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  1. We were down a few minutes to do a small upgrade to the search bar. Other than that its working.
  2. Well before this is closed let me ad some light to this discussion. Seemed one poster joined Enos just to trash MBX and me. First we took the complaint serious and Adrian took the 3 barrels back from the 3 guys who all were connected somehow. Adrian tested them, videos of 2 test provided. Results were good. So Adrian and I discussed it and I suggested he ask for the gun to test to find out what was going on. They refused. I thought , why? Still don't know except maybe they didn't want Adrian to see and show that the barrel was fine. I just got off the phone with him and he has sold 80 of these
  3. We do have some left from our initial order that we will sell at the introductory price for a limited time. Once that ends then they will be the same price everywhere.
  4. Yea, we were doing the calibers manually but I had Wendi ad the calibers we have coming in that aren't already sold. It is a large investment so we did not pre-order 45. Just figured it would mostly be 9mm and 40 with maybe a 38super but the small primer system will be the majority for the sport which is what our market is.
  5. Actually it is not identical. The 5.11 bag is identical in design to our old bag since they copied it. So we made ours even better. Our new one has many more features and is designed to be more user friendly. Might take a closer look.
  6. Just for information. If you have an email blocker set up on your email you will need to white list us so we can send you the email. One of the commenters here that said they hadn't got a response has their email blocked. Our email even the one sent again yesterday was returned undeliverable today. Also to get the discount you are agreeing to get our emails. We dont bombard you with sale stuff. we average only a couple a month. Could not deliver message to the following recipient(s): Reason: Remote host said: 554 5.7.1 [P4] Message blocked due to spam content in the message.
  7. Guys sometimes your emails may go into our junk folder but most of the time if its a junk mail issue its ours going into yours. You can count on us answering every email we get that needs a response. Thats the way we do business. We do not monitor online forums and social media constantly and discourage its use to try and reach us. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. An email works best and if no response a within 2 days a phone call because that means one of us didn't get an email. I cant check on your status either as this form does not provide your name or email. Send me an email wit
  8. Yes, except for the discount group or dealers. So if we give discounts we cant also pay the 3.5% Am ex fees on top of it. SO its not available to those in those groups.

  9. Some items are already discounted for one reason or another, some items do not have any margin to allow discounting. In this industry, competition shooting, many manufacturers are small in nature and already pricing the products well below what they would be in other industries in relation to the actual production costs. Sometimes the margins vary inside a single manufacturer so you may see a discount on one thing but not another. Many times this is because they are not the actual manufacturer but contract it out or are buying from another manufacturer and branding as their own. We do assess e
  10. I saw this and was thinking, wow, what went wrong? So I tracked it. 2 of those days were weekend days and we had a bad snow storm. But Ky to Illiinois wouldnt normally take that long. The key is it was ordered at 11:00 am and ready for pick up at 11:48 am the same day.
  11. Give me a call. 800-387-4045

  12. Almost forgot about that one. He emailed and told me if I was in business in a year he would buy a bag and give it away to a forum member. You know me, I didn't forget it and sent him an email asking if he was good for his word. No response. His problem was he just thought the bag was too big, he wasn't a competition shooter, he did have the option of exchanging it for full value towards anything else. He tried to extort me using the internet commando threat to get his way. Funny thing is I have had so many calls from customers outside the competition world who were impressed with my handling
  13. JetPow, whoever you are. If you want to bring out a complaint then be man enough to state your name and we will bring up your order history and discuss your problem. Since you decided to make a public slam on us we will discuss your specifics in public. We have nothing to hide as we operate with honor and integrity. We have set policies and we follow them and even bend them sometimes in the customers favor. You will never find one example of us not following our own policies that you agreed to when purchasing. Also if the item is new and unused as you say then we do take returns. So I can say
  14. Mike, in your profile you say your real name is Real Name: Mike Dukem I searched different variables of that and cant find an account for you. I was going to look in my junk folder to see if your email went there. We NEVER ignore emails. We also have a phone. But a Bolen follower breaking would be covered under warranty from Bolen if he warranties it. Something caused it to crack. Taran Butler has purchased Bolen and has changed the name to Taran Tactical Innovation. He is changing the follower slightly. We have not received any yet but should soon. Not sure who would be the warranty
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