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  1. I cracked my slide on a 7 year old (when I traded for it) STI, it had been tri-topped with 3 popple holes plus it had been lightened in the rear with a racker cut. That gun had been shot so much STI replaced the slide and 2 Trubors to replace the shot-out originals..Now, It did take a good while to get the parts from STI and I even ask them not to fit anything. I talked to Art and we decided to go ahead and get a frame from PT and a SS grip and have them (Axiom) to just do a new build. I’m looking forward to see what Art comes up with. I guess that’s not all that bad for starting out with an old STI with a cracked slide & 2 shot-out barrels...
  2. I think the extractor may be what’s holding the 9mm bullet against the 38’s breach face. The extractor won’t hold the bullets tight or with any consistency. Personally I don’t like inviting troubles I don’t need and some open guns can be finicky on good days, so I’ll stick to running ammo the gun is built to run. Good luck
  3. I would guess with the number of DPP sold vs the number of DPP that have had issues, it doesn’t warrant changing. Just my thoughts. The military is the largest consumer of the DPP so who knows. Maybe the military doesn’t worry with fixing them and they just throw another on and go??
  4. I have about 40k in 9 major and 20k with SuperComp (or so) on my DPP and it looks a little ruff but never had one issue. I change the battery about once or twice a year and don’t play with the brightness adjustments, unless I’m shooting nationals @ universal shooting academy where you face the sun early morning or late afternoon. I started with the OG Delta Point and as soon as the DPP was available to civilians, I pick one up and never looked back. i am looking at the SRO but I still worry about every micro dots reliably. I guess I got lucky with the DPP I received and I might stay with what works...
  5. You can look at Nationals like 3 local matches with a few more stages than the regular locals. I would sit down as much as possible when your not resetting the stages or whatever. It makes a big difference on your feet and back after being on your feet day after day of just standing and walking. I was surprised at how many miles I actually walked over the 3.5 days of Nationals. Good luck and enjoy yourself. It’s a game so have fun with it.
  6. All things being equal I just move the target 5 to 6” higher on the sticks and saw a noticeable diff. Thanks gang.
  7. I have a 1” SS shaft mounted with 2 bearing blocks and the blocks are mounted 4” from center each side. I have 7.5lb plate weights and the rod they are mounted too below the pivot point. I’ll add a 2.5lb plate each time and see how it works out. Thanks
  8. I believe this might be the right place to ask my simple question. Typical swinger, to increase the swing speed, is it as easy as moving the counter weight or is more weight needed? I believe the total length/travel of the swing can be adjusted with moving the weight but I want a faster swinger. Thanks in advance.
  9. Fundamentals and where you notice you need to improve at matches. Try breaking each (reloading - draws - transitions, whatever you choose) action down into several small movements. Then work on the small movements till you fell like got it then start stringing them together.
  10. During the open match the same shooter, on the same stage, that happened. Only the shooter was still at the start of the stage when the RO yelled stop. I think everyone’s stomach dropped a bit. The wind blew one of the poppers down.
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