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  1. Please please please let this be said in The Dude's voice. Now I want to rewatch big lebowski
  2. For the right price it won't matter
  3. sights, grip tape, and maybe a spring or two. thats all a 17.5 needs.
  4. I saw he is already following them on fb. I'll presume he's done his own due diligence on that. Has anyone had success finding any other match or club in Japan?
  5. That match is 1,400km from where he lives in Japan and an almost 10 hour train ride.
  6. Their website is dead so no, I did not ask him about that. I found that email pretty quickly so I'm sure he did too. But I'll ask.
  7. Yeah, the fb and yt stuff I find is all years old. Match search on the ipsc site and on practiscore yield nothing. Could there really be no Action Air matches in the country?
  8. I have a friend who will be in Japan for years. As such he wants to continue shooting matches and realizes in Japan it will be IPSC air. But he says he has no idea how to search for matches and or clubs there. Any help from the knowledgeable people here with international experience? He has uspsa rig there, just would need the airsoft stuff to go in it.....
  9. Many fun Ted stories and I'm glad I got to meet a Texas OG shooter when I moved here. I only shot a few AASA matches when I moved here but that guy was giving his all to get beginners into some version of competitive shooting.
  10. Keep the power factors but change the scoring differential. Reduce it by half the current difference between the C and D hits. Let the tablet do the math.
  11. Two thoughts, change the "match bump" rules to advance people more easily based on l2 and higher match performance. Second, if there was gambling on uspsa (I mean there is even gambling on pro pickleball games) then sure as heck there'd be a ranking system of high confidence.
  12. does it really matter to the org or anyone else if the number of gm's went from 1% of the membership to 3%? would tripling the number of gm's just cause the whole notion of what top level skill is to be totally voided? would you really want controlled numbers of individuals at skill levels?
  13. I resemble that remark as being 22nd and 79% then. Hahaha.
  14. When I said one division I meant by name only, just call it iron sights and within it you could do different things to different guns following a flow chart. So you could still have major or minor, revo or semi, and so on.
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