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  1. Having the dot of sufficient height lets you lean your head over a bit and still look through the sight with your right eye. Why aren't both eyes open?
  2. I didn't mean you specifically. But I remember living in a state myself where a couple years there was 1 match a year within a 5 hour drive time. One match a year to get points. 2 matches if you'd drive 7 hours one way. I've had years myself where I spent 20 grand flying to matches. So I think I understand the issue completely.
  3. because controlling the frame of the gun (who cares what the slide does, it is supposed to move) is accomplished already with a grip where both hands have their fingers closer together. i love Lena and we're friends but I would not use her as an example as why this grip should be used. to me the only lesson to be learned is you can get away with unconventional if you put a lifetime of work behind it.
  4. So none of the earlier model sig romeo rds will work?
  5. why not just get the non-Max version?
  6. Just buy any of the Sig sights that will mount directly and with a 5-6moa dot. Done.
  7. It would be nice if the points system rewarded finish as well as participation. There is too much a coincidence of geography to get 14 points. Or count points for more than one year as well, count all the years in between World shoots. (which I think is how they did it last time....)
  8. Depends on what your goals are... It is speed AND accuracy. Thinking of it as speed OR accuracy will only limit you. If I go back to when I started shooting I've always been a slower/more points kind of guy. And I beat the faster/drop points guys for years who started when I did. But as time went on it was easier for them to bring in accuracy than it was for me to develop speed. And they're now beating me all the time. Over time it is easier to learn accuracy than it is to learn to speed up.
  9. Yep, and this is why what you're doing at your wrist, more proximal, is more important than what you're doing more distally with your fingers if you want to work in that plane/vector. Also, I don't think she is a pistol GM. Just pcc.
  10. I would kill for a 2% improvement. To put that into perspective the last Prod nats I was 44th overall and 77.32 percent. And beating some hefty names. But give me 2% and now I'm 34th place! Let alone the 5% you're talking about that would move me to 22nd overall. So yeah, to me 5% is wayyyyy to much to ever give up.
  11. And now I want a carbon fiber buffer tube from composites to match my hand guard!
  12. Dental pick, brass brush, contact cleaner. Or prop the gun up and leave the comp submerged in the ultra sonic cleaner.
  13. I'm gonna go out on a limb then and say it is easier to be 50% of the best Prod shooters in the nation than it is to be 50% of the best Limited shooters in the nation. Shooting minor is easier on you physically. The guns take less work to run perfectly. Everyone has roughly the same gear whereas in Lim it can be wildly divergent. And usually the reloads are hidden in movement. To me it seems a question you're asking kind of obliquely is, "how do i measure my improvement?". As you've noted there can be wild differences in a local match based on who shows up. I know a lot of clubs out in the wild that have not a single M of GM and if you're that clubs only A and you're beating everyone up week and week out you'll think you're awesome. Usually that person has an eye opening moment when they do their first area match. That's why I at least find it easier to have people track their progress via classifiers and by looking at how many penalties they shoot and their C to A ratio of hits when they start out and just don't know what they don't know. Can you get to the point you shoot locals without a single penalty? If not, then you have some improving to do. How many C hits do you have relative to A hits? If you shot 8 C at a match and 89 A hits well then 8 is 8.2% of 97 combined hits. Is that number going up or down for you?
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