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  1. Personally, I prefer the flat amount stated beforehand in communications to staff. That allows me to choose do I want to stay in the match hotel, do I want to stay someplace nicer, maybe bring the family.
  2. Various State and Area matches I have worked have had different plans. I have worked matches where the plan was turn in your hotel bill, matches where it was X $ a night, matches were it was a flat fee, matches with no reimbursements. Typically not a "club" policy but a a decision of the Match Officials based on their budgets. I have never worked a match where the reimbursement were accompanied by any taxable paperwork.
  3. The depiction of the life, especially during the modernization of Japan, may be realistic, but many of the props are a bit out of time or incorrect. Like a John Wayne Civil War movie using SAA and Model 92s. You just suspend disbelief and enjoy.
  4. Typically a brake reduces recoil which contributes in a couple of ways. Less movement means you can keep the scope on target and see your impacts. Faster followup shots. Less shoulder fatigue. A suppressor may or may not provide the same, along with courtesy of being quiet. Course what type of precision shooting you are doing also matters since some formats do not allow muzzle devices. There is also a whole discussion that brakes help by reducing air turbulence at the muzzle, but the article pro and con on that topic are way above my head.
  5. Music Choice's Classic Rock station. Highway To Hell is playing at the moment.
  6. Its all about connections. In general life you are dealing with people you have no connection with and you feel uneasy about trying to create a person to person connection out of thin air. At a match, the connection already exists, everyone is there to shoot, enjoys shooting, so you find it much easier to connect with them person to person via that general preset connection. I think everyone feels that way to some degree, with extroverts and introverts at opposite ends of the spectrum and lots of us in-between. One of the reasons things like Talking about the Weather to strangers have become cliche is that they are a very general preset connection, we all experience the weather. For me personally, my shooting anxiety is personal. Match Day morning, my stomach is a roiling knot. Then I pull the trigger for the first time and its like by hindmind suddenly goes "Oh Yeah, we know how to do this" and the anxiety settles out.
  7. What is the difference between superstition, ritual, and consistent behavior? The fact that we do something the same way everytime is the same regardless of the name you call it by.
  8. I started PRS with a lower mid-tier scope (Millet). After a long and frustrating day on the range, I finally figured out that each click of the turrets was not 0.1 MIL. That the amount varied slightly. This meant that Ballistic App calculated DOPE was useless and I had to actually shoot every 50 yards out to 1200 yards or so and build actual DOPE for the scope. When I moved to a lower upper-tier (Vortex) the difference in clarity, in eye box forgiveness, and in repeatability was night and day.
  9. Wouldn't "stay away" be hands at chest level palms out rather than the now I lay me down to sleep position he is used? Anyway I will have to admit I was taught the up and out method last time I took a USPSA specific handgun course.
  10. Why would you practice draws from a position you will never use?
  11. I have been downrange taping targets when the RO started the "Make Ready" cycle. That was back during the days of solid walls and lack of visibility for the RO over the stage. As an RO, I like the mesh walls and the ability to see the stage well enough to ensure safety.
  12. As an RO, I would have to think on it for a minute, but off the cuff, I see no rule allowing any change allowed to the shooter nor any safety violation. As a shooter, I would either load my barney mag and make an immediate reload on the draw or take my knife to the holster in the safety area. However, with most of the place I shoot, I bet a few holsters would get offered to the shooter.
  13. What weight bullet are you running? I run a 115 coated and 9.6 gets me well over major. I have found some coated work well and other smoke heavily.
  14. I have a Criterion Remage 260 barrel sitting in the safe. But no barrel nut.
  15. Despite all its bad press, the LoadMaster is not a bad press. It requires an absolutely solid mounting, needs to be well lubed, and has a lot less tolerance than the Dillon, but if you set it up properly it will run without needing constant fiddling. A 550 on the other hand is a lot more tolerant of slop.
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