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  1. JFIII

    Open Gun Pictures

    Other side. All hand milling, no CNC.
  2. JFIII

    Open Gun Pictures

    Errol Lawson (KealCustom) 38 Super Comp in Black Nickel ?
  3. JFIII

    Enhanced Trigger Gaurd

    I put an anodized one on my M2. I really like it
  4. JFIII

    Homemade 3 gun carts

    Cardboard, PVC, zip ties, Duct tape very helpful in the planning stages!
  5. JFIII

    Homemade 3 gun carts

    If you zoom in top box/bar, I think you can see raw conduit and the Loctite putty
  6. JFIII

    Homemade 3 gun carts

    My neighbor tack welded bars (electric conduit), instead of typical u-clamps. I used Locktite putty to clean up welds and sanded smooth before painting.
  7. JFIII

    Homemade 3 gun carts

    I would be happy to post more pictures and build notes. Yes it still folds, bottom box removes and stroller folds up. Trying to find good way to resize photos. It started as Craigslist purchase
  8. JFIII

    Homemade 3 gun carts

    I have been playing with this for awhile.