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  1. That’s a bug. It should not download the stages again. Contact support@practiscore.com and let them know.
  2. You can had production gun in holster while shooting RFPO but if production gun should accidentally fall out during a string you would be DQ’d for dropped gun.
  3. This is absolutely permitted. I do it all the time. As a match official I'm usually running around like a chicken with my head cut off so I always bag my center fire pistol. The only possible problem is if you open the case and the muzzle is pointed in the wrong direction. For that reason I always put the pistol in the case the exact same way.
  4. I'd think it's allowed so post away. I would like to know his thoughts on the subject. I know we (steel challenge competitors) have 100% support from Foley.
  5. If I were king for the day I'd eliminate the movement. Change the box to 3x3 and have everyone shoot from the center box only. Or another possibility would be to keep the two outside boxes and shot it like showdown but I don't know without setting it up if the outside boxes would be too far apart.
  6. Based on what you said the stage is not setup in compliance with the rules and should not be used for classification. The boxes should be 4x4 not 3x3. Moving between boxes is risky for all competitors. At WSSC this year Team Glock Captain Shane Coley fell between boxes and dropped his gun resulting in his DQ from the match. Based on them not painting plates I'm surprised they DQ'd the person that dropped the gun. If they are willing to ignore one rule (panting plates between competitors) why both enforcing any rules?? Regarding the MD allowing you to shoot from center box - Given this range ignores rules then I'm sure they'd let the MD make that call. Per rule though it's Range Master decision. If the stage is in an unsafe condition the Range Master should discontinue shooting on it until it's made safe for all competitors. Have you expressed your safety concerns to the MD?
  7. I found this on the Dillon Forum where the CP2000 was being discussed: So yet another delay :(.
  8. I use Ubiquiti gear along with the cradle point. Basically I create what Ubiquiti calls a mesh network meaning one or more access points talk to each other. We used the following setup at WSSC: Mesh8 <-> Mesh7 <-> Mesh6 <-> Mesh5 <-> Mesh4 <-> MASTER AP / Cradle Point <-> Mesh1 <-> Mesh2 <-> Mesh3 This was probably overkill but it worked like a champ. The Master AP was powered by AC outlet and all other Mesh AP's were powered by batteries. We use iPads for scoring and that version of PractiScore supports score logging which sends an email to the competitor with their stage time as soon as they tap the approve button. The Cradle Point provides the Internet connection to the private WiFi network. We ran this setup Wed - Sunday morning and it worked like a champ. We pushed 1.5 GB of data through the cradle point over the course of the match.
  9. For home club we run the matches on an open network. For large matches like US Steel Shoot and WSSC I run it on a private WiFi network and use a Cradle Point device to provide Internet Connectivity for score logging. I'm coming down for the West Coast Steel Challenge match and I can bring my gear down if you want to check it out. It would be interesting to see how much gear it would take to cover all bays. I'd guess not much at all.
  10. Did they announce an estimated price or availability date?
  11. FWIW when it was originally posted they (HQ) used the wrong template which didn't include the down/print option. When I saw this post I told them and they fixed it.
  12. Thanks for the update. I sure hope it's worth the wait.
  13. @MemphisMechanic Thanks for posting the photo. That start position is fine.
  14. Can you explain the "Compressed Ready Start Position". It's not a term I've ever heard relative to Steel Challenge. If you have a picture of someone using this position would you please post it.
  15. I don't think comping a revolver competitor's fee will help grow participation in any meaningful manner. In Steel Challenge we are seeing more activity in revolvers but it is still nothing compared to the growth we've seen in PCC. Here's some gee whiz numbers for you. Back in July 2016 we moved to classification by division and we established a baseline count for each division. At that time ISR had 143 classified competitors, OSR had 61. PCCI had 2 and PCCO had 33. As of March 27th (the last time I submitted my report to USPSA HQ) our counts stood at ISR 400 (up 257), OSR 199 (up 138), PCCI 200 (up 198) and PCCO 1804 (up 1771). My numbers are probably low because they only count those competitors that have a current USPSA membership. One factor that my be attributing to the growth we are seeing is what I call "club 13". It's a list of those competitors that have achieved a classification in all 13 of the Steel Challenge divisions. We currently have 20 people on that list.
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