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  1. Walk away and enjoy your life. We appreciate the forum and all you have contributed to shooting, Thank you. Or charge what you need or want for a yearly subscription. I’m sure most of us will pay $20 to $25 a year for the content and classifieds if not then they didn’t need to be here to start with. You need to do what’s right for you. You don’t owe any of us anything you have already done plenty.
  2. Looks like there are more non-members on the forum now than member, more than 2 to 1.
  3. Look at it like this (I know not everyone will pay) at $15.00 a year and with over 67,000 members IF all paid the $15.00, that’s just over ONE MILLION dollars. Even if 25,000 members paid the $15. that $375,000 and if only 5,000 subscribers paid it’s still $75,000, so what’s the cost to keep the forum in the black?
  4. It’s one thing to shoot on the move and it’s an entirely different thing to shoot on the move and make it advantageous. You have got to be moving, at least faster than you can walk and getting acceptable hits to really take full advantage. Sometimes I see Shooters moving so slow that maybe they should just post up, shoot what they need to and haul it to the next array rinse and repeat. Slow baby steps through the whole stage and shooting it not what we want to do. Run a stage both ways post-up and on the move, then see which technique equates to the highest hit factor and do that until you make shooting on the move a strength. Now if you do post-up then use those baby or slower steps to keep moving. A little movement is better than none. We are just trying to reach the last target of the stage plan just as fast as we can with the best hit we can make. Again YMMV and good luck. I hope all this makes some since. I had to stop and think about how I move instead of just moving.
  5. It would be tuff to have your hips and shoulder aligned with each other and a target while moving trough a stage. You would be stepping your feet with each step and that’s an extra (rather large) variable plus the movement would be way to slow if one foot is stepping over the other. Keep you hips aligned with the direction of travel and square your shoulders to the target you are engaging. Bend you knees (get low) roll your steps keeping one foot in contact with the ground at all times. Start slow so your hits are good and then work on the speed and increased distances. Or start inside with a 3/4 full cup of water. That’ll tell you if you’re moving smooth enough to hit anything consistently. YMMV and good luck
  6. Just curious, why avoid heat? Anyway good luck, I expect the orange will do well for you.
  7. Start at about 5yrds and work out to where your accuracy starts to suffer. Then improve the skill. Shooting on the move at distances your comfortable with, that’s something that’s will be a little different for each shooter. Try to always keep some kind of movement, headed to your last position.
  8. Bob @Brazos Custom‘s 1911 store has posted a lot of “how to” 2011 articles. Well worth the time to check them out.
  9. Use red Loctite and get a butane torch. Just heat up the set screws and they come out easily. Hold the torch on it for a few sec at a time, check it and continue. It won’t take more than about 15sec. or so...I use red with my grip screws, mount screws for the dot and thumb-rest screws and comp. Heat makes easy work of red Loctite.
  10. Yea, I was going to say it’s about a 2 - 1 solution. soak it for an hour in the ultrasonic cleaner and hammer and chisel it for about 2 hours is about right repeat if necessary..
  11. I cracked my slide on a 7 year old (when I traded for it) STI, it had been tri-topped with 3 popple holes plus it had been lightened in the rear with a racker cut. That gun had been shot so much STI replaced the slide and 2 Trubors to replace the shot-out originals..Now, It did take a good while to get the parts from STI and I even ask them not to fit anything. I talked to Art and we decided to go ahead and get a frame from PT and a SS grip and have them (Axiom) to just do a new build. I’m looking forward to see what Art comes up with. I guess that’s not all that bad for starting out with an old STI with a cracked slide & 2 shot-out barrels...
  12. I think the extractor may be what’s holding the 9mm bullet against the 38’s breach face. The extractor won’t hold the bullets tight or with any consistency. Personally I don’t like inviting troubles I don’t need and some open guns can be finicky on good days, so I’ll stick to running ammo the gun is built to run. Good luck
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