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  1. Rich406

    Which Romeo1 for X5?

    the 6 MOA is so bright that it leaves a spot on my eye at full brightness. I typically have to use it 2-3 settings down. Its easily 50% brighter than a DPP
  2. Rich406

    OAL issue

    I’ll have to work up a shorter load. For now, I have 5-6k of my 1.135 oal to use up.
  3. Rich406

    OAL issue

    The barrel shoots perfectly in one gun, and has 7” groups in another gun. Something off with how it locks up. I asked the initial question last night when I was still speculating what the problem was.
  4. Rich406

    OAL issue

    The rounds still didn’t shoot accurately in that barrel.
  5. Rich406

    TTI +2 Extension fitting?

    ‘It’s not uncommon for a couple of the local matches I attend to have several 40-50+ round stages.
  6. Rich406

    OAL issue

    I made up some 1.120 ammo and that made no difference. I’ve come to find that it’s something in the gun itself. I switched barrels with my x5 that was running good, and the problem went away. When I put the barrel from the good x5 into the problem gun, I had the same blown out groups. I spoke with he manufacturer, and they really had no ideas on what else to check. I’ll probably end up sending the complete gun into them to check out.
  7. Rich406

    TTI +2 Extension fitting?

    If I don’t use a grams, I have to use much more force when inserting the mag. In my experience there is much more give when using the grams.
  8. Rich406

    TTI +2 Extension fitting?

    Ya, but much less chance of having an incident during a reload if you use a grams.
  9. Rich406

    OAL issue

    I tried that today, made no difference.
  10. Rich406

    OAL issue

    I recently purchased an aftermarket barrel for my P320 x5. I sent the manufacturer a dummy round to that they could Ream the chamber to fit my ammo. This is my carry optics gun and when I went to zero it in, I was getting a 6-7” group at 15 yards from a rest. I put the OEM barrel back in, and the group size went back to 1-2”. Speaking to the manufacturer, they had me check the fit, and everything looked good. However one thing I did notice is, they must have reamed it slightly too short. My ammo ranges from 1.130-1.135 and the 1.135 rounds don’t pass the plunk test. The ammo is slightly too long, maybe .002-.003, could this be the cause of the blown out groups? I’ll add that I have another barrel from the same manufacturer on my 2nd x5, and it groups beautifully with the same ammo.
  11. Rich406

    silicon/carbide, aluminum oxide

    Since I first tried this in the middle of last summer, I've since done all my guns. Id never go back to having to mess with the stick on grips. I prefer the 36 grit, doesn't get gummed up with dirt and skin as easily.
  12. Rich406

    Romeo 1 6 MOA

    So. On my second trip to the range and about 600 rounds on the Romeo1, now it won’t hold zero. Started noticing that that I was missing small pieces of steel, so I checked the zero and it was off about 2” at 10 yards. I re zero’d And a couple hundred rounds later it was 3” low at 10 yards. I had heard this was an issue with the 3 moa version. Did I just get a bad one? Or?
  13. Rich406

    Holosun HS510C

    I find the green easier to pick up. But in the end its personal preference.
  14. Rich406

    2018 Shooters Summit!

    Listened to all of this years summit. Very insightful, highly recommended.
  15. Rich406

    P320 X5 Coming out with New Sights ?

    It was on sale for $675, plus a store wide 10% off holiday sale.