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  1. Their website has been offline forever now. How much does a MA run?
  2. Unless you can get an undrilled left side mount from one of the normal suppliers, I believe this is the only mount that *should* line up with your existing hole pattern. Most of the single sided mounts have a different pattern. https://www.jackweigand.com/sm3.html
  3. My Redding 9mm crimp die pops some also. Mostly an issue on new brass. Backing off just a little helps if it is still enough crimp. Dry tumbling the new brass also helps leave a little dust which will act as a lube on the case, helping the MBF not to stick as bad also.
  4. You can use the judge die after swaging. Obviously wouldnt be able to use the extractor, but it would stop the press on any of the larger stepped cases or other obstructions the decapper doesnt catch.
  5. Looks good Gviz, except now that I roll size, I feel that the U-die is overkill. It probably doesnt make much difference though.
  6. Depends. If it is 100% 9mm and doesnt need swaged or 38 super removed, i'll do this: 2. Lee decapping die 3. Ammobot pocket probe Anywhere else: dillon sizing die If it needs swaged or 38 Super sorted out: 2. Lee decapping die 3. Swage rod/backup (if no swaging i'll use judge die and ammobot extractor here) 6. Judge die Anywhere else: dillon sizing die
  7. Scores attached. http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5ce21c654a358/Pioneer%20Match%20Summary%20-%20Top%201%20Shooter.pdf
  8. Been using the rollsizer a couple days now. I needed to get started but didnt have a small pistol drop tube. So off to Home Depot I went. Using pex, a torch, some appropriate sized sockets.. I flared the pex to fit the clip, then flared to act like a funnel. Cut to length. There is enough play to move the tube up and down for 9mm or 38 Super. So far Ive had only 1 stoppage at the feeder/tube transition in about 10k rounds. I can run 4 pins on 9mm and the feeder mostly keeps up. 38 Super is 3 pins. I also added the black powder funnel mentioned a few pages back. It has cured the terrible waterfall issue I was having even just using the press. This will work well for a while, I need a second feeder eventually. Waiting on more favorable info on the Feedinator. Pics:
  9. DWFAN

    Solvent/oil suggestions

    Not really. Lucas is a little thicker, but both seem to stick around where you need them. Weaponshield is probably another good one since I believe he originally developed FP-10.
  10. DWFAN

    Solvent/oil suggestions

    General cleaning - Brake Cleaner Hard Carbon (comp build up, carbon in rifle barrels, etc) - Boretech C4 Carbon Remover. Soak a comp overnight, sludge comes out with a qtip. (will stain aluminum) Copper - Boretech Cu2 copper remover Oil - Lucas or FP10 because the amount that is given out at matches Is virtually a lifetime supply Grease - Any high pressure grease. Currently Montana extreme, or some slide glide from match goodie bags.
  11. Replacing the wife is out of the question? I would suggest using the Barnes, or Montana Extreme copper remover. Get those fumes circulating, and she'll beg for the ballistol back. I've settled on brake cleaner (which dissipates quickly) to clean, bore tech products (low/no odor) for barrels or stubborn carbon, and oil/grease to lube that you can't smell. All kidding aside.. I've never thought ballistol to be that offensive of a smell, or very abundant of an odor. (definitely better than most CLP) I use the spray for various things, mainly lube or brass cleaner.
  12. Thats too high for a Mk1. By the time you upgrade to Mk2 to be able to use new sensors, you could have a rev3 for very little extra. Rev2s have been selling for $600-900 according to the Ammobot facebook group. Obviously there are some outliers, but thats a good average.
  13. The Fast and efficient statement means Ammobot or mark 7+1050, or ship it to someone else to process.
  14. Couple of observations/suggestions: 1. The only time mine has shut off when I fired a shot was when I had it plugged into the low amp side of my battery pack, or when the batteries were low. The unit would arm, but when it tried to measure velocity it would shut off. It needs the high amp output on my battery pack. 2. Mine was picky with a suppressed 300blk, but eventually got it to work by placing the unit next to the suppressor (couple inches), and in front of the muzzle a few inches. Seems fairly reliable there but it sounds like you tried that. Does it read shots with the suppressor off?
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