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  1. i don't think one has shown itself to be clearly superior in all ways above all the others.
  2. shot a similar plate rack at a match and it had to be removed from the match. as a plate fell with force and with them being in tandem, plates would fall or pop back up when they obviously weren't supposed to.
  3. Watch the same videos again and more closely compare the difference between them and you. Muzzle more down versus more up outs the stock closer to your shoulder. The closer it is the quicker you get to the sights. It's not all a safety thing.
  4. that would be very easy to enforce. and isn't that supposedly where this all originates? the lack of ability to enforce the rules by match staff? (or at least that's how it seems reading BOD and NROI stuff) But it definitely shouldn't be called Production if it was that wide open.... Modified? oh wait....... hahahah
  5. in this case no, two different rmr rnfp bullets. but i have used those berry's ones in the past and they definitely needed to be short. i ordered some berry's round nose and will probably just stick with a round nose profile......
  6. I find your bullet shape and load's oal has a greater effect on if early mags will work in a later gun. Because of the shorter lip on the early mags a shorter round or one with anything other than a round nose bullet has a way of ending up nose up, as it comes off the feed lips earlier in the feeding cycle. So "depends" really is the best answer you can get.
  7. that was a big deal back in 2003 in the prod rules! hahaha. but yes, you can draw and cock the hammer if you wish after the beep. what is your draw time? to an open target to get an A that is a 1.10 second draw for me with a Shadow 2. i highly doubt i could cock the hammer and still make that time.... now if you have a 1.7 second draw then sure, it wouldn't seem like you lose any time....
  8. the deal is especially pronounced with 147 in any profile other than round nose. i have two different round nose flat point bullets, 147s and they both have to be loaded to 1.060 to plunk and spin freely. my 147 round nose bullets from two manufacturers can be loaded to 1.150 easily. it's a weight/profile thing, especially with 147 grain bullets.
  9. the trigger pull thing for Prod in ipsc has changed. you can now have a striker trigger that can be as low as 3.0lbs per pull. and aftermarket triggers assemblies are now allowed in ipsc production. external changes are still limited to sights, grips/grip tape and finish. no non factory, non prod gun sourced hammers, safeties, mag releases, barrels and so on.
  10. Let's go 50 50 on a 9mm reamer
  11. I just keep buying foamies with a nrr or 32 or 33.... I had a pair of HL impact sports and got rig of them immediately and at the far end of the other spectrum pro ear golds. ear cups fell apart, finish wore off super fast, pick up foam fell off, heavy. they worked great but were not nearly durable as i'd hoped after what happened in just one season of use.
  12. i had a gen3 34 back in 2013. shot it just that year. recently got a gen5 g34 mos/fs and am very happy with it as well!
  13. second vote for Talon on grip tape. grip plug idk.. i just like one that fits flush with no steps and it held in by a button/friction. if it has a tool or any sharp edge i don't want it. i currently have NDZ in mine.
  14. well i clean mine every 500 rounds at the max.... and yes i use heat with mine as well in the us cleaner.
  15. I have 2 plugs/tappets I rotate through on mine as well. I used Simple Green heavy duty (it's purple) 1:4 parts water in an ultra sonic cleaner for 10 minutes. Then I dry them off with a paper towel, spray them with compressed air, spray them with clp and wipe them off again. That's it.
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