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  1. Which hardness would you go with for a 200gr or 230gr bullet at major PF?
  2. I generally avoid cast lead bullets due to smoke, etc but .45 cal bullets are so expensive that lead makes sense cost wise. I'm looking for some recommendations for cast .45 bullets. Accuracy, smoke, lead fouling in the barrel, and delivery time are all important factors.
  3. I need some ideas for a solid reloading bench that doesn't need to be anchored to a wall or floor to be sturdy. Pictures would be great too!
  4. What I've been doing is applying some FP-10 to a rag and putting a light film of it on all the metal surfaces before putting the gun in the safe. Seems to be working okay.
  5. The gun is completely unfinished, in the white.
  6. What product have you guys found to be best to apply to a pistol "in the white" during storage to prevent rust? The gun will be finished down the road obviously.
  7. I'm wondering if anyone makes a kydex holster (preferably DOH) for a 6" 2011 with the tactical (rail) frame.
  8. Dan and his staff did a great job putting a fun match on the ground and running it smoothly. It was by far the worst performance of my life, but that's not the match's fault!
  9. yes you are.... it will be weak hand with the top half hard covered and it will be spinning. No, no the only reason to shoot it one handed it because you want to. the middle port drops out of the way, the side ports have to be held open with the ropes. Ahhh okay. It looked like the middle port had the be held open by a rope. I was prepared to fire 5 rounds to avoid FTEs and move on.
  10. So, am I seeing things, or are we shooting a Texas star strong hand only?
  11. I prefer the .100" wide sights paired with their adjustable rear. It's all personal preference.
  12. Just got off the phone with Comfort Inn and got the rooms booked. Got the discount with no hassles. Looking forward to the match!
  13. Dan, what time do we need to be at the range by on Sunday morning? Also, is the Comfort Inn in Duncansville still discounting rooms for the match? Is there a discount code to use on their site?
  14. Is that Winchester 231? I would like to try that, but I shoot 124gr MT Gold CMJ Yes. I tried it with 124s and didn't like it.
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