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  1. rowdyb


    i had none left on my belt. it was a partial mag from earlier.
  2. rowdyb


    This me at A8 this year. I admit to shooting a very very poor stage with numerous errors on my part. I realized at the last position I needed a mag on the ground to have enough rounds. As I moved the contact occurred. We both brought it up at ulsc. I quickly agreed and was shot a way better score. Anyways my ugly video of this kind of incident.
  3. rowdyb

    Drones or no drones?

    The range is public, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy. I vote no only because everytime someone has flown a drone while I've been shooting the rise and fall in sound from the props as they move it around are really annoying. If the noise was constant I could handle it, but no one loiters a drone in one place on station for the whole 6 hours of the match.
  4. When everyone is a volunteer and everything is veiled under not-for-profit the officiants at our level 2 and higher matches will always be below what could be considered professional in their training, knowledge and application of such. We're operating at the level of a good youth summer sports league, not even at the level of high school football. I'm not saying that's bad, just how I see it and the level I've come to accept.
  5. rowdyb

    SP-01 OAL Issues

    I have loaded many different bullets for SP01 guns down to 1.080" length and 1.100" being a very common overall length for me with a lot of bullets. Reaming is always a nice and inexpensive option if you are married to a certain bullet and profile. It's also nice then if you have other 9mm guns you end up with less of a gun specific load for your ammo, being able to load and shoot it out of other guns more readily.
  6. I used the wrong range commands on Troy at a sectional match once. He gave me the card with them on it. I learned them and use them properly all the time now. I have never taken the RO class. Improper range commands bug me to no end.
  7. The long sticks I didn't mind at this match. It was noticeable on the stage with two clamshells up front but I am positive it was a weather related decision. Having stage one tossed due to RO incompetence was far far more bothersome than any target stick.
  8. I chose flat point because of the idea that they provide more bearing surface against the lands and grooves. Hopefully more twist engagement equals more accuracy. Now the bbuutttt...., but I am now shooting up a lot of round nose profile bullets as it makes it easier to load ammo for different makes and types of guns I have in 9mm, rather than a very specific CZ pistol 9mm load.
  9. rowdyb

    Cz shadow 2 or shadow for carry optics

    I'd go shadow 2.
  10. I find it easier to concentrate with not breaks for talking, thinking, or anything that can or could happen in the break between strings. I don't want to hear "good run", or even the time, or "prepare for you rnext string". I want to shoot, reset to the appropriate start position and then hear the commands and a beep. Nothing else. I do this with Prod as well in SC. It's not that I care how long the space is between strings more than I really really care what that space is filled up with. If I set a quick tempo and am prepared quickly it gives less time for something I can't control to intrude on this space.
  11. 93% in PCCO, so only M not GM. But I just use one mag. I do not want extra time to think between stages. I want to go go go.
  12. rowdyb

    Forcing you to stay inside FFZ

    I think why it's frowned upon most places is because it is a militaristic term and while IPSC then USPSA were initially much more martial it is now far more sport oriented. The term is pretty much accurate in that it is an area you have very few restrictions on what you do, and many terms used on a military range that many are familiar with and could work just fine in what we do. But....I wouldn't use it because it's not common across the nation, it presupposes a background that understands military terms and finally it's also been used as a term for engagement where the normal ROE don't apply. It's something I'd expect to hear at airsoft, not uspsa.
  13. rowdyb

    Forcing you to stay inside FFZ

    And stop using the term "free fire zone". ? Even if that is your local colloquialism.
  14. rowdyb

    Forcing you to stay inside FFZ

    There's a difference between being given a script to follow, knowing it ahead of time and as acknowledged as consistent with the norms and rules. What was described by the OP is not within the rules or norms. So I would be uninterested.
  15. rowdyb

    2018 IDPA Nationals

    That truly is dumb, a wooden box for Nationals. I also think 18 stages in one day is untenable.