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  1. i think there are a few older posts here about doing it. I just watched Mink and CJ do it so learned from observation. Now that dang BarSto barrel I had custom made for my Shadow 2...... That was a whole other nightmare in barrel fitting.
  2. I've used a fine small flat hand file, sharpie and rubber mallet. Get it just to the point you have to barely nudge it in to lock up. Then shoot to final fit it. hahahaha.
  3. rowdyb

    scale modeling

    So I've been inspired and motivated to start doing commissioned paint work. I am going to focus on tabletop gaming miniatures and terrain.
  4. rowdyb

    scale modeling

    Bf109G I did recently in a quick 4 day build.
  5. because it is a hinge trigger and da/sa a flat trigger isn't going to happen. the angle it would be at to work for the sa part of travel would put it at a crazy forward angle for the da part. and trying to adjust it for that would give you the worst of both worlds.
  6. what did that sound and feel like when it happened? ps-only rarely have i had to fit a factory replacement barrel. normally where the top lug goes into the hood and a small bit on the rh side above and below where the extractor cut outs are.
  7. It's called "blow back" for a reason....
  8. rowdyb

    CZ 75B SA

    my accu shadow with the Aus barrel and kensight rear was amazing.
  9. rowdyb

    CZ 75B SA

    having owned a RO it felt cheap in my hand compared to a TSO. and my TSO is very very much not a "good enough for the games" accuracy, it is much more. yeah any old service gun, 400 dollar plastic thing is good out to 10 yards. but the TSO is far far better than that out to 50.
  10. Correct. As long as USPSA has the OR version not legal for CO division, it will not be imported into the USA. Write your Section people to advocate for you, write the pres to express your displeasure.
  11. relax your trigger finger more, focus more on coming off the trigger. make those two changes and your physical ability to shoot quicker splits will increase. it's a simple matter of your human function.
  12. Mine always had them, a flgr. Stock polymer and then I put in a SS one. My 75 series guns from 2014 forward (when i started shooting CZ guns) have all had a hole in the front allowing this. Letting me use this part. https://czcustom.com/products/cz-75-sp01-sa-tactical-sports-ts-stainless-steel-guide-rod.html And letting me run a mag release from the other guns as well. CZC makes a short one of the SS guide rods if you have an older style gun.
  13. it's been years since i had my modded 75b, but i did have a ss guide rod in it with no external modification. and i did have a more extended mag release from another ssp legal gun in it.
  14. could always just chop short the short leg that is the stop/catch..... gun would never go to slide lock and would look normal from the outside. was the new slide stop difficult to insert?
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