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  1. Does the aim point reside within the shooting area? Seems like it could be a tripping hazard unless I misunderstand how it is used. No. It is outside of the shooting area. I also place it where it is in a neutral position that is fair for both Left and Right handed shooters....
  2. The match I run (Atlanta Practical Shooters) has been allowing PCC for awhile. I handle start position in the following way: I set out an aim point for all "low ready" starts (12" piece of PVC pipe, painted purple, placed over a piece of rebar that has been driven into the ground). I have done the exact same thing in my 3 gun matches (Atlanta 3 Gun). Having the aim point takes out any possible "misunderstanding" of what "low ready" is. This is as much for the RO as it is for the competitor. Port Arms, muzzle on X, gun on table are all self explanatory. We came up with the aim point because some people (ROs and competitors) would make up their own definition of Low Ready. Some would claim "45 degree angle" or "not on target" or "at berm". This led to uncertainty, and stages being handled differently by different squads. Having the aim point does not limit freestyle. It serves the same function as "hands on Xs" as opposed to "hands relaxed". PCC is fun! And as a match director (in my 6th year as a USPSA Match Director), PCC does not affect my set up, or my stage design. It injects a little fun back into a sport where burn out does occur.
  3. Thank you to Aaron, Daniel, Sandra, Linda and everyone else I am forgetting. Great match, fun stages that were sometimes more challenging than they appeared. Friday and Sunday weather was better than anyone could have hoped for! BigHamp's dad came through with excellent food as usual. It was great to see old friends, and to make new ones. I had fun RO'ing / meeting everyone on stage 2. Hope to see everyone back next year, and many more as the reputation for this match grows. I'd also like to thank all of the other RO's - It was great shooting with / meeting y'all. It is great to have this match "back"!
  4. I used a round file and cleared a little of the brass from the magwell wher the pin hit. Works like a charm! Now the pin does not work it's way down.
  5. Sweet! Just signed up... I was lucky enough to get to 3 Fort Benning 3 Gun Matches, and December just has not been the same since the match went away!
  6. testicles.... seems to work for me in chrome
  7. HS101


    Trust your plan! Believe in yourself. Running your plan at 100% will yield better results than changing to someone else's plan at the last minute and only running it at 50 - 75%.
  8. I shoot with them - They are stand up guys... If they are not answering email or calls, try facebook... Life interups sometimes!
  9. Check out East Alabama Gun Club, Moss Branch Gun Club, Steel City Gun Club, River Bend GC, South River Gun Club, Cherokee Gun Club, and Creekside Firing Range. All have great matches and are within several hours. Fo USPSA stuff, check out http://georgiaipsc.com/ . It has posts about Soth River Gun Club USPSA matches, but also list dates/ links for others... http://www.gadpa.com/ will cover IDPA needs in Georgia Creekside has some fun multigun matches. Steel City in Alabama for Tac Rifle East Alabama for Tac Rifle and Tac Shotgun matches...
  10. Add a 45 shell to the top of the plastic rod that goes into the primer tube. It fits perfectly, and is a good weight. Make sure the bracket that goes around the outside of the primer tube that holds the rod that moves them primer bar is tight, and set up so the rod moves "squarely" to the press. Blow out all of the crap that accumulates around the primer bar to make sure it travels freely.
  11. I was laughing/snorting so hard I had tears... Very hard to explain to people at work what I was laughing at, and then not showing them! (I will not loose my job because of showing this to someone at work and risking them getting offended) Awesome!
  12. Personally, I like a pistol grip stock. I took the stock off of my M2, and replaced it with a Mesa Tactical pistol grip. Now, I think I have about the perfect shotgun. The conversion to pistol grip allowed me to master the "weak hand" loading technique. My M2 has a 26" barrel, and I could not keep the angle correct for weak hand loading because the gun did not balance well... After the switch, I can control the gun better.
  13. I used Unique for both for a long time. It is still my back up powder for 9, 40 and 45. Just load it hot, or it will be dirty. On the upper end of PF (135+ in 9, 185+ in 40 or 45) it is fairly clean, and I liked the feel of it. Having said that, I switched to solo 1000 in 9 and 40 because I liked the feel a little bit more - but, it makes you gun HOT!
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