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  1. In in Carry NC for a few months, any man laces I can scratch a USPSA itch around here?
  2. Using magnum primers is totally safe, my spreads were much better with non magnum. also RC is more sensitive to AOL variation than n320, so it's something to keep an eye on
  3. 4.7 made 171 pf for me... i use magnum primers, but standard primers seem to shoot hotter, and more consistent. This powder is a bit sensitive to OAL so make sure your dies are tight. my oal is 1.175 to 1.18
  4. For you guys shooting RSC regularly... Are you noticing any velocity drops on hot days?
  5. Ok had a better second day of chrono.. The major changes were new battery on the chrono, cloudy day... And the chrono and ammo were not as hot from being under direct Texas sun light... 4.7 seems to be it for me... Coal 1.175 Small magnum pistol primers Federal brass 180 bbi bullets 5 inch schuemann ulti match barrel Ramshot comp 4.0 Hi 886 Lo 836 Avg 859 Sp 50 Sd 17 4.1 Hi 900 Lo 866 AV 877 Sp 34 Sd 10 4.2 Hi 907 Lo 858 AV 885 Sp 49 Sd 16 4.3 Hi 923 Lo 883 Avg 904 Sp 40 Sd 12 4.5 Hi 937 Lo 900 Avg 923 Sp 37 Sd 10 4.7 Hi 970 Lo 921 Avg 945 Sp 49 Sd 14
  6. Thanks man, I'm hoping it's the magnum primers messing stuff up...
  7. I've loaded 4.0 to 4.7 just to get a better idea of the pressure curve...If it all goes well I will try 4.8 and 4.9... I'm also going to do some 4.6 and 4.7 with small primers...
  8. Yeah I think this batch is way hotter than I anticipated... Tomorrow I'm running 4.0 to 4.7 just to try and get a better idea of what the pressure curve is doing...
  9. Not possible... They were put in baggies and labeled as they came of the press...I think I have a bad lot, or the magnum primers are running a mock
  10. Yeah for sure Uspsa...I was told 4.6/4.7 would be the number... I hesitate to think it's the magnum primers as I've been using them for years and they usually only add like 50fps... I do have some small pistol primers so i might roll a small batch at 4.6 and 4.7 to see where it's at... It's just really odd that my velocity actually went down the more powder I put in it...
  11. I was really excited to try this powder... I know 3 people using it with excellent results. Unfortunately I'm not one of them I have 20lbs of this stuff not sure what to do with it... Ideally I like to get it to work, at least for practice... Being that I'm loosing velocity when pushing passed 4.4 I'm wondering if maybe i need to drop the charge instead of increasing it? Maybe I'm at some strange place in the pressure curve? I didn't see any signs of over pressure on the cases it... Coal 1.175 Winchester small magnum pistol primers 180gr BBI 4.4 Hi 928 Lo 873 Avg 900 Sp 55 Sd 19 4.5 Hi 895 Lo 838 Avg 862 Sp 57 Sd 19 4.6 Hi 914 Lo 859 Avg 894 Sp 55 Sd 16 4.7 Hi 913 Lo 844 Avg 880 Sp 69 Sd 23
  12. Why not upload it to google drive?Then you can post a link
  13. I like the mount. It's what I'm running now
  14. I find it gets sticky when mixed with sun block cream...I chose not to wear sun block because of this BD
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