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  1. I don’t get why bullet manufacturers are so far behind, when primers have been non existent for 5+ months now.......
  2. ‘you can move the Trigger work to other guns and slides. You just need to move the firing pin assembly with the fcu.
  3. Had to switch back to Winchester primers today. What An exercise in frustration.
  4. I use the TSA trigger all this year, in 2019 I used the GG kit. I prefer the TSA trigger. it has a much shorter reset and a clean break. That said, they are both good triggers and the TSA trigger is only slightly better IMO.
  5. The barrel change was made around the end of last year. The new barrel has more case support. sig is constantly making small undocumented changes to the p320. I can think of 5 or 6 off he top of my head, there are probably many more.
  6. Rich406

    X5 Legion accuracy

    The legion can be accurate, but you have to work towards it with your load.... I think it’s telling that Max Michel uses a older X5 upper on a legion lower as his match gun.....
  7. Rich406

    X5 Legion accuracy

    i dont think the firing pin spring would effect the lockup
  8. Rich406

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Barsto barrel doesn’t make any difference.
  9. It was the slide. There is either a crack I can’t find or see. Or it’s warped from all the times I’ve gotten it too hot to touch. Or maybe it’s just worn out. Either way, once I changed out the slide, things went back to normal.
  10. I’ve had them both apart. There are no obvious differences.
  11. they both have the exact same internal electronics.
  12. ‘I’ve tried 3 different barrels. It has to be something in the lockup, but what, and is it something that can be fixed?
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