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  1. I’m talking about when the cam is off.
  2. Most bucket style kydex holsters like GX or RHT, the gun will bounce out if you have to run any faster than a slow jog. They just don’t have very good retention compared to say, bladetech
  3. I lock mine down when I am ROing. I don’t see any reason to during a walk through though.
  4. I loctite the windage tensioner right out of the box, haven’t had a problem since.
  5. Rich406

    Lack of P320’s

    Walked into a LGS last weekend and bought a p320 legion. They had 2 more in the back. They also seemed pretty stocked up on other p320 variants and other sigs in general. I think it really depends on location.
  6. I don't see the current version being very popular for competition. Perhaps if they made a full size grip, and even then, personally I would prefer the TX grip
  7. I’ve used various weights of blue bullets, they are consistently 2-3+ grains heavier than their listed weight. I was using the average of 10 bullets for my weight to compute PF. I also loaded to 135 PF, if I loaded to 130 I probably would have paid more attention to it.
  8. ‘there are multiple instances in this post where people have stated they’ve sent a SRO in for repair. 3 posts above this one I mentioned I’ve sent in 4 for repair......
  9. Interesting concept. I can see it speeding up learning to shoot a dot.
  10. Even if you act as soon as you see the email, it’s usually too late
  11. I spent some time today trying to determine exactly when the striker safety is on and off. I came to the conclusion that the safety might only be partially depressed and not be fully released when the trigger is pressed to the wall. That said, I’m no gunsmith and I didn’t sleep at a holiday Inn express last night. I also don’t have a AC trigger installed, I was using the GG kit. So take it as you will...
  12. The striker safety requires pre travel to work correctly. When the trigger is forward the striker safety is engaged and the gun cannot fire. When the trigger pre travel is removed the trigger pushes up on the striker safety and the safety is disengaged. Without the striker safety engaged, the only thing keeping the striker from slipping off the sear and potentially discharging the gun, is the tension created by the sear springs. You may drop it 100 times without issue, but the potential is there, and given the right circumstances the gun will go off..
  13. I have a couple fitted barsto barrels by TSA. Ive found the difference to be pretty marginal.
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