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  1. rowdyb

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    iirc, i got about 1k worth of life out of the thin in an sp01 accushadow
  2. rowdyb

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    In my SP01's I found the thin to work and the thick to cause issues.
  3. rowdyb

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    Yes the mag release fits from teh shadow 2 to the sp01. If you can wait, a few euro websites have them in stock.
  4. rowdyb

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    i too have gotten amazing long life out of the thick buffer. The thins I can tear up in a week. Perception.... well it just feels "different". No worse no better to a degree I could truly quantify. But there is a difference I feel. I want to say it accentuates the 'thump' versus the 'slap' in different bullet weights. every other gun i've ran a buffer in seemed to hate them but my shadow 2's and my atlas titan. I have to ask myself, is this a reason I'm gaining or losing 3% on my competitors? If the answer is no, then I don't mess with it too much.
  5. rowdyb

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    No damage to your pistol shooting without it. One reason I like it is the idea that it puts a certain amount of preload on the recoil spring using the thick buffer, versus without as all generic cz recoil springs are for a shorter barrel/guide rod found on a 75b (4.6") versus the shadow 2 (4.9"). The thick buffer just happens to be o.14", making up half the distance.
  6. rowdyb

    75 shadow vs Shadow 2

    No you're not stupid. A 75 shadow is a great gun.
  7. rowdyb

    How many mags?

    I must be playing on the edge then. For a standard 32 round uspsa course I start with 40 in the gun and a single 30 down loaded to 28 on my belt. Worst comes to worse and I have to dump mag number one without a single shot fired from it I'll single shot some targets to get a miss but no fte.
  8. rowdyb

    How many mags?

    Yep, it's all about stage round count. I like to be able to ditch half my mags if they fail and still have enough left to shoot a stage. IE in Prod I need 6 mags to do a stage at most. So I take 9 mags with me. If it takes you two 40rnd mags not matter what to make sure you finish a stage I'd feel safe taking 4.
  9. Everyday wear, 6 months. 3 day a week wear ( 1 match and two practice sessions) 8 months.
  10. rowdyb

    My MPX build.

    Works just fine. Unloaded starts go just fine as well. If you like how it feels keep it, it's like what less than 30 bucks? Heck, I thought of just running the polymer portion of the taccom buffer and no spring as it looks like that'd work to. Again, it feels kinda like a personal preference thing. If I had to try and quantify the difference I'd put it in singe digits percent difference from stock. I moved the optic back closer to my face, I like that better. I have tried a 3moa ff3 and an 8moa ff3. I like the precision I get with the 3 but I like the speed of the 8 and the greater ability to see the 8 in brighter sunlight. So I ordered a cmore railway in 6moa to see if that is a good compromise. Until then I will be shooting the 3moa in steel challenge and in idpa pcc. Oh, and at a classifier match this weekend. Try and bump up the 60% I am currently in PCC..... I also had my holster guy make me a pouch for a mag. So I have now a Sig branded pouch, the CompTac one and now a custom one-of from RLN.
  11. I shoot sport pistol and a plated bullet. I had to use a large crescent wrench to get the port to turn, it was very difficult to turn to remove. The tappet came out with a light hit with a hammer. This was after maybe 400 rounds in total through the gun. I reassembled it completely dry. We will see how it runs tomorrow. Gen 2 gun, stock barrel and such. In contrast my bcg looked hardly dirty at all.
  12. rowdyb

    Carry optics / iron sights

    at the time, when mag capacity was same same and no one had spent any real time on the platform ( of a slide mounted, probably in teh dovetail then and 10 round gun with a different weight limit than we have now) it seemed to make sense on the surface to do so for the goal the org, not the shooters, wanted. we all know the dot is better. the issue was i think in the timing of it, right after prod nats when everyone was hot and knew the stages. it would have been the perfect set up for in the groove iron sights to make not a well practiced slide mounted optics look less sporty than it has since turned out to be.
  13. rowdyb

    Shadow 2 owners do you shoot 147 during competitions?

    i actually think you're in the majority. most people i know in real life shoot a 124/5 out of their shadow 2
  14. rowdyb

    Carry optics / iron sights

    Because the first carry optics nats was the day after prod nats that year. (I shot them both) and so many people leading up tonit said they'd just shoot their prod set up in CO nats. (Still 10 rounds in both at the time) There was a very real concern that an iron sight gun would win or have so many in the top placing it would call into question the validity of the new division. So a clear rule for them as a requirement was born. Also I have never run any sight other than the optic. If I have a dot I want just the dot.
  15. rowdyb

    USPSA Course Designs

    True, I guess what I meant is that a lot of the time people or whatever act in their own self interest above all else. Sometimes to their detriment. Like you, I prefer to be challenged. And that's why the stage designer is worth so much. They really set the tone for the 30 to 130 people that go to your local.