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  1. MikeFoley

    Top 16 at National Chamlionships

    A little history... Top 16 can be traced to the beginning of IPSC in 1976. Col. Jeff Cooper's wife Janelle came up with a single or double elimination bracket (affectionately called the J-ladder) for the shoot-off, which at the time was a portion of your Nationals score. The top 16 shooters by score were entered into the shoot-off, and shot man vs. man until there was only one winner. The shoot-off was eliminated from the Nationals scores sometime before I shot my first Nationals in 2002 or 2003, but there were shoot-offs as a distraction while scores and prize tables were setup until about 2005 or 2006. These were not part of the match score, and often not attended by many people in the last few years they were offered. For the next few years, USPSA continued to recognize the top 16, but likely wasn't sure why. We stopped recognizing the top 16 in 2016. We simply use the official USPSA standard, rule book appendix A2, and will continue to do so. A three position podium puts the top three shooters at the top (just like most other sports), then classes D-M are recognized separately, then categories. A division must have 10 to be recognized, a class must have 10 to be recognized, and a category must have 5 to be recognized. As the MD for all USPSA National Championships, I use Appendix A2 absolutely and recognize one place per 10 up to 3 places. While many shooters strived to reach the top 16, it really is arbitrary between 16th and 17th, and can be argued that the top guys are there to win. Top 16 still can be used to recognize good shooters unofficially, if that is your bar, and so can match percentage, match points, and top 10. The sky is the limit. My limit is top 3 for trophies. Awards ceremonies shouldn't take all night, and the last few haven't.
  2. MikeFoley

    The future of IPSC

    While I am well aware of what has been said about this in USPSA, I have no idea where IPSC stands on this issue. In order not to restart that debate in this thread, I'll simply register your request and file it away until appropriate.
  3. MikeFoley

    The future of IPSC

    Given the IPSC election just over the horizon, what changes would you guys like to see in IPSC with a new President and partially new EC? Please give some honest feedback, not "metric targets", etc, but answers that could be a part of making IPSC better as a global sports organization. Please leave politics out of this per forum guidelines. Thanks in advance.
  4. MikeFoley

    Changes To The USPSA Classfication System

    Hey guys. I see reference to this being a new system above. It isn't. I'm just doing what no one has done for several years and updating the HHF. It used to be done every few years, but this and other tasks have been largely ignored in recent years. I wish this were the worst of them, but it isn't.
  5. MikeFoley

    Have you ever had this happen?

    I was RO'ing at my local match once, when an entire pack of beagles ran over the berm, through the bay, and right back over a side berm. They were being used in a sporting dog trial at another division, and were hunting outside of their area. I also had a wild turkey fly through the stage at a Nationals once, but I kept right on shooting. I love dogs, and I have seen some really well behaved dogs at the range. That doesn't mean I think it should be the dog park either.
  6. MikeFoley

    Carry Optic

    I shoot everything both eyes open, and in PCC it is even more important because your head is glued to the stock a lot.
  7. MikeFoley

    CO - running suppressor sights?

    If I treat it like Open, I fail. If I draw like irons, it's there. I can switch back and forth from most any division or platform, but CO has the greatest learning curve in my opinion.
  8. MikeFoley

    Carry Optic

    I needed a CO gun fast for Nats, so I picked up a MOD1 Glock 17 with a Trijicon RMR on it. I shot it at the MI Section Championship and again at Nationals. I like it, but so far, I am still faster with irons, which is odd because in Open and PCC I'm not slow. I'm also setting up a CO top end for one of my CZ75 Shadows. I haven't tried one yet, but the Walther Q5 looks promising, and I love the PPQ M2 that it's based on.
  9. MikeFoley

    USPSA Member Numbers

    I started as A47474, then TY47474, then L3300, and now I'm RD6.
  10. This is not an official ruling or post, that's Troy's to do, and he's putting Nationals on the ground in Florida. I copied the above post because I believe it to be the end of the confusion. It is clearly stated in the last lines that this is legal. It is the only way to make CZ Shadows, and similar, ready. We put our fingers on the trigger of these pistols with a live round in the chamber. Aside from the facts, those of us who have been around for a lot of matches at every level have seen this in practice a lot. I don't like it, I wouldn't do it, but as an RO I believe it to be within the rules and not DQ'able. Again, I'm only a CRO, and DNROI has the final call short of a rules change, and could correct me. Mike
  11. MikeFoley

    Pistol Caliber Carbine Division

    The carbine I used is a JP GMR-13 that uses Glock magazines. I purchased it several months ago just for this competition. It has a 14.5" barrel with a pinned brake. All of the controls are AR15 in nature, except a pivoting mag catch, but it is in the same location. It has an Aimpoint Micro H1 4MOA mounted in a Daniel Defense Aimpoint Mount. I used a Magpul CTR stock, and K grip. The cool thing about the JP is the buffer system, it uses a silent captured spring system with weights. I have about 2000 rounds on this carbine with zero failures.
  12. MikeFoley

    New from Kentucky

    I'm kinda new too, but there are matches every weekend in Kentucky, usually both days! Check out Blue Grass Sportsmens League, Silver Creek Conservation Club, Rockcastle Shooting Center, Owensboro Rifle and Pistol Club, Ashland Gun Club. Blue Grass, Owensboro, and Rockcastle all have 3gun matches in addition to USPSA, IDPA, and Steel.
  13. MikeFoley

    Pistol Caliber Carbine Division

    https://youtu.be/T8Nm6y84D5g I think this has real potential in SC and USPSA too! It was crazy fun!
  14. MikeFoley

    Where are the revolver shooters?

    I am not going to spearhead eliminating any divisions. I am obviously a fan of revolver. I hear a lot of loud voices wanting to ditch L10. Then I hear a lot of people in certain areas defend L10 as well. If anyone else on the BOD brings up division elimination, or enough members ask for it to be brought, I personally wouldn't vote for it, and would attempt to table the discussion until such time that we could hear from all of the membership, analyze all of the division participation numbers for matches where activity fees were paid to the org, including the nationals, and then present the data to the BOD and vote. I clearly understand all of the points of view, and to eliminate something with a revenue stream and member service attached to it for people who aren't utilizing it and are not inconvenienced by it makes no sense in any business model, for-profit, or non-profit. USPSA has 99 problems, divisions ain't one! In the grand scheme of things, the priority on this discussion is well below getting our collective $%&^ together as an organization. There, you heard it from me. Feel free to share. Please be careful to respect Brian's no politics rule. Thanks.
  15. MikeFoley

    Is Steel Challenge Dying?