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  1. @MemphisMechanic Thanks for posting the photo. That start position is fine.
  2. Can you explain the "Compressed Ready Start Position". It's not a term I've ever heard relative to Steel Challenge. If you have a picture of someone using this position would you please post it.
  3. I don't think comping a revolver competitor's fee will help grow participation in any meaningful manner. In Steel Challenge we are seeing more activity in revolvers but it is still nothing compared to the growth we've seen in PCC. Here's some gee whiz numbers for you. Back in July 2016 we moved to classification by division and we established a baseline count for each division. At that time ISR had 143 classified competitors, OSR had 61. PCCI had 2 and PCCO had 33. As of March 27th (the last time I submitted my report to USPSA HQ) our counts stood at ISR 400 (up 257), OSR 199 (up 138), PCCI 200 (up 198) and PCCO 1804 (up 1771). My numbers are probably low because they only count those competitors that have a current USPSA membership. One factor that my be attributing to the growth we are seeing is what I call "club 13". It's a list of those competitors that have achieved a classification in all 13 of the Steel Challenge divisions. We currently have 20 people on that list.
  4. They asked me to squad with them to show them how to best shoot each stage :).
  5. I was on Dillon's web site today so I used the chat window to ask about the status of the 1100. I was told June is now the estimated shipping date for them :(. No reason was given for the delay.
  6. I don't want to hijack this thread to discuss it. I'll email you some specific information for where you should see them.
  7. Has anyone that's pre-ordered the RL 1100 or CP 2000 heard anything from Dillon regarding shipping? I'm #5 on the pre-order list and haven't heard anything yet.
  8. You can blame me for a lack of response from USPSA. Heather forwarded me your email last week but I was at the US Steel Shoot. You can ship ammo to the range in advance. Put your Name and USPSA number on the box and ship it to: THE CMP TALLADEGA MARKSMANSHIP PARK 4387 Turner Mill Road Anniston AL 36207
  9. The AMG-Labs time is my timer of choice. I've used one for several months and currently have 5 or 6 on hand. As soon as I can get another 5 they will become our traveling timers. We just concluded the US Steel Shoot and we used them for select squads there. We let the RO's that I knew had hands on experience use them for their squad. I showed it's capabilities to a number of the super squad competitors and they were all very impressed with it. IMO it's the best timer available today. It's tight integration with PractiScore is a HUGE plus as well. I just wish he had a warehouse full of them. I could have sold 50 of them this past week if I had them on hand.
  10. I can't find the specific discussion where I said I would talk with Max Michel at the US Steel Shoot about the XFive and the new red dot. Things didn't go as planned and I didn't get to shoot it but I did get to look at it and handle his Carry Optics XFive. First impression was how heavy the gun is. He's running tungsten guide rod and grip weights in it. The optic sits on top a mounting plate which we've all seen from the photos. Eventually it will be melted into the slide. Compared to the Romeo 1 the glass on the new sight is huge. I didn't have my gun handy so I couldn't get any side by side photos. I'll do that next month when I see him at the World Speed Shooting Championship. I wish I could have spent more time and shot it but we were wrapping up the match and I had to attend to other duties. I know I'll be ordering one as soon as they become available. (No he didn't say when that would be.).
  11. Thanks for posting this. I just ordered one and recommended a reloading buddy get one as well.
  12. CCI Mini Mags. It runs in every Rimfire gun I own.
  13. 7:00 PM EST. It'll be done on PractiScore.
  14. I'm working with a new Steel Challenge open blaster as well. Mine is a hybrid STI Steel Master top end mated to a single stack frame. The gun has a 8 or 9 pound spring in it. I'm pretty sure it's 8 but would have to double check later. I'm currently testing with HS-6 and Berry's 115 and 124 bullets. For the 115 I'm using 6.3 grains and 124 I'm using 6.0. Both recipes are from the HS-6 load data page online. I've shot 3 matches with the gun so far and it runs great with either load (Too bad I can't shoot worth a damn though). The gun will get a thorough cleaning this week in preparation for the US Steel Shoot that starts next week. Good luck finding a load that works well for you.
  15. Thanks all. I will replace the battery today.
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