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  1. Yes sir. You might need to file the right-front 1/4 of the follower, so the slide will NOT lock back on the last round. The best way is remove the slide from the frame, then reinstall the slide stop and insert a mag into the grip. Then look at where the slide-stop touches the follower. The follower pushes the slide-stop up and that’s how the slide locks back. Just file the follower at that contact point. Most will file the follower but you can file down the slide-stop or file them both.
  2. Just chalk that up to learning your equipment . Their mag bodies are solid. I’m still running a few of his 1st gen and since new (around 2014-ish) I’ve only adjusted the feed lips a few time just to keep them in specs and running%. After I swapping to Grams guts.
  3. I’ll guess I’ll “enjoy that disadvantage” to know my mags run 100%, every time on every stage. If your equipment doesn’t run then it doesn't matter if you start 46+ rounds. Just ask a PCC shooter, they can tell you about it.
  4. A rubber mallet will work in most cases without the scaring
  5. Just zero it and shoot it, especially if it’s a local match
  6. Yes. I change them regularly. They’ve been great, I bought a few for my 2011’s years ago and fine until lately. I do worry about the quality of what’s been available these days because it’ seems it’s fallen off over the years. IMO. thanks everyone for your thoughts. I’ve ordered 2 of the HD EGW & the Brazo’s along with each of their firing pin stops. So after I decide which works best for my gun I’ll just fit the 2nd one for a back up until my new Gun gets finished up. thanks for the info.
  7. For about 25k rounds running 9 major I’ve had great results with running the Aftec extractor but over the last 1000 rounds I’ve had a few, 5 or 6 cases that the Aftec didn’t seem to grab to extract. I was looking to just get a new Aftec but I can’t find one in stock anywhere so I was thinking about the HD EGW. Before I went that way I wanted see what other 9 majors shooters are running other than the Aftec extractors? Thanks
  8. I’ve got some Fiocchi SRP somewhere around here and they are the.MOST inconstant primers I’ve ever tried to shoot. S&B are fine but Fed then CCI SRP are my choice. I haven’t had any issues with BF pitting.
  9. I received mine about COVID lock down time so I haven't messed with it much but from what I have its seems like it was worth the extra coin and time.. I ran the PAC timer prior to getting a AMG-LAB and I had zero issues other than 9volt suck...
  10. Agree. I had about the same on my limited as well before changing platforms. The process isn’t a coating, it’s process that penetrates metal, several thousands of an inch and that’s the reason it last and looks good for so long. iMO, It’s the only way to go.
  11. I got rid of all my 140’s and run the 155’s along with the 170’s. I’ve been running 2 155’s and a 170, that has been my set up for years. Also all my MBX mags have Grams springs and guts and It’s been a solid combo
  12. and another one bits the dust... 2020 Pan-American Extreme Open-cancelled this year and moved TBA in 2021. I wonder if the match will still be held in Volusia at Gorka’s range in 2021???
  13. To each his own. I was only offering the information. I’ll add everyone has comments and they believe they know best but I prefer to listen to the manufacture. Most might think they know what’s best for their products. When I get new guns I’ll need to choose a different barrel as Sheumann has taken a leave of absence and it’s been a while now
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