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  1. I don’t have a pic, but the optic doesn’t touch the slide on either end. That bothers some people.
  2. did you even read the guys post? He specifically said it wasn’t a p320 X5.
  3. it’s different underneath, on the older legions the non extractor side of the slide has a hollowed out section and you can see the screw holes from the bottom. The newer slides that accept the rmr/sro has a sealed/reinforced area for the optic screws and the holes aren’t exposed. ive circled the difference in the following pics. edit: the example of the older slide would normally only have 1 hole in the area I’m talking about, mine is direct milled for a r3 so there is an additional hole.
  4. I’ve shot atleast 200k rounds through the X5 and X5 legion. I did have one extractor blow out a couple years ago. I suspect a double charge, but there is no way to be 100% certain. That said, IMO it’s a very reliable platform. ive never seen bulged cases like the above pics between 7 different guns.
  5. I'm not sure actually. The same sized screw head is used in the springer precision plate for the SRO. The screws I purchased to direct mount the SRO had the same head stamp of YFS, so I assume they are the same manufacturer with the same problems. The manufacturer specs don't actually list the grade... - Monster Bolts - Official Monster-Bolts Fastener Store This listing is for #6-40 Flat Head Socket Cap Screws. These are new Alloy Steel screws with Thermal Black Oxide coating and use a Hex (Allen) key drive. Diameter : #6 Thread Size / Pitch : 40 TPI - Fine Type : Flat Head Socket Cap ScrewsSystem of Measurement : US/Inch Material : Alloy Steel w Thermal Black Oxide Specifications : ASTM F835 - Countersunk 82° Head (Standard)
  6. I used a pretty good snap on set, removing them is the problem. After they’ve been on for awhile and loctited they strip super easy. After having to drill a couple out, I started using some heat by default, and that made it much easier.
  7. I wasn’t able to find torx in the flat head. The 2mm Allen key kind of sucks, very easy to strip out.
  8. Trijicon absolutely is atleast partially fault. They designed the sight to keep the existing footprint, even though using the existing footprint causes the sight over hangs the ejection port on a lot handguns creating potential problems.
  9. If you look on the Rudy Project Shooting Team Facebook page there is a code to flag your account for a variable discount. It’s almost always atleast 35% and often more depending on holiday sales. https://www.facebook.com/rudyprojectshooting/
  10. Like you, I had issues with inserts. I’ve been using the Rudy in frame rx with photochromic lenses. Not as specialized in different lighting conditions, but it adjusts well enough. And I really have no complaints.
  11. The only time I’ve had an issue with the accept/deny not showing up, the cable between the tablet and motor was loose. I don’t think it will give you the option to proceed if the tablet isn’t communicating with the drive correctly.
  12. Every 2 practice sessions. Each session is about 500 rounds.
  13. I don’t think you can use the digital powder measure with anything other than the revolution. You for sure can’t use it with the autodrive made for the A Dillon.
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