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  1. Memphis, thank you so much for doing your videos. I walked me through all the steps that I needed to polish up all three of my tanfo’s. You made it very easy to do this.
  2. I guess I’m the odd duck here.... never shot a CZ. I have held one and it pointed OK. My first Tanfo is a match (will have). Changed out the springs and polished the internals and that’s about all it took. Next one was a limited and about 4 months into it I realized that my eyes were the “limited” problem shooting limited class. Found a deal on a new stock 2, put a slide mounted SRO on it and I’ve been a very happy camper. I am about the only Tanfo shooter at my local club but have seen a couple of others at other ranges. LOTS more CZ’s around here. I guess I like being different but mine has been so polished that’s it is so smooth. Don’t think I want to go a different route than Tanfoglio’s. and I’m sticking with them.
  3. I love the 223 extractor.too funny. Please keep them coming.
  4. Both. The set screw to the slide worked loose as there is only one screw but one of the screws for the SRO was loose also. Not anymore by the way war_Material my sister lived in minot during the early 80’s, her husband was the pastor at he Nazarene church in sawyer.
  5. On my stock 2 I’m running an extra power extractor spring along with a 9lb recoil spring. All of my reloads are coated round nose loaded at 1.06” I know it’s a bit short but I’ve had zero cycling issues. Just my 2 cents.
  6. I put the EGW mount on my stock 2 a couple of months ago along with a SRO and I’m very happy. First time I mounted the red dot I didn’t put enough locktite on it. Second time did it right. With my 60 year old eyes CO is the only way to go.
  7. Since you’ve been a customer of Dillons for 40 years you know how fantastic their customer service is. Things happen with new product releases and on top of this we’re having a major health crisis happening at the same time. It’s easy for me to say to be patient. It will all work out in the end.
  8. Apolo, are these grips the same thickness as the egd grips? They look a bit thicker like the wooden grips. How thick are they?
  9. N7VY

    CO Weight Limit

    I received an email from Ben stoegers shop stating that the carry optic weight limit has been raised but I can’t find anything on the uspsa’s website or by doing a search. Can anyone point me to the reference?
  10. I also had a short life battery in my SRO. It lasted about 2.5 months and then it died. I have three other rmr’s that have batteries that lasted over two years. I decided to turn my SRO off after each use and I’m looking to see how long it will last this way. YRMV these were mine.
  11. My issue is the product is being sold as a slide racker mount so how could it not be a slide racker ? How or why would the rule book be challenged because of the product?
  12. I online chatted with Dillon today about the RL1100, they said starting to deliver after the new year. Just what “they” said. Forgot to add, the RL1100 is on their website now.
  13. I just saw on you tube that Double Alpha has come up with a primer tube filler for the Dillon primer tubes. It looks interesting. $200 bucks though and not shipping till Christmas. I really don’t mind filling the tubes but I wasn’t going to use the Dillon primer station. Just a heads up. Enjoy.
  14. Thanks MM for your quick and I’m sure very accurate response. I started out in uspsa using a match elite then went to limited custom (great pistol) but my eyes aren’t letting me be as accurate as I would like. My thought was to go into CO as I have a sig x-carry. I hate the trigger of this and all striker fired pistols, so the reason for my looking to the forums. Can you tell me why they allow the stock 2 but don’t list it in the production list (or am I missing something). I’m just trying to maximize my information before I make another purchase. Thank you again for all of your help including the polishing videos you made.
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