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  1. Nah. But...buy a really good scope. Practice and get a good zero and practice. Did I say practice?
  2. Jman

    Mindhunter on Netflix

    We watched this one as well. Good. Hard to follow Manhunter though...
  3. Jman

    De-priming upside down primers

    Safe? No. Can it be done? Probably. Worth the attempt? Don't know.. Me? I put several drops of oil on the open primer anvil and soak it a day or two...or three. Run it dead slow through the de-capper then toss the brass in the "to be cleaned" bucket. But that's just me and I am peculiar so.....
  4. Forgot this match... Taking a shot at the waiting list....
  5. Jman

    pcc options

    JR Carbine. Simple blow back. Stupid fun to shoot especially with the big sticks. Easy ambi option too.
  6. Jman

    USPA Resistance

    Our PCC Division is growing a Rio. And our dads can beat up their dads so we hear little (or no) grief.
  7. Jman

    Need a new Netflix addiction...

    The husband/wife dialog while performed extremely well is beginning to annoy me....
  8. Jman

    Need a new Netflix addiction...

    Yes. Ozark seems solid so far.
  9. Jman

    PCC 9mm Muzzle Brake that works?

    It is...completely worthless imo.
  10. Jman

    How often do you live fire practice?

    Every match I shoot is Live Fire Practice. Plus, we drill on Wednesdays
  11. First thing I would recommend is to contact this club and it's match director. Ask about new shooter orientation. Better USPSA Clubs will have them. Attend it. Enjoy, be safe.
  12. Jman

    PCC in USPSA

    PCC is by far the most difficult division for me to play in. And I love it.