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  1. Probably a decent optic. Just looks so much more bulky that what's currently out there. But that probably is what makes it so durable
  2. I have a couple magpuls and a couple G17 mags with TTI bases. Its s good setup
  3. 147 grain bayou bullets and 3.2 grains of titegroup at 1.120" works great in my G34
  4. I would be interested to see some photos of the Infinity when you get a chance.  My direct email is lv11@nym.hush.com.





  5. I would spend a good deal of time reading the 40 reloading section. Tons of good info there. Once you have decided on a powder or two to try, start .2-.3 grains lower that somebody else's recipe. Also, make sure you have a good chrono if you are trying to make major power factor.
  6. I used to have an SPS with an 18" barrel. My go to load for it was 44.0 grains of Varget and a 168 AMAX loaded to 2.820 OAL. That load seems to shoot amazing in every 308 I have tried it in.
  7. ckfarris

    HS6 with 38 SC

    I use 9.8 grains with a 115 PD JHP in my infinity with 2 holes. It shoots about a 176pf but I found it to feel the fattest during my load development. I have 4lbs of 3N38 to try with 124 grain bullets when I have used up all the HS6
  8. I polish contact points on my glocks. The 25 cent trigger job as it is commonly called. Makes a difference in the smoothness of the pull IMO. So would shooting 20K rounds through it though. I think I have polished a feed ramp in a 1911 several years back. My 2011 open gun, I don't touch the internals.
  9. Nice. What red dot are you running? As for loads, most of what I shoot are my reloads. My local stores carry American eagle so if I have to buy any, it is usually that.
  10. Very good bullets. What I shot exclusively for 40 limited major
  11. We have a local guy that shoots one in revolver. I would probably get a 40 over 45 in singlestack however
  12. I think I am gonna focus on open for a while. Gonna either sell my limited gun or give it to my 7 year old who will shoot it in a few years. A Benny Hill STI 40 is a pretty nice gun for a kid to shoot tho
  13. Hummm, for that price might be worth a try
  14. Does using a small pistol magnum or small rifle primer affect the burn cleanliness as opposed to a standard small pistol primer? I use Hs6 in my 38sc and dont find it all that particularly dirty. I do have 4# of 3n38 to try out after my Hs6 is gone.
  15. I just put together a CO rig that I am pretty happy with. I went with a G17 MOS and a vortex razor 6 MOS. I really like it so far. Not a big deal for me since it will be a dedicated gaming gun but the biggest negative to the razor IMO is the locking screw location which is at the rear of the sight near the bottom. I had to completely remove the rear factory iron sight to be able to use it. I am not sure you could use a rear sight and still be able to access the screw because of the clearance.
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