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  1. I have 2 ATI milsports and a JP GrM 15. All 3 have ran great. If you can afford it go with the JP. If not the ATI works off the shelf. It can be upgraded as funds come available.
  2. I always have a spare gun with me. Unfortunately they are not identical. I cannot afford 2 higher end guns. I do keep spare parts also incase the main gun can be fixed easily.
  3. I had both hands done in 2000 two weeks apart. I was off work for 6 weeks. Physical therapy really helped getting back the strength faster. At the time I was mainly shooting rifle. It took several months to get enough strength back were I could hold the rifles offhand and not shake.
  4. A guy let me try some in my JP at a match. They ran flawless but I didn't like the way they rattled around in the magwell.
  5. This has got me rethinking comps on PCC.
  6. This is why I was looking at them.
  7. I'm in Illinois so it's not even an option.
  8. I'm looking at getting a new JP vertical comp and barrel. I can't decide on a 16" or a 14.5" pinned and welded. I mainly shoot USPSA and steel challenge with it. What would be the advantages and dis advantages to each size?
  9. I have 3d models and 2d files that I have drawn up if you still need them.
  10. The most dangerous stuff I've ever seen at matches was from before I started shooting USPSA and steel challenge. In my mid twenties I was shooting muzzle loading matches. Countless hang fires that ended up going off while pointed at the concrete or through the pavilion roof. One club I was end had to ban people blowing down their barrels. Never understood why people did this. But a guy went to blow down his barrel during the occasional 22 match there. Most matches involved alcohol. I've seen guys nap there flints while pointing their muzzle at everyone on the firing line. Never once seen anyone DQ or made to stop shooting for safety violations.
  11. I have noticed I do focus better when I shoot with people I don't know. But I always choose to shoot with my friends. I have more fun when squaded with my friends and having fun is why I am out there.
  12. To be honest I didn't notice much difference with the different powders if they were the same power factor. The CSB-1 was the cleanest of the ones I tried and has great accuracy. And not to mention I has able to get a bunch for $10 a pound.
  13. I have 3 pccs. JP GMR 15 ready rifle 14.5 barrel with short stroke kit and extended mag release. I have 2 ATI Milsports The only thing changed is furniture, triggers and safeties. I ramped the the barrels to get them to feed more reliably.
  14. I would recommend getting a Glock mag lower. Most of the Colt mags I see at matches the rounds go flying everywhere when the mag hits the ground on reloads. Also there are a lot more options on mags and extensions for Glocks. New Frontier/ Joe Bobs are pretty good.
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