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  1. i bought one of the plastic Xi versions and i love everything but the spacer "taco". That is annoying enough for me to pass.
  2. Just listening to people who sell and make ammo for a living I would project no increase in availability of primers until 2022. Plan on shooting all of 2021 with what you have on hand. Long term? This will be a blip 10 years from now.
  3. agreed! i remember a time when it was mildly tricky to get an SP01 down to ssp legal weight. I don't think there is anything wrong with IDPA's gun rules or holster rules to be honest. I'd just leave them as is. Crazy I know.
  4. thus why i said 2 thousand of the pistols actually used. that rules out most small town departments doing something goofy. and i meant it along with the modification rules already inherit in ssp. it was just some blue sky thinking, not something i'm married to or really would push for.
  5. me writing a post at work... poor ability to convey my point. i meant it has or had to be used by a mil or leo group and for that group to have issued or used more than 2 thousand of the pistols. not just on the ok to carry list, but at least 2k actually on member's hips at one time or another. of course verification of this would be problematic.
  6. no, the pistol has to be or have been used by a sizeable military or law enforcement group. if it hasn't, it can't be in ssp.
  7. Ssp stands for stock service pistol. Just for fun let's say ssp guns can only be ones issued to entities greater than 2k issued guns. Is the gun used in an official capacity and by more than 2k people? You're in. Hahaha
  8. Because you can shoot them on the move later as you cross to the other side. You mask more of the draw dead time by moving and drawing.
  9. The people who say "CO is easier than Prod" are really saying it is easier for them to shoot the same points and time with a CO gun as they would a Prod gun. Well yeah, if you change to a better tool it is easier to get the job done in the same time for the same result. As @B_RAD rightly pointed out, that is a much different thing than trying to utilize something to its best ability within its division. Shooting a CO gun to equal or better your Prod performance isn't that big of a stretch. Shooting a CO gun to beat other CO guns is definitely not "easier". As someone currently tran
  10. Fewer people would leave Prod if it was IPSC capacity at 15 rounds. BUT I doubt there would be a net gain in the division. The only way to increase Prod would be to roll SS into it, hahahaha.
  11. I feel exactly the same way. Prod is where I've spent 90% of my USPSA shooting. CO seems to have a deeper talent pool at more matches, of any level (I said seems, have no proof) than Production. Attendance at local matches made me switch to CO after Factory Gun nats last month. The joy I felt at clearly seeing a sighting system and doing only one reload per stage is probably going to keep me there. (But I've said that before and have always gone back to Prod.....)
  12. The 18, 19 and 20 series are to me the most interesting to shoot. But whatever one you happen to be shooting at the moment is really the most relevant.
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