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  1. rowdyb

    Does anyone make a smaller Shadow 2 Mag Button face?

    or just get a different head screw to put in the release you already have after you remove the paddle.
  2. rowdyb

    Steve Anderson drills?

    Give me 100 Euros and I'll ship you mine.
  3. Get a mentor who you can regularly train with. Find someone local to you who is M or GM who knows what they're doing and can articulate it back to you. You need both a better sparring partner and coach than you currently have, which are no-one and yourself respectively.
  4. rowdyb

    Farthest shot in a uspsa match

    50 yards for paper, 40 yards for small popper, 35 yards for a plate rack, 25 yards for a head shot only.
  5. rowdyb

    Installed CGW barrel bushing in S2

    Of the three Shadow 2's I've had two had the cgw bushing. I shoot the best groups with the one that didn't. Which I agree is odd, as the bushing has worked great in other CZ guns I've put it in.
  6. rowdyb

    Shadow 2- 50 Yard Accuracy

    Freestyle at 50 with a Shadow 2 I am happy for ten rounds if five are A and five are C hits.
  7. I've milled two guns, and stood there with a scale and a pile of parts. No head phones, no drivel. If you read, rather than just reacting, you'd notice I said just an optic cut. You mention cut, grips and guide rods. Which is something different. I would love to see a 43 oz, esp legal shadow 2. And as always, I'm more than willing to meet anyone at a match and talk it out or shoot it out in the results.
  8. rowdyb

    Transition from 2011 to TSO

    I went ts to 2011 to tso now. To me tso better than ts for sure just due to frame. 2011 "better" than tso due to availability of tuners parts. Not due to to too much difference in how they shoot.
  9. Just an optic cut absolutely does not take the gun, optic and magazine below 45 ounces.
  10. The gunn absolutely will not make weight as is. Carry optics weight limit in both sports is 45.0 ounces w appropriate magazine in. There are a few ways to take the weight off for sure. But you will have to take it off.
  11. rowdyb

    MPX tips and tricks?

    I really like the Odin Works extended mag releases. I installed only the right hand side and gave the other side to a lefty shooter. I have the Timney 683 trigger in my gun now and like it. That is the stock trigger in your gun now. I haven't looked at the stock of the new pcc version of the mpx but switching out from the folder I had to a more traditional AR tube and stock through the help of the Thordsen adaptor was nice. Again, I haven't felt the hand guard of the latest version but I feel the carbon fiber Isler Customs one is worth every penny/dollar. Extra gas plug and tappet. Couple of +10 mag extensions for a few mags. And as I learned, do not chase the lightest load possible. You will only frustrate yourself. Instead chase the more reliable load.
  12. rowdyb

    Shadow 2 Mag issues after modifications

    i have two different discos in three guns, i will go look at mine now. edit: i just checked. neither in my one sp01 or in two shadow 2 guns does my disconnector go forward of the frame at that point with the gun fully hammer forward. personally i would just mill off that (as it sits in the gun) anterior aspect as it isn't doing anything.
  13. I've been hearing all sorts of interesting mods people are doing to the stock triggers. Especially after they try to dremel fit in an Apex trigger from their prior poly gun and it ends up not working.
  14. rowdyb

    Something you should never do before a match....

    I have definitely made this mistake and had to borrow coats and sweaters and such on 3 different occasions where I was really under dressed for how cold it was/I felt.
  15. rowdyb

    Something you should never do before a match....

    eat anything cooked at a gas station