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  1. At 15yds I see the dot floating around the A-zone as I’m focused loosely on the A-zone of the target. 20yards and farther I’ll have a better or harder focus on the center of the A-zone. This will also tell me when the trigger break is clean or really, I’ll know if I jerked the trigger out the the A-zone. Try shooting a sub 2sec bill drill with mostly A’s from 15yds with the dot off, just point shooting. Try it, you might be surprised how much you don’t need the dot inside the 15yd mark. Good luck.
  2. Sounds good. I don’t blame you, it’s not like your paid or anything fir running the MBX mags. A little good customer service goes far in our small (by comparison) sport as will the bad. Good luck.
  3. Any chance of you double checking those mags with your ammo in a friends open gun and and his in your gun?? But if a few MBX mags run then 1 would think it’s in the mags. Maybe measure the mags feed lips on the mag that function well, then compare the measurements to the others and all (140, 155 & 170’s) the MBX should measure darn close but If not get to wackin’ those feed lip closer or opening them to meet the good mags measurements. I’m not sure that pinching them with a vise is the answer for adjusting the lips. It might be the easiest way and maybe I need to try the vise next time, IDK. Mag lips do NOT bend very easily. I cover the feed lips with a cloth and measure a lot. . Sorry if this has been stated before in a earlier post but good luck and I’m sure you will get things rockin along soon. Always Optimistic!!!
  4. Hell, just shoot left handed. It’s all ass backwards
  5. Agreed, running is running. Ammo & guns to mags. Everything else is the nut driving..
  6. I prefer the slots also. Good to know. Thank you...
  7. The top shooters gun are really nothing more than what anyone can get, they don’t pour pixie dust on them because it’s going to Eric, Max or George as a matter of fact Max runs a Bedell Eric ran a Tanfo and George ran an SV when they one their world championships. Nothing more than you or I could purchase. What could be different in those world championship winning guns? Only one thing the man using the tool.
  8. I hope that the dot’s adjustment it NOT those small torx screws like the old Delta points. I have not seen one but that would be BAD.
  9. I got into open when I traded my 2011 Limited gun for one gun. So yes you can get a get gun that runs for an affordable price. It does help to have some knowledge about the platform you choose, it doesn’t matter if it’s open or production. You need to understand how to fix the little issues that happen when you compete with mechanical tools. As far as open guns always jamming (or whatever) you will not find anyone really competitive, shooting a gun that always screw up their matches. All my guns run, if I have an issue I figured out what’s going on and it will run before the next match I take it too. Good luck
  10. It will depend on what you’re actually trying to improve. Trigger control yea pull it, transitions maybe not when your isolating trans drills. Then when you feel you’re doing better put it all together and pull the trigger on the timer.
  11. I been using red loctite for years. If I need to replace or just remove the comp I use a little butane torch. It holds great and I’ve never had any issues with it releasing unless I wanted it off and add heat...
  12. I just keep my super-comp oal simple with 1.234. I’ve run SVI, gen 1 STI and MBX w/grams guts and the MBX are what I’m going to sick with. I got my set of MBX mags when they first became available and maybe something along the line changed in manufacturing because I hear a lot of open shooters from 9 to comp are having issues with their newly purchased mags.
  13. I’m no example but when I was shooting everything within 10hours every weekend I would work on foot speed away from the gun and fundamentals with the gun. If you have the time and desire I suggest rotating your days. This way you won’t wear yourself (hands) out with only dryfire. Monday; do foot work and the regular agility drills with short sprints. 15 to 30 mins. Tuesday; dryfire 30mins Wed; livefire. I usually shoot 3 to 400rds working on fundamentals and what I noticed in my match. Thurs; dryfire or agility drills Friday; load for the weekends match and followings weeks livefire or if you feel good just do the opposite of what you did for Thursday’s training. Saturday; shoot a local, major match or livefire.. Sunday; chill. Disclaimer; doing this with more likely than not will cause at least one of these 3 things to happen and maybe all 3 (as in my case). 1 cause a divorce 2 cause burn out 3 cause your to get damn good. Decide what’s best for your situation, develop a plan and do it. Even 15mins of dryfiring fundamentals 4 or 5 days a week will make a noticeable difference in your game. Like anything and everything, you will get out of it what you put into it. Good luck and stay safe.
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