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  1. Your best bet is if Sig makes a run of the modules used for the commemorative TotUS M17. Maybe not as shiny.
  2. http:// http:// The lower chart is relative impact differences (in inches) at 25 yds. So if you had an 8/8 combo that hit where you wanted it, and you switch to a #6 front, it would impact 2" lower.
  3. I'm using 3.2gr of Titegroup with Blue Bullets and, while I do have some noticeable smoke coming from the comp when I watch myself in videos, there doesn't seem to be a lot of it. I don't shoot indoors, so perhaps it would be more noticeable there. I do plan to switch to jacketed, but that's mainly because I am getting some lead buildup in the comp. I get a lot less since I lowered my powder charge from 3.6gr (my pistol load), but I still have to scrape it out every so often.
  4. Once you remove the firing pin, the Hi-Point is a perfectly good handgun-shaped doorstop and/or paperweight. And then it doesn't need to take up space in the safe.
  5. I don't see this as extremely burdensome to the RO's. It's pretty easy to tell if a shooter has a gun with a manual safety. I agree it's not equitable for someone with a manual safety M&P or 320 to be required to use the safety if someone else with a non-safety version doesn't, but USPSA didn't choose your gun, you did. This would be more of a DQ hazard for the uninformed shooter who may have used their manual safety pistol without the safety previously.
  6. My old club did it once - a short course followed by a speed shoot. We went through ULSC after the first, and allowed for a short mental prep time for the shooter prior to MR for the second. We recorded times immediately, but scored targets after both were shot (we were using paper sheets then). I guess we could have left the shooter hot, but most people want to go through their normal MR routine and be sure they have a fresh mag.
  7. In the case of the video where the shooter stood on the wall support to see the swinger at rest, there would have been no penalty for not activating the box. Once the new draft is finalized, shooting from a position like that will no longer be legal, so that target would not be visible from anywhere in the shooting area. Skipping the activator in that scenario would incur FTSA and miss penalties, whether the target is disappearing or not. If this was a Level I that had a WSB that stated that all movers must be activated prior to being engaged, then he would have had 2
  8. I sent this to Troy: In a situation (LII or above) where a swinger is inadvertently available at rest and the shooter engages it with two rounds but fails to activate the mechanism before "Range Is Clear", I am a little unclear on the penalties and associated rule. Does 9.9.3 assess 2 Mikes and 1 FTSA on the target, regardless of the fact that it was engaged and any hits present? Or is there another rule that assesses a penalty specifically for not activating the mechanism? This was the response, which would seem to indicate that, unless the WSB mandates it, yo
  9. Thanks. I responded to the quote notification before I read all the other responses.
  10. They approved 357Sig for Limited/L10 in January of 2015, but you have to look at the September, 2014 BOD minutes to find it. Or search here.
  11. I think they thought it would be legal, because they didn't expect someone to stand on the wall support on the opposite side of the wall from the shooting area. For anyone actually staying inside the shooting area, the target would have been obscured at rest. He broke the stage through an unusual interpretation, and there is currently nothing in the rulebook to penalize him for it. It's a completely asinine gamer move, IMHO, and I'm glad they are correcting it in the current draft. If it was a mover that was inadvertently visible at rest from another part of the shooting area, t
  12. 9.9.1 Moving scoring targets which present at least a portion of the highest scoring area when at rest following the completion of their designed movement, or which continuously appear and disappear, will always incur failure to shoot at and/or miss penalties (exception see Rule See Appendix B2 or B3 for the percent of target to be pre-sented. ^^^ This imposes FTSA and miss penalties to moving targets that present a portion of the A zone at rest, or which are in continuous movement. 9.9.2 Moving scoring targets, which do not comply with the above crite
  13. Yes, 357Sig is the minimum caliber allowed for Major PF in Limited and L10.
  14. 9.9.3 Moving scoring targets will always incur failure to shoot at and miss penalties if a competitor fails to activate the mechanism which initiates the target movement. This includes no-shoot targets that must be activated when in front of scoring targets to expose them, penalties are based on number of shots required for the scoring target(s) behind the no-shoot. If the mover can be shot at rest before activating, as the shooter did by standing on the wall support, then they must still activate the mechanism or be penalized. However, activating it as he did in the video didn't
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