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  1. Rich406

    X5 rear sight?

    I don’t think there are any options for the rear sight
  2. Trijicon RMR is great for carry, but a rare sight in Uspsa for a reason.
  3. Some are worse than others, but it’s unusual right now to get one that lasts over 10k on a CO gun.
  4. ‘if they are equally reliable, I’d use the Max. The SRO is slightly closer to the bore, less than 0.10”
  5. I like the Max, but the SRO has proven reliable so far, so i’ll probably use that through nationals. The dot on the Max is way more adjustable, and the thinner bezel is nice. That said, they are fairly equivalent.
  6. Ive taken mine apart a couple times now. Never had a problem with the shaft sticking. Just slid right out on mine
  7. It’s the same as the previous Romeo 3, also the same as the cmore rts2, and various clones. the mounting pattern for the mounting screws is actually the same as the romeo1, DPP, vortex and couple others I can’t remember, it’s just much longer than these other optics.
  8. the overhang when using the SRO on the legion is ideal for keeping the lens clean. And using the 12# recoil spring I never had a malfunction in over 7500 rounds.
  9. the center of the window on the Max is 1.24” over the center of the bore, on a p320 X5 with springer plate. If I remember right the SRO was around 1.20”
  10. it’s pretty far forward using the springer plate. I’m interested to see how it mounts on the legion, the lens is sure to collect a ton of crud from the LCI slot in the barrel.
  11. Measurements and usable glass size can be 2 different things, according to the chart the rmr is nearly the same height and the vortex razor is slightly larger. I’ve used them all and the DPP had by far the most forgiving window. The rmr for example counts the glass below the emitter, so while on paper it’s only 1.5 mm less than a DPP, in practice it’s signifigantly less. in any case, I’m done arguing over the internet about an outdated optic.
  12. The SRO is looking pretty good. I just got a Romeo 3 Max and that looks good as well. That said, I wouldn't recommend either until their reliability is proven.
  13. What slide mounted dot had a bigger window? RTS2 was close, most everything else was significantly smaller.
  14. The DPP was the clear winner in form factor in years past, biggest widow, bright dot, etc. And really it wasn't any more or less reliable than other options available at the time.That said, I think there are other potentially better options available now.
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