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  1. Ordered blue bullet 147gr flat tip .356 on 2/4. Got a shipping notice today.
  2. I never had a springer plate that didn’t require slight fitting on the original X5.
  3. After the gun has a couple thousand rounds through it, it should go away. This is usually caused by the disconnector catching in the hole that allows access to one of the optic mounting screws. The disconnector tension is caused by the trigger bar spring, and the sharp edges on the hole, once broken in, it should go away, or atleast mostly go away. all that said, it doesn’t effect function of the gun, only happens when hand racking it gently...
  4. The part that bothers me about armadillo arms and the ginex primers is They’ve been taking pre orders for a few weeks now, but haven’t sold out. they do seem like an established legit company though, has anyone actually spoken to someone there?
  5. There is a slot cut into lever opposite of where the guide rod sits. That’s the weak spot. If you look there you can usually see a hairline crack start to form a few hundred rounds before it fails.
  6. I don’t think I’ve ever ran my r3xl on full brightness. I’m usually 2-4 down from max depending on lighting conditions.
  7. The alpha, romeo3, rts2 and many others are made in the same factory using the same electronics and mostly similar internal parts.
  8. Not sure that is even possible? the LED only moves via the adjustment screws. Other than that its just a LED there is really no way for it to move, and then move back? Are you 100% confident you arent seeing some kind of reflection?
  9. Even if you are one the ball, they are gone in 3-5 mins. Sometimes less.
  10. Rich406

    AXG Grip?

    Why not just use the sig spring?
  11. It’s better than stock, but nowhere near as aggressive as grip tape.
  12. I’m surprised that makes PF. I’ve always had to run at least 3.1 grains in an X5
  13. Rich406

    AXG Grip?

    Why would you use the axg over the txg for competition?
  14. FCU design is pretty much unchanged for quite awhile now. I did notice that they are giving it a anti corrosion coating now, but mechanically it’s the same.
  15. So it looks like you can position your gear anywhere on the belt now? For any division?
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