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  1. I ordered one as well, sick of the rf-100 and it’s quirks.
  2. Most of the mods I’ve tried I eventually took off.
  3. all the early adopters have purchased and now the supply has caught up with demand. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the SRO at $400 street price before too long.
  4. could be more like 2-3x a week during parts of the year.
  5. My pact timer works great in freezing conditions.
  6. I ran the initial 12# spring that came with my legion out to 11-12k with no issues.
  7. I spoke with amg about the slowness, and he initially wanted to turn up the voltage to the screen. After finding out what temperature I was using the timer in, he didn’t think it would make any difference.
  8. Just a heads up, if you live somewhere cold, the screen has very poor performance in sub freezing temp. It would take .5-.75 seconds to scroll through each split. I think this timer is great, but living somewhere that is cold 5-6 months of the year takes a lot of the usability out of it.
  9. I run at 2400, but with index at 4 it works out to be 1900. Any less index and I have problems with bullet topple.
  10. I used one of these for awhile, it loosened up and caused the body of my powder measure to crack.
  11. Rich406

    Small Gun Parts.com

    I placed an order there last week. Shipping was prompt and prices seemed reasonable.
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