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  1. Melonite was permanently discontinued in the Stretch Line. They are back with a few versions in stock now. https://www.stretchprecision.com/
  2. Mark,

    I thought I read a post in which you perform mods for the VersaMax Competition Tactical.  I've been shooting it stock and its time to "upgrade".  Thanks 



  3. Stretch16s have Intermediate length gas, not rifle length. A 16" rifle length is not the same.
  4. Carbon Arms did make the direct replacement JP, but we had trouble getting JP nuts in enough quantity and many folks wanted a complete system. When Lancer copied our system, we changed to the Gen2 with a DPMS style nut. Our nut is lighter than the JP nut, so there is a weight savings there as well. If you wanted to make your own, one certainly could. A 2" long aluminum sleeve glued into a 2" OD piece of carbon fiber tube is all you would need. Make sure to use a Diamond bit and drill under liquid so you don't have carbon fiber dust, which is hazardous to your lungs.
  5. Yes, that can be done. Send Rebecca a message off the webpage.
  6. I ran the first melonite barrel from SP to 9700 and completely abused ti, never cleaned it and it was the same at 9700 as it was at 50, but Lew made me give it back. I am running just over 6K on mine now. While more accurate than most barrels, it is not quite as accurate as the CK barrels. Melonite is tricky and if there are any blems in the chamber, throat or lands, you can have pressure issues, extraction issues, ets. They can be abused, and run hard and hot for a long time though. They are also more picky on what loads they like. I use the CK barrels for my match rifles. They are more accurate and in general, less picky about what load you run in it. My main match rifle just passed 10K and I can't see any change in group size yet, but I am close. My first one turned the corner at about 12K.
  7. YVK, yes. It goes back to the safety hierarchy, FMEA and common design practices as it relates to products. With Firearms, it is possible that the "sophisticated user" principles may be applied, but that would be user dependant and depend on the venue as well.
  8. There are NO required standards for testing firearms. The ANSI tests are voluntary in terms of use and are NOT purported to be exhaustive. They are but one way to test and will not serve the same type of benefit in court as CFRs or Codes do when their threshold is met.
  9. That is only a small part of the picture. Do you know if the problem becomes more prevalent with wear...or does it stay the same? We see 1911/2011s start to double, or worse with wear of the sear.
  10. Weight. A 2-7 or 3-9 is going to be a lot lighter than a 2-10 or 3-15. I set up my Open rifle with a 1-8 and no side dot, saving me 5 ounces or so, but getting better glass as well. Then I slapped a green laser on it and that covered some bases both systems missed.
  11. When the focus is neutral (as on all scopes with adjustable focus) on the RT6, it is a true 1x. When you change the effective diopter setting by adjusting focus, the mag range will change just slightly.
  12. The Burris RT6 is kicking butt and taking names.
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