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  1. I heard back from Alpha Dynamics USA and they confirmed that the numbering was initially counter-clockwise (correct) but European customers complained (???) and wanted clockwise numbering, so they reversed it. Armanov's click-knob had the same issue, but they revised it, at least for American customers. Anyway, Alpha Dynamics graciously offered to let me return it for a refund, but I declined since it works well and it's cheaper than the Armanov. It still confuses me sometimes, but I'm learning to ignore the numbers when making small adjustments. They're still useful as reference points in my log book for switching between charges.
  2. The strange thing is that the second pic is from Saul's video, where he shows how to install the version 2 knob.
  3. I recently bought a v2 DAA click knob for my powder measure, and I keep confusing myself because the numbering is backwards (picture 1, from DAA's website), where bigger numbers mean a lower charge.. But in the installation video, the numbering is correct (picture 2). And to make things even more confusing, the same product on the Shooters Connection site has the correct numbering, opposite from what I received and from the product pictures on DAA's website. What's going on here? Does anyone else have one of these, and if so, which way do the numbers go? DAA listing: https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/daa-click-adjustable-powder-knob-v2 Shooters Connection listing: https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/DAA-Click-Adjustable-Powder-knob-V2-P5650.aspx
  4. Good to know, thanks! I've got a couple spare CGW springs in case the RAMI & Grauffel springs don't arrive before this weekend's match.
  5. That's probably the easiest option. Factory springs are pretty stout and probably will never wear out, considering that the gun still runs fine with a flimsy mangled CGW spring. Already ordered the RAMI springs though. Mostly I'm just glad to hear I wasn't being a complete idiot and somehow mangling the springs every time I installed them. CGW stuff is generally so good so I was a little surprised.
  6. Having no firing pin spring would be bad, but it seems like a broken or worn out spring might not cause any problems as long as it still stops the firing pin from protruding too far. That's not a theory I want to test in my competition gun, though.
  7. Also, I never noticed this issue with my SP-01s, but it was more of a pain to pull those firing pins so I didn't do so as often, and the firing pin retaining pin probably absorbed a lot of the energy, at least during dry fire.
  8. I'm not convinced it's actually an important part. As long as there's *something* there to keep the pin from protruding too far and prevent the pin from slamming into the channel during dryfire, it seems to work fine. But I also don't want to test this theory at a major match.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Just ordered an Eric Grauffel spring and a handful of RAMI springs (because they're cheap) from BSPS. We'll see how these hold up.
  10. I finally chrono'd the American Eagle 147gr I had been shooting before I (recently) started reloading, and it was averaging 156 PF out of my Shadow 2 barrel! Factory spec is 147 PF out of a 4" barrel so you'd expect it to be a little faster, but not that much more.
  11. I'm running a Shadow 2 with the standard CGW upgrades, and every time I remove the firing pin it seems that the CGW reduced-power firing pin spring is totally worn out, twisted up and about half the original length. This happens after only a few hundred rounds. The result is that the base of the firing pin doesn't protrude at all then the chamber is empty, and is barely proud of the stop when the tip is pushed back by a chambered round. I'm not getting light strikes, but I've replaced a few springs so far just to be on the safe side. Is this normal for these springs, and is it an issue? I've heard the Eric Grauffel reduced-power springs are a bit more robust, but if it's not an issue I'll just leave it as is.
  12. Hi Todd, can I get on the waitlist for 9mm standard? Thanks!
  13. I had RedHill Tactical make a holster for my DC Precision Glock w/ frame weight, and I have to say I was really disappointed. The sight channel wasn't tall enough for adjustable Dawson sights. RHT's owner was rude and said it was my fault for not specifying "suppressor height" sights when I ordered the holster, despite the fact that these are not suppressor height. I have an RHT holster for my CZ that came with plenty of room for adjustable Dawson sights, so maybe it's luck of the draw. I ended up taking a round file and removing almost all the inner layer of Kydex at the top of the sight channel. It's not pretty, but it'll do. My fault for ignoring all the RHT customer service horror stories that have been floating around the local clubs.
  14. Is anyone running some sort of compensator on a rimfire rifle to make it easier for the timer to pick it up? All I want is a little more volume with no loss of accuracy/reliability. (Plus some bonus tacticool appeal, of course.)
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