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  1. I could never get the 9MM Mighty Armory Die to work well. It didn't provide enough neck tension. The owner was helpful, but he wanted me to ratchet the crimp down farther than I was comfortable with on coated bullets.
  2. Rich406

    Legion accuracy

    I have both the old X5 and Legion. The X5 definitely shoots a noticeably tighter group than the legion. Sig got rid of the pretension on newer guns because so many people didn't understand it and thought something was wrong with their gun. Seems it was noticeably more accurate.
  3. Ive seen this a couple times. I think it has to do with how thick the SRO glass is. The sun and your angle to the sun has to be just right. And it was never an issue when the gun was actually indexed right on target, only when holding the gun at the funny angles.
  4. I think they are fairly equivalent. I think the R3 has the slight edge for a competition dot with the thinner bezel and more adjustable brightness.
  5. Been using the R3 Max for a bit now and haven’t seen much talk about it, so I though I’d put up a small review. Previously I’ve been using a SRO, and before that a DPP. At one point or another I’ve tried pretty much every dot on the market other than the vortex razor. I’m using the R3 on a p320 X5 legion for CO, so that’s where my perspective is coming from. So far I really like it. It has a very big window, thin bezel and the dot is very bright and highly adjustable. I have about 7500 rounds on my current R3 without any issues, hopefully it’s durable, but I think it’s too early to say, it’s looking good though. So far I’ve only seen a couple issues. The adjustment buttons are too easy to inadvertently bump and change your brightness setting. I’ve done this many times while it was in my holster. A friend cracked the lens on theirs by dropping it from waist height onto a carpeted floor. Definitely not as rugged as some of the other dots with protective steel shrouds. That’s about all I got. I’m going to continue using this over the SRO for the foreseeable future. Anyone else using the Max or XL on a CO gun?
  6. Lab radar uses 8 AA batteries, those didn’t even last my first session, after about 10 mins of the radar on, it was dead. An external battery pack is a must.
  7. Rich406

    P320 X5 Thread

    Should run fine, even with the overhang.
  8. 3 weeks exactly on my last gun, but that included optic milling and barrel fitting in addition to the trigger job.
  9. I had about 8k rounds on one, and 2500 on another. I had no issues other than the elevation adjustment moving by itself. From what I’ve seen most SROs don’t do this, but a few do. I recently switched to the r3 max to try out.
  10. You can buy them directly from sig. $9.95 each pretty much in line with other springs.
  11. another option is drilling out the grip weight, if you want to keep the tungsten guide rod.
  12. Rich406

    P320 X5 Thread

    if you ask springer they will tell you “snug”. I use 20 inch pounds on the plates with the steel inserts, and 15 on the plates that are directly tapped into the aluminum. I’ve had no issues.
  13. Im still running strong with the SROs. I decided not to mess with the Romeo's until after Nationals at the end of the month.
  14. ‘Max has mentioned it, but other than that he’s given no specifics or timeframe. It’s likely to be a Legion X5 milled for a Romeo3 Max.
  15. what did the lab Radar not do that you needed other chronos?
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