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  1. Henning +6 pads work on my Limited Custom which uses the same mag well as the Gold Team.
  2. Here is the GT upper on my Limited Custom.
  3. Greetings all, I bought a Gold Team upper from a gunsmith a while ago and I have some questions. Are there two different lengths of upper? My GT upper fits fine on my stock 2 but is 1/2” short on my limited custom. Am I missing something? First picture is the GT upper on my Stock2
  4. I was just at Dillons today and saw that they had a pallet of primers. Unbelievable. How did they get it?
  5. Both sides, two ribs. You’ll need to sand the ribs down to match the ribs inside.
  6. I had an old Coke machine that would dispense bottles. I filled it up with Corona and only charged 5 cents. Very popular in the neighborhood.
  7. On rewatching your video I would also suggest removing Case insert slide cam. Maybe something broke off under there. There’s a spring and post under there.
  8. First thing I would do is to remove the snoeshoe’s replacement part. Try using the factory part and get back with us if it still isn’t working correctly.
  9. I tried the JB weld trick to extend the internal ribs. Easy peasy. I loaded to 23 rounds which I’ve never been able to do. I’m going to try them out at a match tomorrow morning. Thanks for the idea!
  10. I load my 9mm as follows: 4.0gn sport pistol using a 125g Sns round nose at 1.06” ( I shoot a Tanfoglio and need to load very short). This comes in at 137pf.
  11. I have a Tanfoglio Stock2 that I load with sns 125g 9mm bullet and I have to have the length at 1.06” using 4.0g of sport pistol. This load works at 137pf that has been chronographed. I use this load in all of my other 9mm pistols and pcc. Don’t have to worry if this is the right round for the particular weapon.
  12. Patriot defense did us a good service by color coding the springs that they sell. Get a kit and find out what your stock2 likes then get a couple of the springs that it likes and use them as they wear out. My stock2 likes the 8 pound spring with 137 pf 9mm 125g bullets.
  13. I’ve got better than 14k on a stock2 using a SRO and an egw plate on top. Only issue I’ve had is a plate shearing a boss and screw. EGW replaced the plate right away. I’ve put a rmr on my open slide using the same EGW plate. Only 25 rounds through it
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