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  1. Would have eliminated all of the questions had they set the box towards the front of the bed and provided stairs up to it. Or better yet, LEAVE THE BOX ON THE GROUND.
  2. JAFO

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    Why is it that no one ever says, "Let's lump Revo in with SS" or "Let's make Limited Major 14 rounds and Minor 18"? People always want to f#@k around with Production.
  3. Yeah, it qualifies as a Speed Shoot... Speed Shoot-Courses of fire consisting of one continuous string of fire not exceeding 16 rounds shot on one or more arrays of multiple targets from a single location or view. The written stage briefing may specify engaging arrays of targets without violating rule (1.1.5), as long as the competitor is allowed to engage said arrays in any order, and individual target engagement is not specified. No more than eight rounds may be required without a mandatory reload and no more than one mandatory reload may be required in the course of fire. Weak/Strong hand may be stipulated after the reload is complete. Stage may be scored either Comstock or Virginia Count. See Rule
  4. JAFO

    C-More Tactical Railway loose

    You can get a paint marker and strike a line across your mounting screw heads and the sight body. If the screws move, the marks will not line up and that will give you an easy visual queue that they have loosened up.
  5. I will try that. I have a Hosefest match coming up in October for which reloads will be required for my 47-rd mags. I don't PLAN on shooting empty, but it would be nice to have it sorted by then, especially since you can feel the difference on locking back without pulling the trigger on an empty chamber.
  6. JAFO

    Fouling or?

    I run coated bullets (Ibejihead and Blue Bullets) with Titegroup in my Allround and PCC without a problem, but when I tried Precision (not Precision Delta, mind you), they left a TON of lead in the barrel using Titergoup. I had to switch to Universal Clays to use those up without smearing lead.
  7. My gun came with a standard AR buffer and 5.56 carbine recoil spring, to which I added the quarters to limit travel past the bolt catch. Compared to that, yes, the hydraulic buffer made the dot movement noticeably better. I am still trying to figure out how I like it with a wave spring. I've backed down from a 308 rifle spring to a 308 carbine spring since installing the wave. The gun still runs fine but seems to cycle a tad quicker. Including the wave spring lost my LRBHO feature with either recoil spring. I can only manually retract the bolt to within ~1/8" of the catch. It will lock open on recoil, but it's a bear to release it with the new springs. I'm hoping that might get easier with use. My bolt does not have a removable weight, so I've never attempted running it lighter.
  8. When I had a solid buffer and quarters in the bottom of the tube, I saw the same thing. Up and right bounce all the time. When I switched to a hydraulic buffer, it was quite a bit longer so I removed the quarters. Dot bounce then started to track straight up. So I agree with your guess that the buffer is hitting in the back of the tube.
  9. JAFO

    PCC allowed in USPSA Rifle Match?

    We don't get enough PCC shooters to make a regular PCC-only match worth having. Maybe if pistol braces were allowed there would be more people who would do it, but then it's an outlaw match anyway.
  10. JAFO

    Virginia count xtra shot

    This... Is an easy way to remember this...
  11. JAFO

    Rules Question

    If you can't stagger barrels so there are no gaps, the best way to prevent the possibility of shooting between them is to wrap the entire "wall" in plastic. Then it functions as a single prop. Otherwise, it's no different than being able to shoot through a gap left between two adjacent walls that don't sit tight against each other.
  12. JAFO

    Box to Match REVIEW Sig 227 TacOps

    And your videos are a great source for steel stages!
  13. JAFO

    Fouling or?

    Wow, that looks like you shot a bunch of hot-loaded lead bullets. Spencer has a good idea to give it a good soak in a jar of Hoppe's first. You might also try some of the Double-Tuff bore brushes from Brownell's ( https://www.brownells.com/gun-cleaning-chemicals/brushes-amp-bore-snakes/bore-brushes/double-tuff-bore-brush-prod1244.aspx ). They are stiffer than normal bore brushes and may help get it out faster. If that still doesn't do it, you could try a Lewis Lead Remover ( https://www.brownells.com/gun-cleaning-chemicals/patches-mops/lead-remover/lewis-lead-remover-prod21587.aspx ).
  14. Not necessarily. The frame and grip on the X-320's are one and the same, so modifications are allowed under the rules covering grip mods. The only frame modifications specifically allowed are stippling for texture. If 21.2a didn't specifically say "stippling", I'd suggest milling serrations into the dust cover as a way to remove weight while "providing texture". I'm wondering whether internally removing weight from the frame, such that it isn't visible from the outside, would be allowed.
  15. ^^^ That's going to depend on the spacer. If you insert a conical spacer that sits inside the spring coils, It will short stroke your buffer by allowing it to bottom out sooner but it's not going to change anything wrt the spring.