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  1. There is an updated version of that test and the Khantrol Hexmod came in 3rd, but there was only 1% difference between #1 and #3 in physical reduction. The Khan brothers ar big supporters of the shooting sports. I have their brake on all my precision rifles.
  2. MOST and I stress most not All AR10s find into three patterns. AR10, DPMS, and DPMS Gen II. Most parts are either AR10 or DPMS. The Gen II stuff is somewhat newer. Then you run into some very proprietary patterns.
  3. Watch for "Blem" sales. Every blem lower I have ever bought, it took hours to find the blem. Most were simply places where the finish was lighter or darker. I have a PSA Tac-10 lower. No complaints about it.
  4. I would say that USPSA is about middle of the pack when it comes to expense in shooting sports. GSSF and IDPA could be considered less expensive, Skeet/Trap/Clays, 3Gun, PRS, SASS, could be considered more expensive. Not really a big difference from the expense of Golf. Racing is much more expensive.
  5. Does anyone local have a spare cart I can borrow? I am flying in making a gun cart difficult to transport
  6. JFlowers

    para p189

    Mine is similiar to Steelix, with the welded on plates. Given what I hear about new Para's not sure I would go that route.
  7. Any idea on the general round count? Will need to pre-ship ammo for the match to my friends house.
  8. LSnSC, I beat you and Steve when it came to the whole screwing up thing at Woody's Fall Brawl
  9. Dang. I use a Data Book. Watched a guy re-calc with his app for every shot and seemed like a waste of time.
  10. I wasn't meaning to lead you astray Micheal. The Precision Rifle game is NOT a dedicated single loading rifle game. Steve is correct in that. I simply meant that the match at Peacemaker could be shot with a stock Remington 700/Savage 1xx without any real penalty until you can upgrade. Of course you can buy a nice rifle to start but thats typically a large outlay. There is one on the Carolina Shooter Forums now. I did the pieces route. Bought a Remington 700, then the upgrades as I could afford them. But one piece of advice.... save up and buy a scope ONCE. Its half your investment in the rifle.
  11. Micheal, The format at Peacemaker is such that a typical bolt action single loaded is competitive. Its not a speed game, but solely about accuracy.
  12. Sounds like a lot of fun, wish I could have made it this year. Would love to see the Sniper match grow into a full Precision Rifle/Sniper match.
  13. If I recall, the proper procedure is to write USPSA HQ and ask for a specific exemption. That will allow you to have a "local" rule and still be a legal USPSA match. Of course that means you have to present your case well enough that HQ deems the exemption worth issuing. I know that LEGAL issues are usually simpler. Why not install some type of baffle to raise your berms?
  14. wgj3, I have been told yes and no. But a 308 AR Upper is a lot of dinar to spend on "may work" since, for whatever reason, they aren't as universal as AR15s. Hoping to come across someone who can say "Yes, I did". I think I am going to ask around and see if I can find someone with a LR-308 who would let me match it up to my lower and satisfy myself. What I want is not offered by PSA so I can't just buy it from them.
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