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  1. Just as an FYI the instructions that came with my RTS2 doesn’t have the bit about the locking screw.
  2. I use the Lee U Die with squirrel daddy hardened decapping pins.
  3. hmm, I'll have to take it to the range and test that. Whats strange is, the left/right adjustment has a solid click and moves when locked, but is harder to turn. The up/down adjustment has a very faint click and spins freely when locked
  4. I was pretty sure that they weren't supposed to move, thanks for the confirmation. The up down adjustment doesn't click and spins freely.
  5. I recently bought a rts2 to try out and noticed the adjustment screws still turn after engaging the lock. Are they supposed to turn?
  6. I replaced a couple of my P320 X5 barrels with Barsto. Some things I noticed, the chamber is significantly tighter than OEM, I ended up sending the barrels back and had them reamed out for my ammo. The barrels are faster than OEM, by 30-40 fps. They are much easier to clean. They shoot marginally tighter groups, better, but for action pistol probably not all that noticeable.
  7. Rich406

    X5 Rumor?

    The RTS2 and DPP use the same mounting bolt pattern, however the RTS2 is significantly longer.
  8. When I was trying to get my primer check fixed. I called and left messages 3 times, not one call was returned. When i I was trying to get my powder check sensor fixed, I called and the CS rep took my info and opened a ticket, then said someone would have to get back to me. No one ever did....
  9. are you using their “premium” customer support?
  10. I’ve been giving some though lately of upgrading to a Mark 7 Evolution from my 1050 with autodrive pro. The only thing holding me back is how terrible my experiences with Mark7 customer service has been. When I received my autodrive pro the primer check sensor was DOA, it took me over 3 months to navigate their customer service and get a new sensor. Later on I purchased their powder check sensor, it also arrived DOA. I submitted a support ticket, after receiving no response over a week later and not wanting to deal with it, I returned the powder check sensor. My impression of their CS is that it stinks, and I’m glad I havent had a serious problem with my autodrive pro. That said I really like the feature of their new presses, but I don’t want to wait weeks or even months to get help when I need it. So, has anyone had good experiences with their CS? Or are my experinces normal?
  11. Looks way bigger and longer than a DPP from the pics
  12. Rich406

    P320 X5 Thread

    I have 15 21 round magazines with the TT +2 basepad. Every single one of them passed the magazine gauge.
  13. Anyone one have any info on when the new X5 revision will be available for purchase?
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