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  1. Winchester primers need the inside of the bowl and primer channels to be clean and lubed
  2. Does anyone make a comp for the MPX competition pcc. From what I can tell, the factory comp isn’t pinned, but it uses a funky thread pitch.
  3. I’m at about 11k primers through it. After a lot of fiddling it works, however I have to clean the primer slots ever 1500ish rounds or it runs too slow. I’ve taken it apart about a dozen times now and some of the screws are starting to strip out. I’ve tried cleaning it without disassembly, but I only get another 500 rounds before I need to clean again.
  4. Problem is, it’s doubtful the couple people have been rude have even read all 14 pages of this post to see your warning. There has been a lot of useful info on peoples experiences with different primers in this thead, it would be a shame to punish the majority of people for the actions of 2-3.
  5. I stoped using my F&F shell plate because of this. I still have occasional problems but it’s not nearly as bad. I loaded around 10k rounds this week and broke 3 pins. With the F&F I would occasionally break 3 per 1000.
  6. The guy that made them was pretty much just doing it in his spare time. One day he woke up and decided he didn't want to anymore..
  7. Most 124gr loads with titegroup are around 4 grains. You can double charge with room to spare.
  8. PAL filler isn’t made anymore. There is the vibraprime, which is similar, but not as good.
  9. It’s not the duration of the warranty. With Dillon when you call, someone answerS the phone and you are taken care of immediately. I had to deal with Mark7 twice on defective sensors, took over a month both times to get my issues resolved. things might be different if you have their “premium” support. I don’t.
  10. Every pistol I’ve ever had with a slide mounted red dot has had the brass hit the optic. Multiple Glocks and sig p320s.
  11. In my experiences, Dillons warranty and product support are far better than marks7’s.
  12. Rich406

    Zero distance

    A lot of this can depend on your projectile velocity and height of your sight over bore. I Played around with an online calculator when I picked my zero range. http://www.shooterscalculator.com/ballistic-trajectory-chart.php?pl=[Preset+Name]&presets=30-06+Springfield~30-06+180gr+Sierra+Matchking~G1~0.475~180~2750~100~1.5~0~10~90~~0~59~29.92~50~1~1000~25&df=G1&bc=1.6&bw=147&vi=900&zr=18&sh=1.5&sa=0&ws=0&wa=90&ssb=on&cr=1000&ss=5&chartColumns=Range~yd%3BElevation~in%3BElevation~MOA~FBFFF5%3BElevation~MIL%3BWindage~in%3BWindage~MOA~FBFFF5%3BWindage~MIL%3BTime~s%3BEnergy~ft.lbf%3BVel[x%2By]~ft%2Fs&lbl=[Chart+Label]&submitst=+Create+Chart+
  13. the problem is the number of different primer brands out there. They are all slightly different in both size and coatings. From what Ive seen, they only tested with 5-10 different brands.
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