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  1. I'm an inov-8 man myself. I have my own opinions about why there was such a surge in popularity of the Salomons but I should probably keep that to myself. I wouldn't want to come across the wrong way.
  2. Why? RO: Unload and show clear. Shooter does the flip and catch and the slide closes RO: Unload and SHOW CLEAR (emphasis on show clear) Shooter shows clear. Either he does it happily or acts like a snob. Who cares? I can't even hardly believe this thread is still going on. If something that breaks the rules happens, there's a DQ. If not, move on. Disclaimer: I'm a non-flipper.
  3. I can't let Spanky and Bo have all the fun. TY65102, Limited.
  4. I'm still not into the whole calorie counting thing. Eat clean foods and sensible servings and you'll be fine. Obviously loss will slow down but just keep at it and don't get discouraged. Congrats on your loss!
  5. I guess you can throw my name in the hat Spanky,L3344,PRODUCTION
  6. I know what you mean. It's a little frustrating, though, because I really miss big plates of pasta with cream sauces, piles of white rice, and potatoes. But the blah feeling I get when I have the occasional indulgence keeps me from straying to often. FWIW, I've had great success just by using an iPhone app to track what I eat and cutting out the obvious offenders: High carbs and high sugars. I'm down 75+ lbs and wearing sizes I haven't worn since grad school (20+ years ago). That's worth more than a regular diet of Fettucine Chicken Alfredo or Papa John's Pizza. Keep up the good work Barr
  7. i've had a glockworx striker in my 34 since somewhere around late 09. nary a problem.
  8. Congrats on taking the right steps.
  9. great post. I had to miss a whole9 seminar due to work. Everyone has a different view on the appropriate approach. I've not counted calories nor eaten anything I didn't like the taste of. Well, except a few veggies when expiramenting because I'm not much of a veggie person and I have a bit of a pickup palate.
  10. Just find a good vitamin (ex men's 1 a day) and fish oil with some good dha/epa numbers.
  11. I don't think I've ever been to a restaurant that didn't have some sort of meat with veggies on the side?
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