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  1. If you are experiencing any leading in your barrel, make sure whatever comp you want to try has reasonably large holes. Mine came with a Lantac Dragon, and the small holes on top are a pain in the ass to clean lead out of. The large side holes are a lot easier to clean out. I changed my load a bit and that cut the amount of leading way down. Of course, if the RMR jacketed bullets I ordered to try work out, it will be MUCH easier.
  2. JAFO

    Admitting guilt to an AD

    And return the keys to the Winnebago.
  3. JAFO

    Clarification on Production Rule

    And see, a mod like that is something that should fall right under the original justification for the aftermarket hammers. It might look different on the exterior, but it's functionally the same internally. And sorry I kinda derailed the thread, Gary. It was not my intention. I was just trying to explain the thinking behind my first post. Thank you for the information.
  4. JAFO

    Clarification on Production Rule

    I know, but the subject matter for 21.1 is internal modifications. 21.1 Internal throating and polishing to improve accuracy, reliability and function Internal modifications which do not conflict with other clauses of this appendix are ALLOWED. Special Notes/Clarifications: • See 21.3 for specifics with regard to slides and barrels • ALL Factory safety mechanisms, whether internal or external, must remain functional • See 22.2 for specifics on external safeties • Any internal modifications which result in a visible change to the external appearance of the gun when it is in battery REMAIN PROHIBITED unless specifically allowed by the plain language herein. Whereas 21.6 is considering trigger replacement as an external modification. 21.6 Exchange of minor External components Sights, firing pins, firing pin retainers, pins, extractors, magazine releases, slide stops, thumb safeties, triggers, hammers, bushings, and ejectors MAY be replaced with OFM or aftermarket parts.
  5. JAFO

    Clarification on Production Rule

    21.1 deals with internal mods, but they have triggers listed under permitted external mods in 21.6, so I guess I didn't really view that as a contradiction. They also left "decocking levers" out of the external controls that can be changed in 21.6. Not sure if that's a typo or not. But since they removed the language that any external part may be replaced by an OEM part from another pistol on the list, that leaves the decocking lever out of the allowed mods.
  6. Yeah, that question sounded legitimate in my head. I probably won't do it anyway. I don't see the need to barney up with 47 rounds in the first mag. I do download my two spares by one. They are +6 TTI basepads on 17-rd tubes, and they are really hard to seat on a closed bolt when loaded to 23.
  7. I like the barney mag idea. Do you download your first mag as well? I think I'd be more worried about the mag not seating properly on a closed bolt than I would be about the first round not loading. I fear the dreaded "bang, thud" as the first round fires and a fully loaded 47-rd mag hits the ground shortly after.
  8. I view pistol "braces" designed to be shouldered the same as binary triggers. They're just something I can't bring myself to want because someone at the ATF is going to get a random bug up their ass one day to issue a letter that they are illegal.
  9. JAFO

    Admitting guilt to an AD

    Several years ago, I DQ'd a shooter for firing a shot early on a table start that creased the table surface. There were targets set up in front of the table and the shot impacted the berm below one of them, but it was an obvious mistake. He admitted it was an AD and accepted the DQ. Before the next stage, I was checking the rulebook and realized I could not find a rule supporting a DQ under those conditions. I told him as much, but he declined the reshoot and didn't shoot the rest of the match. He said if I hadn't DQ'd him, he would have stopped shooting anyway because he knew his head was somewhere else and not in the shooting. He stayed on to help tape and score the rest of the match, though.
  10. JAFO

    PCC and Pistol

    That potential bump in classification is why I sometimes see GM-level sandbagging when a PCC shooter gets to the classifier. Someone who has been shooting at blazing fast speeds all day suddenly manages to hit all Deltas and take ~ 5 seconds for the reload. I'm enjoying PCC because I don't shoot rifles very often and it's something new for me. And since I'm on my way to an A or B classification, I'm not worried about my B pistol class being bumped.
  11. JAFO

    P365 day 1

    I have a friend who plans to swap his mag release to the other side. He had previously carried an HK, so it would be familiar for him to use his right index finger. Not sure if he has tried it yet.
  12. Pulled my bolt tonight and took a look at the strike angle. Maybe I'm not doing it right, but when I place my bolt against the buffer, the hammer is right at 90 degrees to the back of the bolt. This is a KE Arms lower, CMC trigger, and NFA Modular bolt. The pin doesn't have any deformation on the back, and I don't see any peening on the rear of the bolt. Just a shiny spot where the hammer rides during recoil.
  13. JAFO

    P320 Grip Module Change

    The rules previously had a statement that you could use any OEM replacement part from another approved model. I had discounted the X-Carry grip frame because it's not on the approved list. However, it looks like they removed that restriction (or forgot to put it back in). I have no idea how IPSC would view it.
  14. JAFO

    loads for a PCC - specific questions

    With my PCC (16" Nordic barrel) I'm currently using: 125gr TC Blue Bullets Winchester SPP (I have also used Federal #100 SPP and didn't notice any difference) 3.2gr Titegroup Mixed brass 1.08" OAL 138 PF I had originally tried my pistol load, which is the same as the above but 3.6 gr of Titegroup. It was 149 PF and caused a LOT of lead buildup in my comp. At 3.2 gr it's not completely gone, but it's much better. I'm thinking of trying some of those RMR 124gr TCFP Matchwinners. They look like they have an exposed lead base, so I'm a little worried that the leading will still be there if I have to bump up the powder charge because of the jacket. Has anyone tried their JHP vs the TCFP? The JHP's are totally jacketed like Montana Golds.
  15. Has anyone examined at what angle their hammer would strike their pin in battery? Without a cut-away upper/lower, I suppose the only way to do it would be to remove the upper and position the BCG where it would be relative to the lower, then see how the hammer face would impact it.