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  1. I am testing a prototype of just such a thing.
  2. That's your opinion. If I were king they would either all be together or all entirely stand alone.
  3. "It's ok, no one ever gets caught or in any real trouble" is how exactly every episode of Locked Up Abroad starts....
  4. Not when you can have a match with 500 competitors in one division.
  5. rowdyb

    DA trigger prep

    Take a class with JJ, he is a very vocal advocate of prepping/staging the trigger on a DA gun during the draw stroke. I may start my trigger press before the gun is fully extended but I do not prep/stage the trigger. Once I start moving the trigger, I move it continuously, with constant/consistent speed and pressure.
  6. I'd buy a new 10x bushing and a different/new roll pin for the sight.
  7. rowdyb

    New P-10 F CR

    So anyone here actually shot one?
  8. yep, my 320 series guns all liked a 147 going over 900fps for sure. i started thinking of 135pf as kind of the minimum for those guns with a 147.
  9. I bought a full size connex with a roll up door in the middle for $2,300 delivered. When it was time to sell it I sold it instantly for $1,800. Around here and other places I've been it is popular to have stage trailers. So a club has 3 or 4 trailers with a stage or two worth of supplies on it. Taken further I've seen these trailers made to be the size they can be driven through a connex in one end and out the other. I think the range your at, how much stuff you have and the weather all matter.
  10. If there were a major change, that would require a large number of people to change their equipment how long do you think is reasonable to allow them time to make the change? If the major change was announced in say November would you want 6 months or a year or what to end up being in compliance?
  11. Recently used this gun in a tactical games style event. Worked great. And like most Sig 320s I've shot if you're using a 147gr bullet run them a little faster.
  12. correct, wheeler and i use it for front and rear on all my pistols.
  13. I was able to direct mount mine with the screws in the holosun box
  14. Yes. Warren rear and dawson front fo.
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