shoot a few local 3 gun matches

8)Be in the top 20 at the Bay Area Rifle Championship

9)Continue to work on visual patience

10)Win overall L10 at the golden bullet

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same as it is every year...

have fun!

+1 on that.

Make my time with the family more quality time.

Shoot more in quality practice.

Work harder ( yes, at the actual job )

Develop more visual patience.

And quantitatively: 5 gun master in IDPA :)


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Make it to A class.

More important, to finish in the top 25% across the board.

Lose weight and get into better shooting condition physically.

Improve shotgun skills overall so I don't dislike it anymore.

Actually train.

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1) reach B in Production, Limited and Limited 10

2) Dryfire practice - I NEED to do this to reach goal #1.

3) Practice loading for shotgun, learn weakhand loading

4) Attend at least 1 Rifle, 1 Shotgun and 1 Pistol training class ( I have already signed up for a shotgun class w/ Erik Lund) The classes do not specifically have to relate to competition shooting - just want to get some "cross training" in a incorporate other viewpoints into my skill sets.

5) Load all of my own ammo for matches and practice (excluding shotgun). I reloaded for pistol last year, need to develop accurate/consistent rifle load (for both 55gr and 69gr). (self defense rounds excluded from this)

6) Avoid the temptation to keep buying new toys :devil:. (ie. I only get a new Pistol, AR or Shotgun if I win one) (The only exception I give myself to this is a bolt action 308)

edited to add: Meet as many of y'all as possible. It is always fun to put a face to a screen name!

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1. Win A Class in Limited at an Area and Sectional Match.

2. Make Master in Limted or better (not in a hurry though).

3. Win Master in Limited if I get there before the Area Matches.

4. Make the top 5 in Limited or Open or both at the Northeast Speed on Steel match.


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1. Make A in Production - 1/15/2011

2. First Production A Texas Open Championship - March 11-13

3. First Production A Double Tap Championship - June 3-5

4. Earn IDPA Master class via match bump - June 31

5. Make M in Production - 12/31/2011

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