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  1. I love the Lok Palm Swells. I have Bogies on my SP-01 that I sanded very lightly because they were very sharp. Went with Roughnecks on my Shadow 2, since I wanted grips slightly less sharp. But if I had it to do over again I'd go with Bogies on the Shadow 2 as well. The Roughnecks are perfectly fine, but I prefer the Bogies, even if they need very slight smoothing.
  2. Yes, the rules are literally different at level I matches. But I personally won't tip off a brand new shooter about a missed target because I've had to DQ first-time shooters who broke the 180 trying to get back to a forgotten array.
  3. Presses are backordered with waitlists. $40 Lee 9mm die sets are going for $100+ on eBay. Everyone is jumping into reloading, some too late. That being said, I've still been able to get my desired bullets (SNS 135gr RN) just by patiently checking the site daily. And since primers are the real bottleneck, I suspect the bullet makers will begin to catch up over the next few months.
  4. The disconnector slips and decouples the trigger bar from the hammer in DA mode causing the hammer to drop, so maybe it's a disconnector in that sense?
  5. Okay, this may be a really dumb question. But my understanding is that a disconnector is typically the part in a trigger group that decouples the trigger from the sear, preventing full-auto or at least hammer follow. But on a CZ, the ridge on the top of the trigger bar itself decouples sear from the trigger after firing. The disconnector just actuates the hammer in DA mode, and is completely unnecessary in a SAO CZ, right? So why is this part called the disconnector?
  6. I have no idea how many times my brass has been loaded. If it's not damaged, I'm going to use it.
  7. One reason I like this sport, at least at the clubs I've shot at, is that the only trash-talking I see is back-and-forth between friends, and everyone is ultimately supportive. Great shooter tanks a stage? Yeah, they're probably gonna hear about it. But if a new shooter tanks a stage, you hear a lot of "hey, that happens to all of us sometimes" along with friendly advice. And when someone burns down a stage? Everyone's there to genuinely congratulate them, even the people who just got beat.
  8. The nice thing about the GX Vice holster is you *can* draw from a locked holster without damaging your gun or holster. It takes a sharp, determined pull, but the gun will come free.
  9. At our L1 matches, the ROs are shooting too. Often I'm on a squad with only one other RO, and so I get a quick break when I'm on deck, load my mags as fast as I can after I shoot, and otherwise I'm running the timer or at least the tablet the rest of the time. It's a lot of work. Now it's supposed to be my job to police brass and do all the tear down too? No way. Help out or stay home. L2+ matches are a different story, since set up and tear down can take full or multiple days, but the fees are higher and there are perks for the ROs and staff.
  10. I don't know about where you shoot, but at my club the money goes to paying for the use of range, supplies, and USPSA fees. Nobody's making a profit off of it. This is a volunteer sport. A lot of people work hard, for free, to put on a match and you're complaining you have to carry some props back to the shed?
  11. OEM front sights? I've broken Dawson front sights on my SP-01s, but the S2 front sight looked a little more robust. Maybe I should pick up a spare.
  12. Just make sure all the primers are properly seated if you're using a shell holder in place of the collet: https://www.shootersforum.com/threads/inertial-bullet-puller-warning.50347/
  13. FWIW, an SP-01 will fit in most Shadow 2 holsters, but not vice versa. I shot an SP-01 for a couple years before getting a Shadow 2, and still bring the SP-01 my backup gun. But when I finally buy a proper backup gun, it will be another Shadow 2.
  14. I thought about that and double-checked that the sizing die was as low as possible, but this only happens with one type of bullet. Sized cases drop into the case gauge without a problem.
  15. I added the Alpha Dropper a couple weeks after the Redding die to see if better expansion would help with the problem. I might have to put the Dillon seating die back just to confirm it isn't some other issue.
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