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  1. This was a raffle gun at the UML match in Fallon. Keith won the gun in the raffle.
  2. Ranch defense out to 100yds and 1moa accuracy? Just get a .223
  3. This. I hot glued a barrel link to my flag and I stick it to my mag magnet on my belt.
  4. breaking in a 9mm barrel...lol
  5. I haven’t tried 115s yet. My load is just the sweet spot I’ve found with 124s. I’m tempted to pick up some 115jhp to test out, but I can’t see me gaining much from the additional effort in developing a new load. One of these days I’ll get to it.
  6. I would suggest trying the weighted spacer. Supposedly it prevents a tilted bolt from contacting the cap of the buffer, which contributes to the destruction of the buffers.
  7. Out of curiosity, are you running your bolt with or without the weight?
  8. I have the 5007 and 5015. I can’t tel a difference between the two on the clock. The spacer is their weighted spacer. I had to take .1” off the face of the spacers to get them to reliably reset my triggers.
  9. I’ve found that between 140-150pf is the sweet spot with 124gr jacketed bullets in my setups. Both my rifles have 14.5” barrels with blitzkrieg buffers, 308 rifle springs and weighted spacers between the bolt and buffer. This has proven to be the optimal setup for me in terms of reliability and dot movement. i tried short stroking my buffer system with a spacer in the bottom of the tube, but with direct contact between the bolt and buffer I was destroying blitzkriegs. Since I put the spacer between the bolt and buffer I have really tamed down the recoil of the rifle and (I hope) solved the problem of broken buffers.
  10. I’m sure they’ll sell like hot cakes!
  11. I have Hiperfire competitions in both of my PCCs. In at least 20k rounds I’ve had zero broken firing pins with QC10 bolts.
  12. Maybe Nordic is realizing the futility of a 2011 mag based PCC
  13. Mill .1” off the length of your spacer and your reset problems will go away.
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