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  1. Many of the fastest, high volume ammo reloaders shoot for no scores. This happens A LOT. I learned to keep the gun UP. Fun. When it isn't, I do something else and come back when it is. Accept the sight picture, call it and let it rip. Play your game, not his...you ain't him.
  2. First season was fun. Second season, meh. Third season is a pile of S#!T....imo. Now, if I were 11 years old I'd be all over it.
  3. Slap, jerk, press, squeeze or pull all you want. But, work on front sight focus and shot calling. It's all there....
  4. I shoot CO and pop the periscope off and shoot production a ~1/3 of the time. Fun. And, minor sucks
  5. Excellent dramatization of the events leading up to 9/11. Based on true stories. A lot of editorial liberty is used of course but still captures a great deal. Jeff Daniels is superb, no surprise there. Very recommended.
  6. It was an interesting series. I wonder if hB0 really new what story they were telling.
  7. Squeezers, pullers, slappers, "jerkers" and pressers dominate the GM class in action pistol disciplines. Grip, rip and move.
  8. What you need to discover is "acceptable sight alignment". Assuming you're practicing for a USPSA type match, let your front post "touch" the left then the right side of the notch during live fire drills. Same with elevation...half the post above and below the top of the notch. All from practical handgun distances (3-25 yrds) aiming at the A zone. You'll find (with repetition) a large swath of acceptable sight alignment "space". Understand this and your gun won't care about your booger hook and bang button. Be safe...and enjoy the journey.
  9. The G17L has never made an impact in Action Pistol games, no matter the discipline. It's a long sighted slow fire target gun IMO...
  10. FINALLY improving with the dot in CO. Been a tough transition for me. To many decades on the irons. Shot the first 3 stages really well in the Old, FAT, Slow and Blind division here at Rio Salado. 10 rounds into the final stage...no dot. Well $#it!!! Tanked the stage and threw up a little bit down the front of myself. Dead battery? No. Battery cover managed to back off a turn (or two) so no connection. This hurt my feelings and I hope you feel sorry for me.
  11. All three seasons are on Amazon Prime streaming service. Amazon has picked up a 4th season. I give it 4+ stars out of 5. Not a typical science fiction drama...at all. Fine performances, great writing (most of the time) Exciting and some very funny spots too.
  12. 12 Slots still available at the Western States Single Stack match. The 1911 was passed up many years ago as a gamer platform. Sun setting now as a nostalgic piece. A legacy gun.
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