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  1. I am working on a open build and using a Polymer 80 frame. I plan on using C-more. Does anyone have a recondition for a holster. I have a CR speed that I was thinking of modifying to work. Any other suggestions?
  2. When they break. I carry an extra pin and bolt just in case. 10s of thousands of rounds through 3 guns and only one broke. It was an ATI. Which they sent me a new bolt to replace the broken pin.
  3. Since this was revised I'll post a picture of an extension I designed and printed. I haven't had time to test it yet. But they feed while operating by hand. Hopefully I will get some time soon to test it.
  4. I have loaded 10s of thousand 9mm with out lube. I got several bottles of One Shot in an estate buy out. I tried some buy throwing a few hand fulls of clean brass in a zip loc bag a a few squirts of One shot and let it dry. My God it is a lot easer. Wish I would have tried it years ago. No problems with ignition.
  5. I have the Dillon one for a 550. Worth every penny. Never have to take your hand off the handle.
  6. I got one last week. It is awsome except for loading the cartridge. So I started 3D printing a bullet collator. I should have it done this weekend, if Amazon delivers.
  7. I loaded up 200 9mm with CCI small rifle primers for last Sundays match to try. I used them on the first 2 stages. I had 4 failures in less than 60 rounds through my JP GMR15. The rest are going to the practice ammo bag. I'll stick with small pistol.
  8. If your going to put a party switch in it and go full auto get the thermal dissipater. Otherwise it would just be for looks. I've shot a gun with the roller trigger. It wasn't for me. I have a standard 3.5 lb JP trigger in mine and it breaks just over 3 lbs. I love it. I have the short stroke kit in mine. I'm not sure if I'm even good enough to tell the difference, but it's what all the cool kids have. I bought a ready rifle and added a short stroke kit, extended mag release, TF mag well and a Cmore railway.
  9. I have a JP in mine. I've tried CMC and an Elfman. I went back to the factory JP because I liked it better.
  10. I run 2 ghost pouches and a magnet. I use glock mags. A 31+4 in the front and a 17 +4 in the other. I use the magnet for my starter mag and to hold my flag.(I have a keyring on it)
  11. I have 2 of Bmillers New Frontier magwells. Good quality.
  12. I use Lucas oil on mine. I clean it every 1000 to 1500 rounds.
  13. I bought a ready rifle last May. I have 5 or 6k on it. I just got a new Oring kit but have not changed them yet. They still look brand new. Have you kept the buffer oiled?
  14. I put a Volquarsten trigger kit in my MKll about 6 or 7 years ago. It is about 1.5 pounds and works great for steel challenge. I has over 30k rounds on it and works great still. The only problem is that is the gun I started my son on. It was a lot of work when he switched to 9mm getting used to a striker fire.
  15. I have a CMC ar9 trigger in one of my PCC's. It works pretty for a $140 trigger. I also have a couple AR Stoner enhanced triggers with JP spring kits that work good for a cheap trigger.
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