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  1. a matt

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    I like shooting 9 in my open gun. I found a major load both my gun and i am happy with so I’m sticking with it. Cheers all
  2. a matt

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    Every gun is different but most like .38 super ir comp more than 9. It takes some effort to get 9 reliable as super or comp.
  3. a matt

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    That’s been the consensus for most of my time shooting open too.
  4. a matt

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    I was doing the same. Then I went back to 3n38 for 9 (I was always using 3n38 for super-comp) and worked on my loads till the 9 and comp were close enough to the same recoil impulse or the dot moved really close to the same ahooting both I just stuck 9 for all my open shooting. Yes, 38 super comp feels a bit softer, is easier to eject, load and reload but once I got my gun to run (eject) without any issues and got the dots to move the same I just didn't miss the price or chasing that comp brass after I shot it. Now my 9 is ultra reliable and has been reliable for a while. It took some trial and error to get the 9 to run without any issues like comp seemed to do from the jump. I'm sure it's not as hard as I might make it seem but in getting my 9 running as good as with comp I learned everything I'll need to know about a 2011 from getting a crisp 2 lb break to getting brass to land in a 5 gallon bucket and knowing how fit and fix anything that may go south at a match was worth the effort to me. Good luck
  5. a matt

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    I had my LSI 38 comp built with 9mm too. I mainly shoot 9 these days
  6. a matt

    Wrong way Ghost walk through

    Action shooting like Golf is an offense only game. Let those that wanna waste that time have at it. I watch some do it that as well. Smh. USPSA is full of Alphas and is very competitive. I have watch some call procedures on others then try to do the same thing, get the same call and argue it. I laugh and walk off but I know not to squad with them too. It’s not the calls but it’s the over the top arguing I don’t want to anywhere near.
  7. a matt

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    I do almost the same with my 9mm except wet tumbled prior to reloading then after I load them I check it with a 100rouns shockbottle gauge or whatever it’s called. While they are in the 100 gauge I ck the primers are all seated then dump them in a plastic MTM 100rd bullet holder. I have had really good results from this process. I think the more the brass/bullet is handled the better the chance a occasional bad round will be found. When I shot 38 S/Comp each time I practiced I would have a case split but I also shot 3 times a week about 2 to 300 per. Not these days but that is a whole different story to be told on an uncomfortable couch to $200 an hour shrink. I’m guessing anyway. Lol Good luck
  8. a matt

    No Stage Reset at Major Matches

    I like what Ben said about how stages got reset at one of the major IPSC Matches he shot overseas. He explained that you shoot the stage and reset for the next two shooters and that’s all you do for resetting that stage. Then continue this process throughout the match. Everyone resets and everyone gets time to reset, yuck it up or whatever, it will also make sure each shooter helps to reset. Seems good.
  9. a matt

    Reloading Benches

    Looks nice.
  10. THANK YOU! Good on the folks that decide to release match notifications a year in advance. Cheers, that’s got to be a west Coast thing.
  11. a matt

    svi vs Atlas Titan

    Well said. Shane Coley just won the US IPSC Nats today in Standard/Limited and Bob was 2nd and it was a close match, less than 1% was thr diff on paper. Cheers gents
  12. a matt

    svi vs Atlas Titan

    Agree, but damn they can shoot em. Cheers
  13. a matt

    svi vs Atlas Titan

    What does a 35 set up for limited cost? $1100 or $1200, he has said its an off the shelve 35 just set up the way he likes. Really, how exotic can you make a Glock when you are paid to shoot Glocks. It's not a 2011 with Glock engraved on the slide. Although one Taurus shooters engraves TAURUS on the slide of her 2011's
  14. a matt

    svi vs Atlas Titan

    Oh ok, so Shane Coley doesn’t have a chance of winning at IPSC Nats with a Glock. It’s all about the training and what you are willing to put into it (source Commonsense). Glock-Elite II, it’s the shooter.
  15. a matt

    svi vs Atlas Titan

    I messing around, like most things truly it’s up to you.