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  1. chuckbradley

    Mark7 Evolution

    We do have some left from our initial order that we will sell at the introductory price for a limited time. Once that ends then they will be the same price everywhere.
  2. chuckbradley

    Mark 7 Evolution

    Yea, we were doing the calibers manually but I had Wendi ad the calibers we have coming in that aren't already sold. It is a large investment so we did not pre-order 45. Just figured it would mostly be 9mm and 40 with maybe a 38super but the small primer system will be the majority for the sport which is what our market is.
  3. chuckbradley

    Range Bag

    Actually it is not identical. The 5.11 bag is identical in design to our old bag since they copied it. So we made ours even better. Our new one has many more features and is designed to be more user friendly. Might take a closer look.
  4. chuckbradley

    Any discounts for members

    Just for information. If you have an email blocker set up on your email you will need to white list us so we can send you the email. One of the commenters here that said they hadn't got a response has their email blocked. Our email even the one sent again yesterday was returned undeliverable today. Also to get the discount you are agreeing to get our emails. We dont bombard you with sale stuff. we average only a couple a month. Could not deliver message to the following recipient(s): Reason: Remote host said: 554 5.7.1 [P4] Message blocked due to spam content in the message.
  5. chuckbradley

    Any discounts for members

    Guys sometimes your emails may go into our junk folder but most of the time if its a junk mail issue its ours going into yours. You can count on us answering every email we get that needs a response. Thats the way we do business. We do not monitor online forums and social media constantly and discourage its use to try and reach us. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. An email works best and if no response a within 2 days a phone call because that means one of us didn't get an email. I cant check on your status either as this form does not provide your name or email. Send me an email with the info and I can check. Your info with address is what you put in your account on our web page when you create the account. No need to email us that, just name and/or email and we can find your account.
  6. chuckbradley


    We have had them back in stock for a couple weeks now.
  7. chuckbradley


    Sarge, you get that price since you are on our sponsorship program for wearing our shirt. That was set up years ago and hasn't changed. I have not heard of an RTS3. There is a new model of the original cmore on the drawing board but is over a year out at least. The only reasoning behind that BF deal was I was prompted by a few people to do one so I picked some items and set pricing to create a frenzy which is what a BF sale is about. Unfortunately this industry does not have profit margins anywhere close to those of the big box stores. They may have 80% profit in clothing and many times will run a loss leader to get people in on electronics and such. So that's what I did on the 6moa rts2 and we sold out. No conspiracy on running inventory low for a new model.
  8. chuckbradley

    CKArms Competition ready guns

    Sorry it took so long to see this. I weighed one of the steel grips yesterday. It weighs .85 lbs or about 14onces.
  9. Yes, except for the discount group or dealers. So if we give discounts we cant also pay the 3.5% Am ex fees on top of it. SO its not available to those in those groups.

  10. chuckbradley

    Competition Belt

    Not sure who told you that, all my people know its not. I will mention this to them so they know just in case they did say that. Its not identical to any belt, or it wasnt when we had them made, but like our shooting bag I am sure somebody will copy it at some point.
  11. chuckbradley

    Any discounts for members

    Some items are already discounted for one reason or another, some items do not have any margin to allow discounting. In this industry, competition shooting, many manufacturers are small in nature and already pricing the products well below what they would be in other industries in relation to the actual production costs. Sometimes the margins vary inside a single manufacturer so you may see a discount on one thing but not another. Many times this is because they are not the actual manufacturer but contract it out or are buying from another manufacturer and branding as their own. We do assess each item as we ad them and set discounts as we go. Some manufacturers do not allow any discounting, so we can continue to sell their products we must abide by their rules. If you search enough you will find somebody breaking the rules but they are not in this for the long haul like we have been. Our goals are future oriented not the here and now. Couldn't have made it 21 years in this business if they were any different. To take advantage of this you first set up and account on our web page and complete the address info. We do not put people in that group without complete information. If you are in that group and are not active we remove you. You do have to be logged into your account for the discounts to apply and you don't see the regular price unless you log out. If its a product that is in hot demand and nobody is discounting then its probably one of those items I talked about above and wont have discounts. Hope this explains it all.
  12. chuckbradley

    Competition Belt

    Sorry, belt is not the same as the CR speed. Ours is a little stiffer than Cr speed. Have heard of a few of the first batch keepers coming unstitched. No need to buy a replacement just make a note in your next order and we will throw one in the box at no charge.
  13. chuckbradley

    CKArms Competition ready guns

    Thunder and hardcore have different lightning cuts. Steel grips will be availble soon.
  14. chuckbradley

    Competition Belt

    Key to sizing is to measure your waist, never go by pant size.