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  1. Yep, should have been.
  2. I had this happen last month. Shooting PCC had a reload then weak side targets. While switching hands I must have bumped the trigger. I hesitated for a second waiting for the stop command but never heard it. I finished the stage leaving one target with only 1 hit (Virginia count). After unloading and flagging I questioned the RO and he said it impacted the berm just to the left of the target. So no DQ.
  3. I started with a Lee turret I picked up used and super cheap. Went to a 550 when my some and I started shooting SC and USPSA. I've added to it over the years. First a case feeder then a bullet feeder I made on a 3D printer. It more than meets my needs. I like the case feeder so you never have to take your right hand off the handle. With the bullet feeder my left hand rests on a box and only have to move slightly to index. I don't mind mind manual indexing. To me it is not a race.
  4. I designed and 3D printed this for the top of the catch can. I also put tape on either side of the collapsible thing underneath to help catch the primers. Then I modified a safety pin to be used as a spring to make sure it opens every time. I no longer have a problem.
  5. Where do you shoot matches? Can you not join there and practice there?
  6. A36 is mild steel. It will stop a 9mm but it will dent/erode. It is not a good or safe choice for targets.
  7. I am the same as I can only shoot on weekends. Instead of shooting matches every weekend maybe use one weekend to practice. Do draws and transition drills. Something that has helped me a lot is a met some great guys and shoot with them at most matches. Getting tips from them on stage plans and techniques has done more for my improvements than anything else.
  8. It's possible a 3 once buffer could work. It depends on bolt weight and the spring your using. I have an ATI Milsport and I've tried all different combinations of springs and buffers but never been able dot bounce and recoil down as good as my JP. I've tried buffers from 3 to 7 ounces and springs for 223 and 308 for both rifle and carbine. I even tried removing the weight from the bolt. You might have better luck with a JP, Taccom or Blitzkraig buffer. I've tried 115, 124, 130, and 147 grain bullets and settled on 130 gr bullets with a 132 power factor.
  9. Changing to a JP, Taccom, or Blizkraig buffer will help with recoil. But light reloads will do the most to help with recoil. I get mine down to 130 pf out of my 16 inch pcc. They won't even function out of most of my hand guns(112 pf out of 5.25 barrel). Practice reloads. I only shoot USPSA so I'm not sure if these apply. Don't go to deep into windows and pockets so your not having to back out. Practice hard weak side leans. Stage planning has helped me the most you don't shoot the stage the same as pistol.
  10. I've made extensions for a friends MK lV. They were more to make it easier to remove nd reload the mags. It did make them into 11 round mags also.
  11. I 3d printed some in different sizes and tape them to the walls in the basement. The different sizes simulates different distances. Works pretty good working on transitions.
  12. 1.118 to fit in my Goliath extension.
  13. When you close the top onto the lower is there pressure on the bolt from the captured spring? Can you hear or feel the spring rattle when all assembled? If you hear the spring rattle it just means the tube is a little long for your spring. Take the spring out and drop a quarter in the tube just to put a little preload on the spring. It will not affect the stroke.
  14. I was using autocomp and 115gr bullets for minor loads in my G17 with a comp. I was a little over book max when I started to get skittish. I never had signs of pressure but the more powder the less lift I was getting.
  15. I made an Ammo Mike bullet feeder last winter. Works great.
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