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  1. I’m sure they’ll sell like hot cakes!
  2. I have Hiperfire competitions in both of my PCCs. In at least 20k rounds I’ve had zero broken firing pins with QC10 bolts.
  3. Maybe Nordic is realizing the futility of a 2011 mag based PCC
  4. Mill .1” off the length of your spacer and your reset problems will go away.
  5. If you want to tame the recoil then you will need to change the buffer. A blitzkrieg with a 308 rifle spring and their spacer is really ideal. Keeping the weight inbuuur bolt will help too.
  6. Transition in a straight line and use your hips/core to accelerate and stabilize your upper body.
  7. The difference in price isn’t worth the difference in performance. The blitzkrieg with their stainless spacer is just a flatter shooting combo.
  8. They had blem lowers on sale a few weeks back for like $180
  9. Possession of 10+ round mags is not illegal. The importation and manufacture of these mags is. If you have them you can legally possess and use them...for now at least.
  10. I blame it on the incorrect stage setup!
  11. USPSA I’ve only shot one steel challenge match with a PCC and I was .1 seconds from GM.
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