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  1. Qatar stands are always empty. It was all about the competitors and nothing to do with fans coming to the race. As very few show up from out of the country. Mass gatherings an issue for Thais? Bet their water festival still goes off. Probably better yet is that no one comes to watch shooting.... haha I'll be at the Austin race btw! And I'm going to Italy in 9 days as well. Come give me a hug haha
  2. Want fun? Bring a mag gauge to a local match.
  3. The Thai MotoGP round being one of the canceled ones.
  4. I've had 3 different colt mag guns, scorpion, mpx and a jp. Have shot a psa and db of others. So over 6 grand in my own money for different pcc. Reliability of other guns killed me, their amazing performance when they ran wasn't enough to keep them. I needed a 100% gun in reliability. For me that's only the JP.
  5. Correct from above. Their usage speaks to the opening in the frame that mag is inserted into. Not an add on when you think of magwell as an external part.
  6. Which slide is on your gun will tell you what barrel to buy.
  7. Shadow does indeed use a different barrel. Is there a firing pin block in your slide? Does the slide say Shadow on it?
  8. I only had one from Prod Nats that counted for me when I looked yesterday. 19-01 for 83.3%. 19-02 I was 61.5% 19-03 I was 69.8% 19-04 I was 76.6% I really only remember shooting -04 and only remember people shooting it 2 ways.
  9. and why opinion interests me. i'm not dogging the gun, btw. so no need to defend it. I just know multiple shooters who made multiple thousands of dollars off the contingency program. But of the people who didn't, I'm curious if they stay or buy new guns like this one. I've also totally derailed this thread, sorry. I'll bow out of it since it's not truly about the gun itself.
  10. As you well know, people are always chasing the latest and greatest. I'm curious if their contingency built a loyal base. I'm sure Cody has some numbers about it but it wouldn't be right for me to ask for them.
  11. personal preferences. the rare bad experience tainting an opinion. other options generally. reasons are endless as much as why someone doesn't shoot one as why one does.
  12. The point is just my curiosity about the effect of the presence ,or lack there of, for their contingency program on sales. I know many people who bought various Walthers solely off hoping to recoup the purchase cost in a year of competition. With that very visible option gone are the guns still an attractive purchase?
  13. For 1,400 a gun and over weight for ccp, I don't see why anyone would get a 4" gun.
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