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  1. SC State has always been a Staff Reset Match. I have worked it as staff, as an RO, and as a CRO. Staff usually consists of two groups. USPSA members, typically locals, who work and get the match fee waived or local range club members who work to get a Work Day credit for the club. For the CRO/RO it works well, after the first couple of shooters, you and the team have a pattern down and you score and work the stage the same way the entire match. Patch/Reset knows which way you are scoring so they know when you will be at various target arrays, etc. Most matches do a good job of
  2. I use a CR Speed Holster for both my P16 based Limited Gun and my P18 based Open Gun.
  3. Thanks. If I decide to go that route it will be with Mr Abernathy at Tommy Guns, so I am not worried about the machine shop part. And yes, I understand that the various red dots have differing footprints/hole patterns. Just wanted to make sure that the factory slide was capable before I started down that road.
  4. Can a factory Glock 17 slide be cut for a red dot to use in CO or does it really require an aftermarket slide?
  5. One thing I don't see anyone here having mentioned is making sure that poppers, especially large poppers, have a solid base under them. I have RO'd stages where the popper basically sunk or dug into the ground over time, which makes it very hard to keep in calibration. By setting up the stage with the popper sitting on a piece of plywood and spiked through the plywood into the ground, the popper stayed level and in calibration far longer and caused less issues.
  6. Mom has had both knees done, individually about 6 months apart. She had a knee done day one, was home day two. Two weeks or so of in home therapy followed by 4 to 6 weeks of visit to rehab therapy. She has no issues now.
  7. The whole "Make Ready" issue can be tough. Especially when shooters are heavily plugged and there is a lot of other conversations around. I try hard to make sure that the shooter is aware that I am communicating with them as opposed to someone else (the the guy slowly walking back uprange from pasting) or an outside conversation. As for Safety DQs, that is a no tolerance issue. We play with toys that can make a silly mistake into a deadly one way too quickly.
  8. We build walls in one of two ways. Wooden frames with T bases, usually made so they unbolt for easy storage. The T bases have holes in them to drive spikes into the ground. PVC frames with open ends of the pipes at the bottom. We drive rebar into the ground and the PVC frame drops down over the rebar.
  9. The MecGar P18 magazines are shorter than the real P18 mags and often have issues if there is a magwell.
  10. Comparing stock Dillon dies to special purpose dies is not an apples to apples comparison. Normal Dillon dies are just that, stock dies designed for automated presses. Lee Factory Crimp, Redding Competition dies, etc are special purpose dies made to meet specific challenges.
  11. Tried Black Bullets Int in my 38 SC Open gun at my Major load. Lots of dark smoke being forced out the comp ports, gun looked like a Locomotive. However they ran fine as a minor load for Steel Challenge.
  12. I will agree that Season Two failed to live up to Season One in many ways. But it was still better than most produced for TV shows
  13. Altered Carbon (Netflix SCiFI/Action original) was a very cool show.
  14. On the importance of hydration ... Several years ago I was shooting the SC State Championship at Mid-Carolina Rifle Club (an old sand pit basically). At about Stage 7 my brain basically shut down. I at least had the sense to tell my squad I was not in any condition to be handling a gun. In all likelihood, I wasn't at Stage 6 or was at least very borderline. Since that time I have forced myself to do a bottle of water a stage in the Carolina's humid summers. I may add a sports drink of some kind and food depending on the length of the match, but the water has become a must.
  15. Glad to here you are okay. I know this was a major issue in another shooting sport and I was part of a group that did a lot of testing. Smooth steel and hang angle were two of the most important things we found to control ricochets.
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