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  1. Take what I say with a grain of salt because only DNROI makes the rules and rulings but here's my take on it and how I'd handle it as the RM: A centerfire competitor may not remove his holstered firearm and put in in a cart or backpack, etc. for transport. I realize there's no specific rule that that states that so let's assume a competitor does it. Now competitor moves to next stage and takes the holstered firearm out of the cart and puts it back on. In my mind a match DQ under rule would be justification. I know the competitor didn't "drop" the firearm on the ground but
  2. Welcome to the match. We plan to put on the best match we possibly can. If you plans permit do stick around Saturday and Sunday. You will see some of the fastest shooting in the world, literally. Numerous world records were set on the weekend last year. Are you shooting Friday AM or PM? Regarding awards - we have 3 prize tables. One for centerfire pistols, one for rimfire and one for PCC. Everyone walks and everyone takes something home from the prize table. If you can't walk fill out a proxy form and get someone to walk on your behalf. There will be a vendor area for
  3. Comps are permitted in RFPI, RFRI, and PCCI. Basically the difference is the sights.
  4. Here’s a little factoid for you guys. There were 6 new division world records set this year at WSSC. All 6 were either Rimfire or PCC. I haven’t yet analyzed stage results for stage records.
  5. Actual dates are 14-18 April 2021.
  6. Announced today. At CMP next 3 years. Date for 2021 is mid-April.
  7. If results are on our website (SCSA) it means an authorized uploaded posted them.
  8. Not to sound like a jerk but close the forum or sell it. No way would I pay $15 per moth for classified sales. I’ll use Ken’s list on PractiScore going forward.
  9. There are plenty of places to eat. It all depends on what you are hungry for. As far as food during the match there will be food available for you to buy. Usually it’s sandwiches or pizza.
  10. How did you figure out where to drill the hole? I’d like to do that to mine.
  11. We are at over 650 guns entered. You can squad two guns per flight. You are prohibited, by rule, from shooting back to back though.
  12. I use this to track how slow I am :). I figured someone else could get some use out of it as well. It's been updated using the 2020 PST's for all 13 divisions. 2020 PST Breakdown.pdf
  13. Side by side comparison of the XL-650 and 1100. Because I use the in-line fabrication handle the pull seems about the same to me. I did have to lower the bench considerably so that the 1100 handle wouldn’t be above my shoulder. I normally load standing up.
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