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  1. I'm someone who has shot a3 twice and decided never to return. I'm not alone. If someone asked the question in reverse, which area match should I avoid, instead of asking which is a must attend I'd bet money a3 would be the clear "winner". Especially if people could vote anonymously.
  2. Yep I can only talk about the past not the future. Just like don't go to A3.
  3. Area 2 used to be super hard to get into, sell out in 2 minutes kind of thing. Haven't shot it since I moved. I like area 4 as I live here. Especially when fort Smith does the match. I've done a3 and will never return. Area 8 was always my favorite. Easy airport to fly to. Beautiful area around range. Tourism stuff to do in Philadelphia. A wide variety of challenging stages.
  4. Ammo box better have your name on all sides and taped to death. It is there and available but they don't treat it like fine china and stack it label out. It's stacked in a connex, figure it out yourself pile. No video to watch prior to any uspsa nats I've ever shot there, like 10 of them now. Are you following uspsa rules for pcc handling at your home range? Then you'll have no surprises. It, universal shooting academy, doesn't have "gotcha" rules like other ranges I've been to in Florida like say Homestead where aannyy muzzle over the berm at any time was a dq. (Houses are right there near it) You'll very like do shooting things you've never done before at a Shannon match, but you'll never see dumb non- rules stuff mandated. I've seen people on golf carts there but not sure if they got an OK for it. I've seen tons of people on those little, scooter like, electric bikes. I've never seen a competitor at a pistol match there using say a utv, side by side or 4 wheeler.
  5. Carry optics in idpa is 45 ounces. In ESP it is still 43oz or less. The stock magwell on the legion might have you not fit the idpa box, so this one from springer is less worry.
  6. I gotta agree with my friend E. Unless you need the gun immediately then order and wait. I bought a "rack" gun and then dumped money into it changing things right off the bat. Just do a build sheet and get one exactly how you want. IE stock, grip, handguard, charging handle, safety, enhanced bolt and so on. As far as normal or short/lightweight barrel that will depend on what feeling you like. I shot the lightweight barrel and liked it.
  7. Nothing good near there at all. Bays face east/west so shooting into rising or setting sun very likely. Parking decent. Real bathroom and plenty porta johns. You can fly into either Orlando or Tampa and drive the same distance. The bays are mostly grass but some can be very sandy. It will be wet/humid. Eat at Manny's chop house and see all the "stars".
  8. Wasn't the frame on both my Trojans, 9mm and .45 made in the Philippines? Sometimes when the employees think they could do better and take over, they're wrong. What lessons could they have learned from say, Wilson Combat?
  9. Yep, like I said I'd still rather have one stock mag versus 3 ets mags.
  10. So what's currently the best Glock drum mag for pcc?
  11. I dislike how expensive the stock Sig mags are but I'd still rather have one of them versus 3 ETS mags.
  12. Also funny by two barrels were signature required so I had to wait at the house until they finally showed at 4pm. And then just two barrels came in a box 16"x16" with two layers of foam and a box within a box. I can post a pic if you want of my two barrels to confirm they don't look as nice as a stock barrel....
  13. I've only read The Road, Blood Meridian and No Country for Old Men. His sentence and narrative structure is unique. I like it.
  14. My two barrels that arrived on the 2nd look just like the OP's photo. A little unfinished in appearance for sure.
  15. Tell me how you really feel about something from 2 years ago that was an admitted mistake.
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