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  1. I've read that if you reduce the recoil spring, that you should also reduce other springs. Is that correct? Is it the striker spring, the trigger return spring or both? Thanks.
  2. Anyone know a seller that allows you to back order primers? All I see aren't taking back orders. Crazy times!
  3. Does it happen in live fire or only in dry fire? I've seen a friend's CZ do the same thing on occasion, but only and dry fire. It never happens live fire.
  4. A bisexual male prostitute. Yuck
  5. I think that I'm still not getting my question right. Assume you have an AR-15 with a 18" - 24" barrel, a rifle length gas system and an A2 stock. If you remove the stock, buffer tube, spring, and buffer, and replace them with a carbine length buffer tube, spring, buffer, and collapsible stock, what effect will that have on the action? In other words, a rifle upper on a lower with a carbine telescoping stock. If that's what you're talking about, I've done it and it works fine.
  6. I sure do miss shooting with you!!

  7. "That competition stuff will get you killed"
  8. You've earned my five stars by donating to St.Baldricks!

    Way to go! Thx

  9. chp5

    Knife Snobs

    Great, cheap Spyderco - the Tenacious
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