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  1. He broke both his optics before he got to the checking zero part......
  2. If you are gonna be serious about CO. you must have a backup, or two.....
  3. When I was initially installing it, I had a hex bit break off in the mounting screw when I was torquing it. I had to angle a Dremel tool in to cut a slot so that I could get the screw out. I wish I could have just drilled it out, but the bit was hardened which made it a no go.
  4. The Dot may cover a certain area but its still a matter of centering the dot over your POA. Or am I misunderstanding what you are talking about?
  5. By shooting a group and look at where it is relative to where you were aiming? I usually zero 15 yards from a rest. That said its nearly impossible to tell in a match setting if the POI is off by 1-2 inches. Especially vertical alignment. Since its a new optic ive been checking the zero at each practice session and it was always low when id check after shooting any significant amount of rounds. I just happened to notice the adjustment screw moving because the slot was exactly vertical the last time I had zero'd it. I'd estimate it had moved 5-7 clicks. I'm going to try the clear nail polish, but I wish the optic had a locking screw, or it had a stronger detent system like the DPP.
  6. So since my last update I’ve had zero problems with brass jamming under the optic. However I have noticed that the SRO wasn’t holding zero. It was consistently .5-1.5” low when I’d check it. I zero’d the optic last Friday and shot 2 matches last weekend. On Sunday I was inspecting the optic and noticed that the elevation adjustment screw wasn’t in the same orientation as I remembered. Today I went to the range. Initially the POI was off about .5”. I rezero’d the gun and marked the adjustment screw. After about 200 rounds the screw had moved 1 click by itself. After 500 rounds the screw had moved 2-3 clicks by itself. I’ve tested this on 2 different SROs and both of their elevation screws move by themselves under recoil. Guess I’ll contact Trijicon and see what they say.
  7. So as an update. I now have about 1000 rounds through the gun since I replaced the extractor, spring and slightly filed the sight. And have had no further issues. Fingers crossed.
  8. Its a very common issue with a variety of guns.
  9. The brass never ejects straight back. What is happening is as the brass is ejected it clips the optic and bounces back toward the breech. Ive seen both Glocks and sig p320s do this. It seems like its an issue with most polymer guns. With previous optics, RTS2, DPP, Romeo1, etc, the brass just bounces off the optic and usually goes forward instead of off to the side. With the SRO there is enough space beneath the optic window that the brass can get trapped and cause a malfunction.
  10. I looked at a SRO my buddy mounted on his glock 34 and even with the MOS plate it sits much lower, probably half or slightly less than half the gap as I have on the x5. Direct milling might be the only good option for an x5, however the optic cut itself isn’t very deep, so I’m not sure if it would even 100% fix the problem.
  11. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
  12. I was using a 6MOA rts2 prior to the SRO. Because the 2.5 moa SRO is so bright I think it’s funtionally larger than 2.5 moa kind of like the DPP.
  13. Im using a 14# and prefer that. I went through and replaced the extractor and extractor spring but left the 14# recoil spring. The gun has 24k rounds on it and was probably due. I also slightly filed back the lower lip of the SRO. Went to the range this morning and had no issues through 570 rounds. Good start but I need to make a couple more trips and a few thousand more rounds before I deem it fixed and reliable.
  14. 2.5 MOA. I initially wanted the 5 MOA but they aren’t available yet.
  15. I can blame the sight for a design that compounds the problem.
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