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  1. Nosferatu, Poltergeist, Jaws, Island of Lost Souls, American Werewolf in London
  2. yeah, no duh. hahaha. wonder what advertisement we'll see first?
  3. i now have a 5moa SRO. that came in the fancy box, loose with nothing to indicate i bought a $550 optic hahaha.
  4. Your argument is a simple logical fallacy. The two entities you're comparing are not activities that are equally comparable. It seems to be very rare but when I lived in San Diego and shot at Pala and Norco (before it moved to Prado) all you did as a competitor was pay, shoot and leave. You didn't set up and you didn't tear down. The matches were full, the fee was reasonable and getting on the match crew was a desirable position people tried hard to reach. I did it a few times and made $100 for my contribution each time I did it. When you're charging over 100 people $40 it is easy
  5. if the match is a commercial, for profit enterprise then yeah don't tear down. if the match is a non profit club then please help.
  6. freestyle does not mean benched. the below pic is 30 rounds at 30 yards, the group measures 5" exactly from the edge of the widest shots.
  7. the speed the slide travels and your perception of the sight returning are more a function of your recoil spring and your grip than your bullet weight.
  8. My guns tightened up at least 2 inches on 25 yard freestyle groups. From 6-7" down to 5 and under.
  9. i didn't intend to be snotty or bring a real number into it. i bought some but then shot more. so for me right now, if all I did was shoot matches and practice one day a week i will be done with any centerfire pistol shooting in 4 months; with what i have on hand in the garage right now. like many the only limiting factor for me right now is small pistol primers. first we have to have an election and the the rebound from that, then the 2nc covid wave will induce more panic buying and then we'll have to wait for the manufacturers to catch up on their stuff before components for privat
  10. when someone says "i have a year of primers" i don't know what that means. if i said i had a year of small pistol primers it would mean i had over 40,000 of them. in my world, 5k of primers isn't a year's worth.
  11. Nope. Put rami safety on my sp01 guns and the slim on my shadow 2 guns. Only guns where I can be cocked and locked do I like a sizable safety.
  12. I ran out of ammo at an area match and had to borrow ammo from a squad mate, who had already gone through chrono. I still had to take that ammo and go back and re-chrono all over again. I'd deduce from that you need to give them two bags of 8.
  13. I have had one stock front sight batter itself to the point it was barely held into the dovetail. I replaced it with a Dawson that broke right at the set screw, which are no longer there. It was replaced with another stock front sight. Sadly one of my rear sights now is starting to rust pretty badly as well.
  14. rowdyb

    Shadow 2 OR in Prod

    Am I crazy that I don't see the Optic Ready version explicitly on the Production list??
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