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  1. At least your section had slots to hand out. Seems like a busy shooting section like Houston, that did 3 or so level 2's or higher last year, would get more than 2 slots. This is getting to be.....well something.
  2. or like the site says.....20 stages over 4 days......and have to work one of the half day. LOL The main schedule shoots in 8 shooting periods per day over 4 days in an AM/PM format. You will shoot AM/PM/AM/PM or PM/AM/PM/AM. We’ve designed this schedule to lessen the load on staff, to permit more activities for USPSA related business after shooting, and also to permit us to explore more elaborate stages without schedule risk.
  3. I think you missed my point. I don't have a problem with the extra shot/extra hit penalty. I have a little issue with giving me a miss penalty, on top of the loss of points, for a shot that you will penalize me for making up. If I can't make up a miss then I should not have to eat the extra -10 points.
  4. I think my biggest complaint with VC stages is not allowing me to make up a shot I know I missed without penalty......but I still get a penalty for missing. Why do I eat a -10 penalty if I am not allowed to make up the shot?
  5. I am not specifically talking about stage 9 at LTD Nats.....I don't even know what the stage was, I am talking in general terms. However, rewarded or "harshly" punished.....that is the kinda the issue. If you execute properly you are not "superduper" rewarded. On top of that if the stage can only be executed by a slim percentage of shooters at a match then it falls more into the luck category.
  6. If they are all competing on the same stages what does the stage difficulty have to do with it? We can still find out who is the best by having easy stages since they all still have to perform over the entire match. The hard is being on your game every shot, every position, every stage, every day, for the entire match. It shouldn't be getting some lucky hits on a "gotcha" stage. Also I think the point Charlie is trying to make is that shooting swingers out to 25+ yards with a no shoot on it, only offering the bare minimum scoring zone, is not really a test (general case maybe not the case at this nationals). Something like that is a crap shoot and luck when it comes to getting hits. There are plenty of ways to test shooters and make it a challenge without being so creative that the only "hard" is impossible shots made by basic luck in most cases.
  7. I have used CZ's, then switched to Glocks over 5 years ago, and also have Tanfo's that I used a bit in the spring. What I have found is for me the grip and and control of the glock is superior to the other platforms, that is for me though. I also think they are a little more reliable as far as parts breaking (like the CZ slide stops, TRS, etc...) but that is a minor issue with the others Ask yourself, if both are sitting on a table, when the buzzer goes off which one would you instinctively grab to shoot the stage and be comfortable knowing you can make any shot at speed.
  8. I have been saying this for the last couple of years. I think big part of the problem is that there are MD's that go into with the thought process of "this will get the top guys" but in reality all it does is crush the average shooters that make up the majority of the field. Like you mentioned, this is supposed to practical shooting and I think there are a lot of stages out there nowadays that have lost sight of what is actually practical.........or even reasonable.
  9. How many stages and how many bullets? Will those stages be posted? I keep getting people asking me whether it is a 1 or 2 day match. I thought I saw somewhere it was a 1 day match but it seems it is 2 day.....either way is no big deal to me, just kinda curious why I keep hearing that question.
  10. Are you still working on getting email confirmations out, I never received one.
  11. But we were sold on how this was in order to "grow the sport". It can't really be what many of us have said.......it will be the same guys but shooting something different. I hope that is part of the analysis when the time comes to look at this division. If it does not meet that main goal, bringing in new shooters, then what is the point.
  12. I do have room to be upset. 5 of the local matches in my area are not allowing PCC's not do safety concerns but because of narrow mindedness. Now how can I be influential as you mentioned in changing attitudes, if in the end, i am not allowed to shoot at the match. You could offer to set up a PCC match and run it how you want.
  13. Would you inform the shooter he forgot to rack a round into the chamber? Or that he forgot to put a mag in the gun? Or allow somebody else to do so? No.......see that is that discretion thing. So I don't understand why you would let somebody else assist the shooter (by telling him he forgot his mags)? It's not our job to fix his/her problems, it's to provide the structure and safety for his run. Pretty simple, the rules say it is at the discretion of the RO, following the rules is not "allowing" anything. I think it would be beyond absurd to give a procedural in this case, but hey, whatever it takes I guess. And in case you are wondering and can't see the difference.......big difference between someone telling a shooter at MR they don't have any mags and yelling...."don't forget that target".
  14. Would you inform the shooter he forgot to rack a round into the chamber? Or that he forgot to put a mag in the gun? Or allow somebody else to do so? No.......see that is that discretion thing.
  15. 8.6.2 Any person providing interference or unauthorized assistance to a competitor during a course of fire (and the competitor receiving such assistance) may, at the discretion of a Range Officer, incur a 34 USPSA Handgun Rules, February 2014 Edition procedural penalty for that stage and/or be subject to Section 10.6 I would not, and hope that others wouldn't as well, issue a procedural if someone told the shooter they didn't have mags.
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