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  1. I put 300 for factory rounds through my brand new PSA rifle yesterday. It ran great with Glock 32 round mags. My reloads ran, but made the gun feel sluggish. I think I will work on a hotter load specific to PCC in 9mm. The trigger has to go though! I just ordered a Hiperfire 24C from Optics Planet. They have a 10% off coupon if anyone is interested - EXSAVE. So it came out to $200 shipped.
  2. What mag we'll is that? Thx.
  3. I'm building a PCC and considering just using a thread protector instead of a comp to keep the barrel shorter. Does a comp on a minor PF PCC actually provide any functionality? Thanks.
  4. I'm considering shooting a PPQ in Production. The mags seem to be either slightly too tight or too loose for the various inserts for my CR Speed pouches, although I could make it work. Just wondering what are you guys running? Thx.
  5. I just picked a Glock 34 MOS and a FF3. Are any of you running suppressor iron sights with your dot for CO? Do you see any pros or cons? Does it jumble up the sight picture for the dot? Thanks.
  6. I just started having to his issue after changing my grip screws. I reinstalled the Oem screws and all mags drop free.
  7. Does it happen in live fire or only in dry fire? I've seen a friend's CZ do the same thing on occasion, but only and dry fire. It never happens live fire.
  8. So determining distance of the shooter from scaled targets is easy. For example, 1/3 scaled targets - 1 foot = 1 yard. My question concerns the distance BETWEEN scaled targets. Let's say I want to set up a 1/3 scaled El Prez (full distances = 3 targets at 10 yards, 1 yard a part). Distance between shooter and the target array: 10 feet = ten yards. Distance between targets: ? I used the same logic and set up the three targets 1 foot apart and they look really close to each other. It doesn't look right. Thoughts? Thanks.
  9. I shot 250+ of my reloads today with WSP and had 100% ignition. This is my first DA/SA pistol and all steel gun ever. I always shot Glocks in Limited and Prod. The SP-01's DA pull is slick and the reset is plenty short (no short stroking). I was fortunate to find a CGW'ize SP-01 that was well done. It will take some more time for me to get used to the DA/SA, but it wasn't as big of a change as I had imagined. I'm not driving the heavy CZ the way I'm use to with the light Glock, but that will come. I have some more CZ newbie questions: Recoil Spring: Even though the pistol has all the CGW internals, it had the stock recoil spring and is WAY over-sprung (nose diving). What weight spring do you guys use for Minor loads? Thin Safety: Is it Prod legal to install the thin safeties from CGW https://cajungunworks.com/product/11224-shadow-thin-safety-set/ Thanks again.
  10. I just picked up a used SP-01 with all the CGW internal goodies, including the extended firing pin. It came with the CGW black hammer 11.5# spring installed and a spare blue 13# spring. The double and single action pulls are light and smooth. The previous owner said had never had misfires and shot ATL Arms reloads. Will the 11.5# + the extended fire pin reliably ignite Winchester primers? I'm taking it to the range this weekend and honestly don't want to change the hammer spring at the range. Thanks for your thoughts.
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