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  1. I've run the same setup in 9, 40, and 38 special for years. I did run the failsafe rod by rotating the powder measure. I've recently started processing my brass with a U-die on a Lee APP. I'm going to free up the station on my 650 for a bullet feeder.
  2. The 550 is a great well balanced press that wasn't designed for a case feeder. The lack of auto index doesn't slow it down. The 650 is a great press that was designed for a case feeder The 550 with a case feeder is unbalanced (your left hand has to advance and place a bullet) finicky press. I owned a 550 and wanted to go faster. I debated about selling it and buying a 650 or adding a case feeder to 550. I bought the 550 case feeder. When it worked it was a little faster. When it didn't it was a frustrating PITA. I ended up buying a 650, selling the 550. I would ha
  3. My 650 setups in 9, 40, 38spl are 1 Dillon Sizing die 2 Lee U-die (not flared enough to prevent case smashing in station 1) with primer punch removed 3 flare & powder drop. I have it rotated so that the fail safe rod still works. Others swap over to springs 4 Dillon seating die 5 Dillon sizing die
  4. I just completed the online course. All in all it was on par or better than other online training I've had to do for work.
  5. I was in a similar situation to you. I wanted to load faster but didn't want to deal with selling my 550 and buying a 650 (didn't have room for both). I could never get the 550 working with the case feeder reliably for all calibers I loaded. It worked but I was constantly fiddling with it (which slowed me down significantly). The manual indexing was NOT an issue without the casefeeder but it definitely limits you with one. I finally broke down and bought a 650, sold the 550, and used the casefeeder for my case pro. The 550 is a great machine and if I had the room I would still have it b
  6. WST is reverse temperature sensitive. The higher the temp the slower it shoots. I shot A7 a few years ago with a guy who got bumped from Major to Minor using WST on a HOT day. That was after he got bumped from Limited to Open.
  7. This is how I used to reload on my 550. I never had a squib or double charge in the tens of thousands of rounds I loaded on my 550.
  8. Sorry for the old thread revival. I am going through this issue setting up .40 10-rounders for my STI DVC Limited. The stock followers/springs make it very difficult to get the 10th round in and almost impossible to seat on a closed slide. I picked up the Dawson 0.300" +0 basepads which are great. Is there a better basepad retainer than the STI one with the star? The hole diameter is larger than the star and basepads move around a bit. I also picked up the Dawson Competition STI Follower For 40 S&W/45 ACP based on this thread. It's going to take a fiddling to
  9. I used to use 3.5gr HP-38/W231 @ 1.105" in my M&P9 Pro (~135 PF). The profile of the Precision Black Bullets make you load them short.
  10. I have a Speed Shooters Specialties L10 brass magwell. If they every do another run of the brass L10 or Limited magwell I'd buy one for my backup gun.
  11. The 550 is a great balanced machine without a case feeder. The 550 case feeder was an afterthought. I was in the same position: I was happy with the 550 but wanted to increase production. I thought about buying the case feeder or upgrading to 650. I bought the case feeder and struggled with getting it to work reliably with multiple calibers (9, 40, .38spl). I ended up buying a 650, selling the 550 and my 550 case feeder feeds my casepro. I know a few people that are happy with their case fed 550 but I know more that tried it, got frustrated, and upgraded to a 650. YMMV but the good th
  12. In my carmonized 617 CCI blazer is the most reliable. It's more certain to light off than CCI mini-mags, CCI SV, Federal bulk (550 bulk packs), or Aguilla SV.
  13. The gritty take up is the striker block and the trigger bar. If you want to get rid of that remove and polish the striker block or replace it with the APEX ultimate striker block (USB) and polish the trigger bar.
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