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  1. I've had a printer for a year now. I print all kinds of useful stuff shooting related. Just finished a bullet feeder for my Dillon 550.
  2. Thanks for the STL. Took about 9 minutes to print. It works in my gen 3, gen4, and both V1 and V2 poly80.
  3. They work good in my glocks and PCCs. I've loaded maybe 10-15k of them.
  4. Back in the last shortage I found out Midway's notifications were not exact. My buddy would get a notification hours if not the day before me for the same product. Most likely sold out before you got the email.
  5. Like most people selling them on GB they are most likely not hazmat certified. With any luck they will get caught and get a fine wiping out their profits on them.
  6. Been using Lucas gun oil for years. It works great for me.
  7. I have 2 ATI Milsports. They have been very reliable and are less than half the price of my JP.
  8. I have 2 plastic with regular switch, 1 plastic with click switch and an aluminum with click switch. I like the the plastic with regular switch the best. The aluminum one goes out of adjustment on the elevation on occasion. It is mounted on a 9mm PCC.
  9. I got a Vortex 4-12 x 44 scope for $99. I don't think it is a over the top deal but I was needing one and they were on sale.
  10. I have a couple Goliaths, 4 ETS 40s, 31 and 17 round mags with +5 extinctions. They all run fine in my GMR 15. I do have a MBX mini and it has problems in all of my PCCs. I download most by 1 for ease of reloads and in the Goliaths run them with 42is just because I don't need to carry the extra weight.
  11. I started with a Lee turret. I still use it for low volume rounds. I now have a 550. I wish I would have gotten the 650 at the time as I have a case feeder and bullet feeder on my 550. I still use Lee dies in my Dillon.
  12. Powder valley showing some in stock 1000 limit. With hazmat they aren't cheap.
  13. Round nose is all I've ever shot out of my PCCs. When I started shooting PCC I researched loads and I found several people having feed issues with flat nose. So I started with RN and have never had a reason to shoot anything else in them.
  14. You have a 2011 to sell me for about $500. With all the parts I already have and can make myself that's about what I will have in it. I'll even through in the parts I have for it.
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