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  1. I got a set of these dry fire mags too. I’m really impressed with the quality. I may have to copy your idea on a few since I like to load into 155s too.
  2. I’ve seen that happen to two double tap safeties. There simply isn’t enough material near the pin.
  3. It’s new and different, therefore people have to have it.
  4. LSI makes a lefty version of their Outlaw grip. Contact Glenn through email. They’ve posted photos of the grip on their Instagram page.
  5. I had this exact thought when I started my current open build. I'm having a top end built right now with the tri top ending just before the upper lugs. The rest of the slide will be flat topped to the rear. I've seen slides of all configurations crack around the ejection port, so I don’t know if my decision will work out, but it made sense to me.
  6. Times are not normal right now. Shipping times are delayed for most things gun related. Try ordering bullets right now. I’m sitting at 4 weeks now with no shipping notification from Precision Delta when their website said 10-12 days. It sucks, but we’re all dealing with this situation. A buddy of mine has a Honcho, and you’ll definitely be happy when you get it. Be patient and understand that they’re doing everything they can to get guns out.
  7. Interesting that SVI just came out with a barrel labeled “strength, velocity, precision” made out of 4340.
  8. There’s also the easy option of buying 10rd mags
  9. QC10 gsf lowers with SI 14.5” ramped barrels and QC10 Bolts in both my guns. All I shoot jhp and I have zero issues.
  10. What do you mean by too busy? It’s a 2moa dot. I have two 510cs and they’ve been 100% reliable.
  11. I actually contacted them about this. They said it’s because they don’t want people attaching extensions to them and making the mags unreliable and then blaming ets for the unreliability.
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