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  1. I use this to track how slow I am :). I figured someone else could get some use out of it as well. It's been updated using the 2020 PST's for all 13 divisions. 2020 PST Breakdown.pdf
  2. Side by side comparison of the XL-650 and 1100. Because I use the in-line fabrication handle the pull seems about the same to me. I did have to lower the bench considerably so that the 1100 handle wouldn’t be above my shoulder. I normally load standing up.
  3. Odd. I don’t see it. I need to look this one up.
  4. I spoke with Dillon today. They said mine should ship by end of month. I was #5 on the pre order list.
  5. My crystal ball says in January someone will post “Sometime in February.”
  6. All long guns, regardless of transport mode, must be flagged.
  7. You do not have to be fully stopped. As soon as one foot is on the ground inside the box and the second is off the ground you can engage the plates. Now if between the boxes you have your finger inside the trigger guard and take more than one step then it’s a DQ.
  8. DQ for sweeping would be my call.
  9. The new take down model? That would be awesome. I'll take mine to the range Sunday and ask about it.
  10. Wiland is local to me. In fact I'm shooting with the owner this weekend. If you guys need anything let me know and I'll ping him about it.
  11. I'll make a note to make this clearer with the next rules update. As long as the case is completely closed and you are not touching the rifle you can reach forward to zip/unzip the case and it's not a sweeping violation.
  12. When I ordered mine way back in April or May I paid in full for the 1100. I had to call the credit card company to let them know because it was a large internet order.
  13. Two different issues. Technically the club should not permit unofficial divisions. If the competitor is not a member then assign to normal division and upload. If the competitor is a member then they should adhere to the rules and only shoot official divisions. For fun stages don’t delete them. That will screw up final results of you do. Stages that do not have an official classifier code entered (SC-10x) will be treated as unofficial stage and ignored for classification purposes. Our club routinely runs 5 official and 1 fun stage.
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