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  1. More on this scam: https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=116275.0
  2. That looks very suspicious to me. I've already encountered a couple of fake online gun shops today — deltaarmsbroker dot com and crockrugerarms dot com — and this has some of the same hallmarks. The domain was registered earlier this year, there's minimal contact info, the hours are wonky, and there's no address. If you add something to your cart and try to check out, you'll find they only accept Zelle and bitcoin. And somehow this brand new store has all the rare models in stock. ETA: There are a few reports here of people who were scammed:
  3. I run a Tandemkross comp on my 10/22, but only because the gun is so quiet with CCI standard velocity. I got tired of reshooting a good string because the timer missed my last shot. The gun is definitely louder, but I don’t perceive any difference with muzzle rise, which is already almost negligible.
  4. CGW notes that the RRK shortens the double action stroke and they recommend not going lighter than a 13lb hammer spring. I have an RRK installed and recently went to an 11.5lb spring with no issues, but I also have an extended firing pin and a RAMI firing pin spring.
  5. I was running .356 SNS bullets first, so I stuck with that size in BB. Both SNS 135gr RN and BB 135gr FP are very accurate in my S2. I don't know if .355 would have been less accurate, but some S2 barrels apparently don't like them as much.
  6. I'd have stuck with the 147s if I could have loaded them that long. According to my notes, the push test results for that bullet in my S2 were in the 1.09" to 1.1" range, so I was loading them around 1.08".
  7. 147gr RN Blue Bullets didn't work well in my Shadow 2. The OAL is just too short, and a lot of rounds fail the case gauge. 135gr TCs work great, though. I order them in .356. Not sure if it makes a difference, but some CZs don't like .355 coated bullets and it's the same price for either size. If you really want 147gr bullets, I've had decent luck with SNS. But in my gun the 135gr bullets (both SNS and BB) are a bit more accurate and consistent, and I can't perceive any difference in recoil between the two weights at the same power factor anyway.
  8. I voted for reshoot. There's no way a shooter is going to perceive the difference between the front and backing target while on the clock. While moving and shooting from any reasonable distance, that hit appears to be a delta. I don't think it's the same as a fly on the target or whatever. First of all, that's not a setup issue. But the fly also is very unlikely to be at the exact point where the shooter called their shot and visually verified. Perfect competitive equity obviously isn't possible: targets will shift slightly in the wind, poppers can't be set up 100% the same way/calibration every single run, etc. But this is something that was under the control of the staff and because that was the cause of the failure/inequity, a reshoot is justified.
  9. Here's my RHT SP-01 holster (left) versus my GX Vice holster for a Shadow 2 (right). Keep in mind this is the better of my two RHT holsters; I had to work on my Red Hill Tactical Glock holster with dremel and file to even get the gun to fit. The GX holster fits much better, and much more care was taken to shape and polish the exterior, not to mention the retention clamp that is reason alone to go with GX.
  10. Not a fan of RHT at all. Fit is inconsistent, service is terrible. My SP01 holster was okay, but then I ordered a Glock holster and I had to dremel out one layer of Kydex so the Dawson front sight would fit. The owner was extremely rude and said it was my fault for not specifiying "suppressor-height" sights, but I have ordinary adjustable sights, nowhere near as tall as suppressor height. For my Shadow 2, I switched to GX Products and couldn't be happier. Fit and finish of the GX Vice is light-years ahead of RHT.
  11. I love the Lok Palm Swells. I have Bogies on my SP-01 that I sanded very lightly because they were very sharp. Went with Roughnecks on my Shadow 2, since I wanted grips slightly less sharp. But if I had it to do over again I'd go with Bogies on the Shadow 2 as well. The Roughnecks are perfectly fine, but I prefer the Bogies, even if they need very slight smoothing.
  12. Yes, the rules are literally different at level I matches. But I personally won't tip off a brand new shooter about a missed target because I've had to DQ first-time shooters who broke the 180 trying to get back to a forgotten array.
  13. Presses are backordered with waitlists. $40 Lee 9mm die sets are going for $100+ on eBay. Everyone is jumping into reloading, some too late. That being said, I've still been able to get my desired bullets (SNS 135gr RN) just by patiently checking the site daily. And since primers are the real bottleneck, I suspect the bullet makers will begin to catch up over the next few months.
  14. The disconnector slips and decouples the trigger bar from the hammer in DA mode causing the hammer to drop, so maybe it's a disconnector in that sense?
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