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  1. Isn't there a way to see your classifiers on the USPSA website? I sign in but never see that option.
  2. WOW, now I know a lot more about membership numbers, thanks for all the replies.
  3. Glad to see I am not the only central Ky. guy that comes here for good info. Big Steve
  4. I have noticed two types of USPSA #'s. Mine is A59030. It has a single letter A in front. Then others are like TY_____. Am I retarded, or does this mean something? Thanks, Sorry for the weird question.
  5. I have been shooting for a lil bit now, but this is new terminology to me. Curious if its something that I am doing and not knowing it. Thanks.
  6. I have heard a few people talking about "spring guns" which I am assuming is air soft guns. Have anyone used any of these for USPSA practice. What drills can you use them for? What kind of guns are being used? Can I just buy a $20 Wal-mart gun? Just trying the idea on a few other people. Thanks
  7. Guys I really appreciate all the help. I will be heading to the range and spending some time with an empty gun before my next match.
  8. I shot a match on sunday and it was the 3rd time that I have shot the same weak hand/ strong hand classifier. I have had the same problem each time. The recoil when I shoot weak hand kills me. I am horrible with my left. Is there any tips, tricks, drills, or modifications that will help my weak hand shooting? Thanks for any help
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