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  1. CZinSC

    FTE VS Mike

    First off this isn’t a lecture, this isn’t me slamming you, this is honestly a good idea. Read and learn the rules, specifically the scoring. I know you said you don’t care about your scores because you’re just having fun, but clearly you do, because you came on here asking if the scoring you received was correct. It wasn’t. You got screwed. You don’t get two FTEs for not shooting at ONE target. The reason i say to learn the rules, is for this exact situation. When this happened, your response to the score keeper should have been “please show me the rule that states i get two FTE for not shooting at one target”. If he/she can’t show you the rule, they have no leg to stand on to issue you that penalty. Even if you don’t know the rules, you can always make that request, however, if mob rule wins and you have a bunch of people that all don’t know the rules and they all agree with the scorekeeper, you’re still going to get screwed. It’s awesome to shoot for the joy of shooting and not worrying about scores, but you should still get what you earned. While you may not care about your scores, he is going to do try and do that to a shooter that does care about his scores. Either way, the scorekeeper needs schooling.
  2. The Wife and i just finished watching The Night Manager on Amazon prime. It's a 6 episode mini series based on a Jonn LeCarre novel. I probably wouldn't do it justice describing it, so i copied the Plot below from the internet. Basically, it was a good series that we enjoyed. I would recommend it. Based on John le Carré's novel of the same name, "The Night Manager" is a crime drama following the work of former British soldier Jonathan Pine. Hotel night porter Pine is contacted by an intelligence operative who asks for his assistance to spy on international businessman Richard Roper. The entrepreneur is believed to have forged a criminal alliance between the secret arms trade and the intelligence community, prompting the need for surveillance. Pine attempts to infiltrate Roper's inner circle by becoming a felon himself, while keeping his mission a secret from his hotel colleagues and girlfriend.
  3. I learned my lesson a few years ago. Now, when i come up on the stage, i found out the round count first, then my first walk though it just counting the targets. No stage plan. After you walked it once, and verified you saw all the targets, you will #1 be sure you are engaging them all, and #2, you will have a pretty good idea of what you plan will be. That way on the second walk through, you can fully bake the plan.
  4. Very cool. I've been looking for a fixed rear for my limited for a while. Henning was supposed to start selling one, but the last i heard from him about that was early January and he said "coming soon". So what did you have to do to mod the sight to fit? How solid is it in there?
  5. Go to bottom right of page, click on "skip these deals and continue to eBay"
  6. CZinSC

    Bud Enos Story

    A house in my neighborhood has these. People slow down past the house then speed up a few house later.
  7. First off, I never said "anything flush will go off", I said "Flush primers should still go off". Flush is not ideal, and i certainly would not bring them to a Major match, but again, they should still go off. Second, OP never mentioned CCI, S&B, Wolf primers. Those are definitely hard primers. If that's what he is using, then yes, flush may not be ideal. I use Winchester, and don't have issues with flush. As far as my experiences, I've shot 35,000 rounds through an SP01 ( i mention it because the internals are very similar to the Tanfo ). I shot 7000 rounds through a Stock 2 before i sold it. I'm currently up to approximately 9000 rounds on my Tanfo Limited 40. Granted the Limited is different, as it is SA compared to DA. Through all of these rounds, i've not had issues with Flush primers, using Winchester primers. However, I have had on occasion light strike issues, which i found out after pulling the gun apart, were attributed to too much oil in the FP channel. I didn't intend to oil the FP channel, but it got in there due to my carelessness. I made sure i remedied that. I was merely passing that info along. Also, i've never done to my guns what everyone seems to be doing these days. Shooters have always chased the "perfect trigger", but lately it seems ridiculous. Part of the fun of owning guns is pulling them apart and fiddling with them, so I get it. However, when it starts to get in the way of match performance, it's time to start thinking "is it worth it"? Is a 5.5# DA pull going to allow you to hit a 20yd A zone when the 6# pull wont? If it is, you might have other issues. For the record, my SP01 was DA/SA 6#/2.25#, my Stock 2 was 5.5#/2#, and i can't recall what my Limited is ( i think 2.75# ). Nothing special went into these guns other than polishing and lighter springs ( not light, but lighter than factory ). ( i take that back, the Limited has all Henning parts in it, but no "special" parts from a 3rd party OEM ).
  8. Flush primers should still go off. The only other thing i can think of is, are you oiling the firing pin channel? Or are you oiling the FPB ( if it has one, can't recall if the LP has a FPB )? If you're oiling the FP channel, stop. That is most definitely the issue. If you're oiling the FPB, you need to go easy, because the oil could be seeping into the FP channel. Any oil in the FP channel will cause the FP to drag and cause light strikes. If this was basic info and you're thinking "no sh*t Sherlock", i apologize. Just trying to think outside the box in case its not the primers.
  9. Oops. Sorry, just now realized that this was a Nitro Fin thread!!
  10. I've had one Dawson, and the pin broke. I've had 2 Tanfo Sights break, one was the pin, the other was the elevation screw ( the little detent inside just disintergrated, so there was no click to hold the screw ) So yes, i'd say the sights all tend to break. If someone ever makes a Fixed sight for this gun, i'll be first in line to buy it. I know several people have asked Henning to make one, but he has not as far as i know.
  11. Actually just found the pics i took of it when i did it. if you need anything specific, just let me know. FYI, the cross pin has since broke, and i JB welded it in back in. The cross pins on these sights tend to break....a lot. Factory sight on the left, Dawson on the right Dawson sight after i modified it
  12. I can take one....give me an hour or so, just wrapping up work, and then i'll go downstairs and crack the safe.
  13. https://dawsonprecision.com/dawson-precision-lpa-cut-adjustable-black-rear-sight/ As i said, you will need to file the part that fits in the dovetail. The red lines below represent where you will need to file to make it fit. a small flat file is what i used. I butchered it pretty good, but the sight fits, it shoots straight, the sight just looks a little ugly. It's a competition gun though, so i'm not overly concerned about that.
  14. Dawson. It takes some filing though, it won't fit the dovetail as is. You have to file down part that fits into the dovetail on the bottom of the sight.
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