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  1. I have 2 of them and have used them in 3 matches. They both have ran flawless.
  2. I had a guy at work 3D print one off Taccom's sight. Only tested once so far but it ran flawless. Not bad for $8.
  3. I shot a GFDS match this weekend. I was able to shoot the entire stage from the center. The 2 targets on the outside of the walls you could only get a small part of the A zone.(I got Cs)
  4. I've loaded close to 15000 of them so far. I like them better than Winchester. No problems.
  5. I used to hand it to the RO or stick it in my pocket. But now I will be putting it on my belt magnet.
  6. Find a local steel match. We do 2 a month and most just do it for fun. No running around so if your worried about being sower that should not be a problem. Ours are pretty much shoot what you got. There is a guy that still comes out and shoots steel and USPSA that is 93.
  7. I got mine to start shooting it in USPSA. I love shooting it more than any gun I own. Low recoil. Cheap ammo, Low noise.
  8. I started PCC with a ATI. They are made by Frontier. Good gun that can be found for under 750.
  9. I have been shooting PCC for a couple years now. I started with an ATI Milsport and bought a JP in May. With the ATI, I always carried a firing pin, spare trigger and springs(the original mil spec), optic batteries, and oil. I have all that still in my bag now that I shoot the JP. But I always take the ATI as a back up to matches. When I started PCC I was using Titegroup. It was way too dirty so I switched to CSB1 and it is so much cleaner. I clean about every 500-800 rounds. Inside the gun is just some carbon but the comp takes some scrubbing to get clean.
  10. I ordered a ready rifle gmr15 on the Monday after the NRA convention and sighted it in on Friday. Shot a match on Saturday. I didn't want to wait so I just ordered the short stroke kit and extended mag release seperate and changed them myself.
  11. I would call ATI. I've had a couple problems with my bolt and both times they mailed me a new bolt under warranty.
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