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  1. ZackJones

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    If you were life in both you should have been upgraded to a B number. At least that is my understanding. As far as tracking activity we don’t by sport. I lost shot a USPSA handgun match in 2014 and don’t intend to shoot any more going forward. I will say as far as Steel Challenge goes we have seen triple digit growth in 11 of 13 divisions this year.
  2. I had to reload on The Pendulum shooting OSR at FL state. Huge time waster. Fortunately I had 4 other good runs so that string got tossed. OSR is different but lots of fun to shoot. I’m planning to come to Area 2 in 2019 and will bring my OSR.
  3. ZackJones

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    Guess that means I won’t see you in GA next March.
  4. Start slow and run it as an introduction to Steel Challenge. I wouldn’t bother to keep score at the intro class. See what kind of interest there is and find out who is willing to help. It gets old fast setting up stages your self.
  5. ZackJones

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    Tier 2 can omit Outer Limits and Speed Option. 6 Stage state matches are really fun. With enough daylight you can easily run two flights per day. 3 hours for morning session an hour for lunch and 3 hours for afternoon session. This is with 10 gun squads which seems to be the sweet spot for squadding.
  6. ZackJones

    First Steel Challenge

    Speaking of 9mm Revolver which moon clips do you guys recommend? I see he has the standard 0.035 some that are 0.01 thicker and some 0.040 which would give the tightest fit. I’ll be using these with a S&W 929.
  7. ZackJones

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    I did a quick skim of the by laws and nothing jumped out at me regarding the membership requirement. We, as an organization, do want to have consistent set of requirements across our matches. Where it makes sense (magazine placement, for example) our rules are different. Personally if there was one rule I wish we would get changed is the capacity limit in Production. 10 in mag only makes no sense to me. Shooting sports, in general, are not a cheap sport. Membership costs either $25 or $40 per year. That’s nothing when you compare it to the cost of most firearms or a reloading press, etc. I’ve worked a LOT of state level matches this year and not one time has a competitor or spouse or parent expressed any concern over membership requirements. In fact I usually talk with non-members and after our talk and they understand the benefits of membership many join that weekend so they can become classified the following Wednesday. The rule is in the book. We have a feedback mechanism in place. I would encourage you to share your opinion with the BoD. While Troy or I may draft the rules ultimately it’s the BoD for our organization that approves or disapproves them.
  8. ZackJones

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    Interesting points. I will need to confirm but I believe the USPSA Bylaws State that matches higher than club level require membership. If that is the case then we need to enforce what is in our bylaws. I will check it out tomorrow.
  9. ZackJones

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    This change was made to align our rules with the USPSA handgun rules. It’s not being enforced until 2019 even though it is in the rule book. I think you have an uphill battle ahead trying to convince the BoD to reverse the current rule.
  10. 10 is good for two strings, right .
  11. ZackJones

    Classifier system question

    Times are not averaged. I just shot Single Stack last weekend to round out my 13th division classification. This should make me the 4th guy in the world to be classified in all 13 divisions. At the match we shot Accelerator, Showdown, Smoke & Hope and Roundabout. My time and PST for each stage are shown below: Accelerator - 19.53/11.5 Showdown - 21.46/10.5 S&H - 23.32/10.5 Roundabout - 23.32/10.5 Total 83.52/43 To calculate class you divide the total PST values 43 by my total time and then multiply by 100 for percentage. Which works out to 51.48 or C class.
  12. ZackJones

    Modify existing gun or go the custom route?

    Depends. Do you want to go broke overnight or slowly over time . Start with your stock setup and upgrade as you need to upgrade. One upgrade I would recommend if you plan to shoot irons would be to either add a compensator if the barrel supports it or get a replacement barrel that does. That way the timers have a better chance of picking up the shots. One last thing if you don’t have 5 mags for each rifle I would buy mags before anything else.
  13. ZackJones

    RO’s Stationary or Move With Squad

    This is totally unacceptable. The RO’s not informing you of a called miss is not running the stage properly. Sorry you had it happen to you.
  14. ZackJones

    New peak times spread sheet

    Even more useful now that it’s right . Happy to help out.
  15. ZackJones

    New peak times spread sheet

    On the classification page click the classification policy link and skim through it.