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  1. Whats everyone using for rimfire ammo these days for various steel challenge divisions? Cheap stuff or springing for a little higher dollar ammo?
  2. I always like shooting with better shooters, friends or just names I know to be good. Get to know them, chat about stage plans, pick their brain a little during pasting, etc. You'll learn a ton.
  3. Get to the match early and walk all the stages, even if its just to get a rough idea of what plan you want. Then when you get there you have an idea of what it looks like and you can get a plan in place faster.
  4. I've done it in a classifier match. Shot my Lim gun in Open just do it because I wanted a classification in Open, lol.
  5. About the only time I count actual shots is Virginia Count stages or classifiers. For most most stages, I count rounds during the walkthrough so i know when to reload after a certain target or array. I usually try to have an idea of how many extra rounds ill have in the mag so i know how many makeups shots i need. If an array has a lot of steel, Ill know that i need to reload early if I shoot X amount of extra shots. those types of arrays are the only time i count anything while shooting. I tend to shoot best when I let my brain shut off and get out of the way
  6. Can't think of one particular stage, but my favorite ones are when you have 6 people in the same division all shoot it a different way. Those are quality stages that are usually fun because you can develop your own plan to your strength.
  7. Update: It was a battery issue. I couldn't find any of the regular 3V batteries around here. I was able to find some 1.5V hearing aid batteries though. Stacked 2 of those up and put them, sight worked like new again. And with the sale going on at Walgreens on the little batteries, its actually even cheaper. Next time I order from SC or somewhere I may get a few of the regular C-more batteries too. Just something I need to have a few extras of at all times now. This is my first foray with an optic in USPSA (you'd think I'd know better from my 3-gun experience tho, haha).
  8. Got my PCC out last night to make sure it still functions in preparation for the season. Was doing a little shooting and at one point, my C-more would lose the dot for one shot, then the next shot it would come back on stay on for 6-7 shots then go out again. Is this a warning of a battery issue or a potential problem with the module or sight itself? Still has the original battery in it from when I bought it in the fall.
  9. Had a spare Geissele 3gun trigger in my parts drawer when i built mine and dropped it into my NFA Glock lower. Using it in conjunction with a Kaw Valley bolt and its run 100% since day 1.
  10. The rules say no braces allowed, easy enough.
  11. I have a ,308 spring and heavy 7.5 oz buffer in mine currently. Shot some WWB and some freedom munition 115gr. recoil seemed a bit less than a friends PCC I had shot previously. dot was staying in the window for the most part. but would like a little less if I can. When I start actually loading 9mm ammo for this thing I will try the lighter combo. In my .223 the less reciprocating mass you had, the lighter the recoil felt and the less scope/sight movement I had. I can't see where this would be different. If i go that route, ill keep the "heavy" setup in the bag for factory ammo, etc if needed.
  12. I got a Matrix like the one posted above and have been very happy so far.
  13. I cant remember which one i have now, maybe STI, but its an extended button, but comes back toward the rear not out. I've never liked the big buttons that come out, but this one sweeps back so its easier for me to hit without shifting my grip much.
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