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  1. I know people said use your trigger finger but I could never make that feel right. However, using my middle finger has worked well for me over the years.
  2. All this thread tells me is that you can't ever make everyone happy but I think we all know that. This rule is to help ensure that the people who support these clubs weekly get a shot at competing with their fellow statesmen in the state championship.
  3. Thanks man. I try to run a tight ship but sometimes things go amok. Having fun is all that matters!
  4. I may have missed this but; What time do we start Friday?
  5. Has anyone considered using a steel no shoot on stage 10 to prevent potential REF issues?
  6. No they may not. At least not if it's a USPSA match.
  7. An RO's job is stage management which includes, but is not limited to, making sure no non-targets get perforated.
  8. If you weigh your gun with an empty mag, which weight is correct? The manufacturer or the production list? If the latter, I'd send that in and ask for a reevaluation.
  9. The weight listed for the Productions numbers and the way the gun is weighed is definitely with an empty mag.
  10. That's only 3 hours. I've done that for 4 days in a row for a major match I worked.
  11. I'm more concerned that you guys shoot with people that you don't trust enough to go uprange of them while they're holstered AND under direct RO supervision.
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