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  1. a matt

    Top 16 at National Chamlionships

    Yep, I think the 2019 limited and open divisions might be a little harder than you think to get in, I’m basing this on the location now vs Florida and the fact that all high cap division will be in Utah and all the 10 round divisions are still in Florida 2 completely separate events. Plus, with so much more to do and see out west I would think more would want to make the trek vs coming to Florida and like Florida but I’m ready for the trek....
  2. Hey Steve, my  PP acct is      95amatt@gmail.com  

    if you will get me the address that you want it sent I'll get it sent in the mail.  


    1. 45plinkster


      1613 Forrest street

      Tupelo, MS 38801


      thank you. Just sent PP

  3. a matt

    Gas pedals for lefties

    I had 3 DAA and tried the Evil-band and now I will be getting 2 more Evil-hands for my 2 other guns. The evil hand is far and away the best thumb rest for lefties. Cheers
  4. Fun drill to shoot and I think he only got 10 cause he was shooting his SS w/10 round mags. Cheers.
  5. a matt

    Virginia stage penalty question

    I just looked at the PractiScore app and 1 penalty on that stage worked out to cost 36.95sec, no wonder the RO didn’t care to score things right. ZERO, next.....
  6. a matt

    Virginia stage penalty question

    I cant believe I was able to upload a pic. with my limited knowledge about uploading pics to this site. ?
  7. a matt

    Virginia stage penalty question

    Plus 1, with that line of thinking. IPSC has some rules that I like and some I don’t and vise-versa. But that’s a different topic.
  8. a matt

    Virginia stage penalty question

    He said, you had an extra shot in T-1, then you reloaded out of sequence, then you engage T-2 and T-3 with 2 rounds each, out of sequence. I’m pretty sure it’s better to shoot a make up in that situation, Virginia count and the complete miss. I was going to get the other RO until he put the pen down and said “its not going make a difference, you’re going to ZERO the stage anyway”. I don’t care if I missed 6 of the 7 shots, I want the score is shot not it’s a zero anyway. That’s when I decided to just walk off.. It’s another lesson learned. Thanks for all the replies
  9. a matt

    Virginia stage penalty question

    Yes, I agree that should have talked to one of the RM or the MD especially with it being Nats.
  10. a matt

    Virginia stage penalty question

    No sir. The 2nd shot at T-1 was a miss over right shoulder so I shot the 3rd before my reload. So total hits on each target was 2. I thought 1 penalty for extra shot before the reload. I stopped counting the penalties after he wrote the 5th X on my score sheet and I ask what is all that? His reasoning made me just walk away. I was truly amazed.
  11. Stage requirements are engage T-1 with 2 rounds only, preform a mandatory reload and engage T-2 & T-3 with only 2rounds each. Shooter engaged T-1 with 3 rounds (called mike was the reason for 3rd third shot on T-1) then preformed the mandatory reload and engaged T-2 & T-3 with the required 2 rounds each. What is the shooters penalty or penalties on this Virginia stage? Thank you.
  12. It has been held at Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof and I’m fairly sure nothing has changed.
  13. a matt

    Shooting with better shooters...

    Good advice. I wouldn’t try to shoot like they do, just learn and shoot your game. Then the advice they give will be what you really need and not how to clean up the mess you made of the stage trying to shoot like them.
  14. a matt

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    I like shooting 9 in my open gun. I found a major load both my gun and i am happy with so I’m sticking with it. Cheers all
  15. a matt

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    Every gun is different but most like .38 super ir comp more than 9. It takes some effort to get 9 reliable as super or comp.