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  1. I actually contacted them about this. They said it’s because they don’t want people attaching extensions to them and making the mags unreliable and then blaming ets for the unreliability.
  2. Ets really should have made these with the angled base to accept extensions.
  3. If you’re so weak that you lost time transitioning another .5lbs you weren’t in the running anyways.
  4. I really want to experiment with springs and base pads with these new mags. Maybe get 67 reliable rounds with an MBX mega extension? It would require a new spring to be designed, or a combo of springs. I know, 67 rounds sounds ridiculous, but I’ve seen a couple stages where a 57rd mag is on the verge of cutting it close.
  5. It’s on blitzkrieg’s website. I also made one out of delrin and it works great. I did have to mill it down .1” to allow my trigger to reset reliably.
  6. I use a hydro buffer and a weighted spacer between the bolt and buffer. It minimizes muzzle rise and has solved the problem of destroyed blitzkrieg buffers.
  7. I’m really curious to try some of these out and experiment with some spring combos to go past 57 rounds.
  8. 2 cracked ETS tubes, 3 broken ets followers, 2 blitzkrieg buffers, two extractor pins, two sheared gas keys.
  9. This scenario is such a non issue in the grand scheme of the matches we shoot. Major matches especially.
  10. It depends. Either lean and use some athleticism, use my primary optic, or point my barrel at the target and let Jesus take the wheel as I lean and fall.
  11. I’ve had plenty of experience. Not my first rodeo.
  12. I’ve never found a secondary optic or a laser to be of much use.
  13. I’ve found that 145-150pf ammo is optimal to get the gun running flat...at least with a hydraulic buffer system and short stroked bolt. You should be getting both a speed and accuracy benefit with your dot. Shooting on on the move with a PCC can be difficult because the gun is mounted to your shoulder while you move. You don’t have the benefit of allowing your arms to absorb movement like you would with a pistol. The key is to absorb as much energy and bounce with your knees as possible to keep your dot steady as you move.
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