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  1. I believe AMG-lab has stopped providing the belt clip as an option. He might begin offering it again in the future if he can reduce production cost. That is my understanding.
  2. There is a company making 3D printed belt clips for the Commander timer. Shooterstoolbox.com
  3. Aluminium version Cheely E2 Aggressive
  4. New Cheely Aggressive (Aluminium) for my Open Steel Challenge pistol. Should hopefully have it on the gun this weekend.
  5. If you go to Lone Star Inovations Facebook page you can see higher resolution pictures. When you zoom in on the texture you can see he left more of the points of where they circle of the pattern intersect. I’m assuming he knocks those points down to make less aggressive grips. The EVO has slightly less raised points. Both grips have great texture. I have the EVO on my limited gun that I posted earlier.
  6. Not much more but you can notice a difference. I got the most aggressive texture LSI offers.
  7. Similar to PT Evo on size. More aggressive than EVO if you get the aggressive option from LSI. The front undercut and the fitment of mag release are the biggest difference. LSI includes the mag release not included with EVO
  8. Yes, I believe any magwell will fit. You can get single undercut if you want.
  9. This picture shows the undercut in the front better
  10. It’s a different contour. I should have it installed today on my open gun and will update pictures. I’ll try to show that section better.
  11. Lone Star Inovations Outlaw Grip is awesome. More aggressive than Evo. The undercut feels really good. I should have it mounted on the pistol this weekend. I’ll update with pictures when done
  12. Other side. All hand milling, no CNC.
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