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  1. Yeah I to would love a secure, ball joint, drop and off set hanger to use w production style holsters
  2. Cj Maven LLC had built 3 pretty trick 97b guns for competitors. He can do work or at least answer some questions.
  3. I will be teaching a competition skills class through my employer, Green Ops, in central Texas on July 10th. The range is within about 90 minutes of San Antonio, Austin and Houston. The facility is Secure America Now, a new private range in Seguin, TX. Round count is 600 but you don't have to shoot that much, it is a "just in case" amount so as not to limit you if you really get into learning a new skill or concept. You should have some prior competition experience. Feel free to ask any questions and register at the link below: https://www.green-
  4. I admire you spirit! Open gun on a whim, and one no longer made. Then make it 9 major, and you just started reloading. And oh by the way you live in a less than ideal state. (My kid went to Princeton so that the only part of NJ I've been to) You my friend have a steep learning curve but I bet you'll enjoy it.
  5. You're right. I also enjoyed not shooting twenty 32 round stages. The variety in that respect was fun.
  6. Here is my match vid, since I started the thread and we're talking about a specific match.
  7. @motosapiens this was one of the very first things about the match I wrote. I heard more laughter at this match from both staff and competitors than I have in a long time. When I've been to national and world events for BJJ you knew you were at an event of such a level in comparison to other events. I'm trying to think of other pro/am things I've been involved with for other good examples. Maybe rock climbing competitions. What happens at my local climbing gym pales compared to pinnacle (pun intended) national events. The same for some of the pro and amateur mixed things in cycling
  8. Something I had pounded into me in other athletic endeavors, even at a national level of amateur competition like we have here, "Never leave it to the judges." Every make up shot I took in the match was needed and every popper I shot fell with one shot. (Sometimes with a miss first though) I don't believe in popper screwing. To me it is just part of our competition environment. It is a variable the match tries to manage but in the end I am the one who shoots it. And I have lost popper calibration at US IPSC Nats. I've won it at Area 3. And for those advocating plates, t
  9. And that goes back to what multiple M and GM shooters said as we were talking at different times. The way the stages were at the match it would be very hard to put a gap on anyone. The stages were in such a way it was for lack of a better word, easier, for most people to do 95% of their ability. And when many people are really good it's hard to build a gap. Of course that includes myself as a participant. No one finishes well at Nats because of luck. The people at the top are there from the type of hard work other people can't or won't do.
  10. Honestly, I do as well. I have as much ZERO interest in Open as I do Revo.
  11. Poppers are like 20th on my list of things to change or worry about if I were king of uspsa. So nothing to worry about. 132pf btw w a 148gr bullet.
  12. I was squaded w Gianni and other good shooters. True shooting on the move, not just in a few steps on entry or exit, was very rare. And I feel sorry for the 8 round guns.
  13. I can hear the conspiracy theories now, Beretta guy at Beretta nats has chrono "fixed". I hope no one stoops to that stuff.
  14. After being in a match, local nats, w a bunch of revo shooters to watch I still stand by my statement I'd rather quit uspsa than shoot revo in it.
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