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  1. I saw both in person. They couldn't physically do the prone shooting on a stage and just stood and shot. It was also a super retarded stage to be brutally honest. Lika few of them are just super super dumb.
  2. rowdyb

    X5 Legion rear sight

    Maybe he said something new... or maybe it was a one-off deal. All I know is the rear sightsight notch drives me insane.
  3. rowdyb

    X5 Legion rear sight

    Strader told me today that Warren makes a replacement rear blade for the stock sight. Has anyone seen or used this?
  4. I do have a few pics. But they are kinda crap haha. And I think most the stages are same same exactly between pcc and pistol match other than the warm ups. Btw, I was 7th overall for pcc nats.
  5. Yeah having paid for mbx or svi mags in the past I hear that!! Two for the price of one of those!
  6. I've had a ipsc standard, regular ts and a new tso. I know that already
  7. Looked at stages today. Every target has either a t shirt or a faux chest plate hard cover.
  8. If it truly will hold 21+1 of 40 in legal length mags that don't have to be constantly tuned that right there is a win.
  9. How they are holding their gun matters more than anything else.
  10. The first TS I had, actually an used 'ipsc standard', i had very old versions of czc pads and spring/followers and I had two mags that would take 22 reliably. I didn't set them up, they came with my gun and I always kept those mags for as long as I could hahaha.
  11. I tried desperately to love my Sig MPX. But it continually failed me as a match gun. Bought a JP GMR 15 and now I never ever think about the gun. Just shoot.
  12. In 40 I've owned a STI Edge and Eagle. An Atlas Titan. Two TS and one TS Orange. If you don't want to play with the gun and just buy parts and shoot I would get the TSO. If Limited was going to be your sole focus I would steer you towards a 2011 variant. In the CZ versus Tangfo the above reasons are all true. Look at buying small parts for them and their year round availability. Look at who responds to your emails fastest. Look at how many are shot by regular people, not the stars. What didn't I like about my TS? The grip. What didn't I like about my TSO? I never felt I got it balanced spring wise. The feeling of how the gun cycled never matched the 2011's feeling. What did I love about my TS and TSO? Well I shoot a CZ a lot in Prod so they are familiar inside. You can get mags that hold 22 of 40 and easily be legal. The grip on the TSO was miles and miles better than the regular TS. (I wear medium gloves) The price of the TSO was awesome and it came with a ton of parts. And when I went to sell it it sold instantly.
  13. It may be emotionally but I don't feel like it is physically. Due either to timing or to the fact we have 8 area matches that do nothing to add validity to being national champion. To me, I'd rather see a system based off multiple events that occur through the year. Kind of like we already have. Since we don't have wins and losses in our sport it has to be points for finish percentage. It seems crazy that, and this is an example not a true story, someone could shoot 8 area matches and win their division in each one but if they don't go to nats then they're not the champion. And this would far yield more data, more competitors, more time and more challenges. If your reason for nats being one big match is that it's a better test (and i disagree ) then how much better would it be to crown a champ from 8 events? Pscore can do it, they've done it before as I have it in my results.
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