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  1. Rich406

    Mark 7 Customer Service

    When I was trying to get my primer check fixed. I called and left messages 3 times, not one call was returned. When i I was trying to get my powder check sensor fixed, I called and the CS rep took my info and opened a ticket, then said someone would have to get back to me. No one ever did....
  2. Rich406

    Mark 7 Customer Service

    are you using their “premium” customer support?
  3. I’ve been giving some though lately of upgrading to a Mark 7 Evolution from my 1050 with autodrive pro. The only thing holding me back is how terrible my experiences with Mark7 customer service has been. When I received my autodrive pro the primer check sensor was DOA, it took me over 3 months to navigate their customer service and get a new sensor. Later on I purchased their powder check sensor, it also arrived DOA. I submitted a support ticket, after receiving no response over a week later and not wanting to deal with it, I returned the powder check sensor. My impression of their CS is that it stinks, and I’m glad I havent had a serious problem with my autodrive pro. That said I really like the feature of their new presses, but I don’t want to wait weeks or even months to get help when I need it. So, has anyone had good experiences with their CS? Or are my experinces normal?
  4. Rich406

    Max Michel using a new optic?

    Looks way bigger and longer than a DPP from the pics
  5. Rich406

    P320 X5 Thread

    I have 15 21 round magazines with the TT +2 basepad. Every single one of them passed the magazine gauge.
  6. Rich406

    X5 new version availability

    Anyone one have any info on when the new X5 revision will be available for purchase?
  7. Rich406

    Double Alpha Bullet Feeder Price

    I’m surprised double alpha isn’t all over that for copyright infringement. It’s almost a direct rip off of MBF.
  8. Rich406

    SHOT Show: SIG unveils Romeo 2

    Some more info on the Romeo 1 pro and Romeo 2. https://www.recoilweb.com/sig-p320-xcompact-upcoming-sig-romeo-1-pro-romeo-2-shot-2019-145876.html?fbclid=IwAR3zTwyW5QexO-UhqFsHhwp8bG-rYQZFR40ug82cNYbeOyzUcSdLMnQhxwI
  9. Rich406

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    9lb? That’s the lightest I’ve heard of someone running. Does it reliably return to battery? Mine wouldn’t with a 12lb.... factory weight is 18lb.
  10. Rich406

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    I don’t think that was the issue. I torqued the bolts to the recommended 30 inch pounds. Im thinking more likely that sig produced a bad batch of romeo1s. The three I bought, and at least 4 others that had the same problems, came from the exact same seller on amazon. Although losing zero does seem to be the most common issue with R1s.
  11. Rich406

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    Im curious, how many rounds do you have on your R1 6MOAs? i think the is sight great, but I have gone through 3 that wouldn’t hold zero past 1000 rounds, and I’ve see two other people that have had the exact same issue.
  12. Rich406

    P320 X5 Thread

    My barrel has a slight mark in the same spot. I use a 14lb spring and have about 17k rounds on the gun. I recently switched to a 13lb spring, I guess I’ll keep an eye on it.
  13. Rich406

    Grip Tape

    I could never get to tape to last. I went with permanent silicon carbide and never looked back.
  14. I'll take the range bag.

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