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  1. rowdyb

    Shadow 2 Optic Ready from factory

    Wait for what they announce at Shot Show coming up and then add 3-6 months. The CZ UB catalog has it at 1.33kg. That is 46.9 ounces. And you can be sure that weight is without an optic and without using a 140mm mag. https://www.czub.cz/cz/produkty/pistole/competition/cz-shadow-2-or.html A keen eye will notice this is the exact same weight listed for a regular Shadow 2. And those of us who've rolled our own already can tell you exactly how much weight had to be removed to make the uspsa 45oz. This gun is not going to hit the US and magically be light enough for uspsa rules for Carry Optics.
  2. rowdyb

    scale modeling

    Yep, if you totally had to start from scratch and you wanted tons of tools, paints, misc stuff, air brush set up you'd still only be out about $700 and have everything pretty dang nice. I got a $50 iwata neo air brush. A $150 compressor. A complete flat acrylic tamiya paint set for $200. All the misc tools, tapes, sanders and such for $150. So 550 bucks and I feel like I have the 1050 plus bullet feeder set up for making models. No excuses at all. But yeah, no hobby is cheap if you really get at it. I still haven't gotten up the courage to buy an expensive kit, like something more than $35 bucks. I see kits for like 75 and up at the lhs and I just can't bring myself to do it.... I've only ever built airplanes. But I am kinda interested in some monster figures tbh. Like Dracula, the Creature, Wolfman and so on. Like 50,60s sci fi stuff.
  3. you've obviously never shot much in the south...
  4. I feel the exact same way. If you use paper scoring I will not attend your match. If you use a different site than practiscore for registration and results i will not attend your match. If your match does not upload to uspsa, steel challenge or whatever org I will not shoot your match. If your match is something you made up I will not shoot it more than once unless it is really and truly something as a one time, just for fun deal.
  5. rowdyb

    PCC powder--how slow is too slow?

    If felt like a great 147 gr powder for sure
  6. rowdyb

    PCC powder--how slow is too slow?

    Win 244 was not any cleaner w a coated bullet. Duh. It was slightly cleaner w plated. Smoke was not bad at all w coated in my atmospheric today.
  7. rowdyb

    PCC powder--how slow is too slow?

    I did two pistols first and it didn't pass so I didn't bother to chrono it in pcc. In my 5" barrel shadow 2 pistols, 125 grain coated, 1.100" oak, win spp I got am avg fps of 960 with 3.60 of win s44 and an avg fps of 995 with 3.70 of win 244.
  8. If you goals dont have a time component, a measurement of success/completion and or be articulated into an achievable path of action then they are just fluff.
  9. rowdyb

    scale modeling

    Modeling is definitely a time plus scoring event instead of hit factor.
  10. rowdyb

    scale modeling

    yep, i try very hard to only shop at the local hobby shop. and yes @MemphisMechanic i have two magnifying glasses and an extra light because my near vision is such crap hahaha. and i just leave some of the small parts out sometimes hahha
  11. rowdyb

    scale modeling

    Like lots of kids I built a few crappy models as a 12 year old. But I recently got back into it as a late 40's adult and am really enjoying it now. Seemingly everything has changed in the past 30 years! How kits are made, techniques, available paints, aftermarket. Just so much. Of course my first couple attempts back were not that good, but still way better than I ever did as a kid. But I'm getting better and it is something I enjoy if I need an indoor something to do or just want to get away from whatever.
  12. rowdyb

    Shadow 2 Optic Ready from factory

    convert to USD and that's roughly the price for a regular Shadow 2. Nice.
  13. rowdyb

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    Level 2 or greater be a paying member I totally agree with. Most local steel challenge matches and shooters I've seen definitely are of the hobbyist/shoot cheapest match possible/ likely rimfire/ love it because little need to help. Hardly the atmosphere to encourage doing things well, to the rules and building competitors who care about real competition.
  14. rowdyb

    Halo Neuroscience?

    nice wordplay on their part for synaptic
  15. rowdyb

    PCC powder--how slow is too slow?

    E3 was a super quick powder for me, i trieated it like titegroup. I am going to find out the 3.6 of win 244 today when i go to the range. Both pistols and an mpx.