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  1. I found the exact same thing trying to set up a gen5 g17 and g34 simultaneously. All my good knowledge and parts sources from gen3 guns didn't seem to transfer as much as I'd like. (Still easier to set them up than a P10 though)
  2. So is your question about the nature of the test or the nature of steel projectiles?
  3. Because you need a test that is easy to conduct, repeatable and has a pass/fail result. A magnet test does all these items. A hardness, splatter or ricochet test does not.
  4. I always dry fire at home or the hotel before a match. Sometimes with a snapcap in the gun. Twice I have heard make ready, once at a sectional match and once at a local, and racked out my morning's snapcap as I went to load my gun for the first stage. At the sectional the RO said, "Pick that up and put it in your pocket before I see it." I was able to keep shooting the match. At the local I was teased loudly and mercilessly. I asked if I had to go home and said I'd understand and instead I was allowed to shoot but was cursed at and made fun of all day. (Fair trade if you ask me, though no "leg
  5. get a base tac sport and use a trigger guard mounted light.
  6. No, I do not do reloads subconsciously everytime I move. What I mean is I often see Prod shooters approach their initial stage plan with the idea "where should my reloads be?" as the first thing they figure out, if not to them the most important. Especially if there are options to shoot 8,10 or 11 shots from multiple places. Rather my hierarchy places very little import on where the reload happens. I do not consciously look for them, they appear where they should because instead I look at as far more important being 1. The most efficient movement pattern through the stage and 2. In
  7. Yes. 9mm ammo is extremely hard to find and often costing 50-75 cents a round. Or about .64 Euro per round. Which is 3 times the usual cost. If you reload, projectiles themselves take 1 to 3 months to arrive. And small pistol primers are virtually non existant. On the secondary market 1,000 small pistol primers sell instantly for $100 and others are selling them at up to $250 per 1,000 primers. I live in a gun friendly state, in the 6th largest city in the USA and it is that difficult. There are pockets of places that get things or seem to be less bothered but on the whole it is curr
  8. Time to update my answer. I compete with CZ Shadow 2 in Production and Carry Optics. I now rotate my ccw between a Sig P365, CZ P-10c and CZ P-01. The 365 is easier to dress for. The P 10 conceals well for a bigger pistol and has the ease of a striker fired gun. The P01 feels most like my match gun and I can shoot amazingly accurate with it. Each of my choices also has some negatives but there is what I compete with and the guns I carry on the daily.
  9. Honestly I probably would do that. I have the time and means and home approval. What I don't have is any ammo. I have truly just 4k of 9mm to last me the rest of the year. Every major, every local, every practice session and my teaching has to come out of those 4k for the entire year. I wouldn't even care about all the possible new Covid exposure if I had a much bigger pile of ammo.
  10. Because a prominent pcc shooter wanted something like it to happen. The timing is horrible. The rules are goofy. Not interested.
  11. slide stop, optic, grip screw, optic mounting screw, plate mounting screw, magazine parts. in my experience nothing really breaks on the regular on the shadow 2's. (where as the sp01 guns you for sure needed a slide stop and trigger return spring) so your issues are going to be more related to the optic and its mount versus anything in the "ignition" functions of the gun.
  12. i buy all my euro stuff from seboweapons
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