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  1. I used a plain dome grill cover I bought at Home Depot for my 550 and 650....works perfectly. It even cinches at the bottom and only $11. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Dome-Smoker-Cover-700-0106/206303986
  2. I am running an Atlas Titan...My load is 5 grains of n320 loaded to 1.18 inches using Winchester brass and 180 grain Precision Delta‘s over Winchester small primers. I use my I-gaging absolute origin calipers to confirm a crimp of .423 as well as a Dillon case gage. Using my Labradar, this load delivers an average of 959 ft per second with a standard deviation of 8.1...172pf. It’s a soft and accurate load. Hope this helps.
  3. That all makes sense… Thank you for your help fellas
  4. Sorry if this is a silly question but I am not sure how to set up the 300 bo size/trim die. When I set up my 223 brass prep toolhead, I simply screwed in the size die to get the case to properly case gauge, and then I screwed on the trimmer to set up the proper trim length. My question is, how do I set up the 300 bo size die first before the trimmer? In other words, I’m trying to understand how I can resize a 223 case to 300 BO without trimming it at the same time. For 300 BO, do I still follow the same two-step process as I’ve outlined above for 223? I’m waiting for all of my parts to arrive from Dillon but I’m trying to understand this process. Thanks for any and all input.
  5. Awesome feedback RWM...how do u mount yours when you use it? Thanks again.
  6. Thanks again Young...are you not happy with your Labradar? Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for your feedback Youngeyes...I’m going to use it for: 9mm super and subs 300 BO super and subs 308 223 40 45 Im in S Fl... during this time of year it is sunny one minute and cloudy and overcast the next. Many of my friends have struggled with other chronos... I figure it is a bargain at this price. If it doesn’t work I will simply return it.
  8. It’s $50 off + the 10% off coupon brought the total to $458.96 out the door. I was literally going to buy another brand for around $75, but everyone convinced me to buy once, cry once. I just hope I’m not in over my head as this is my first chrono. Anyway, just wanted to share this great deal!
  9. Hello, I would be grateful for any input. I am reloading 40 on my Dillon 650. I use two toolheads. One for case prep and one for reloading. My case prep toolhead consists of an EGW undersize Die in station one and nothing else. My reloading toolhead consists of universal decal in one, prime and powder drop in 2 , power check on three, Redding competition seating die in four, and Lee FCD on five. I use range pick up for brass but I separate by head stamp. Then I tumble and then lube and then process on the first toolhead. Then I tumble again to remove the lube . Then on to the second tool head for reloading. However, the press does not run smoothly at all. I isolated the problem to the brass sticking to the powder die. I am only putting on just enough bell, that is not visible to the eye, but allows the bullet to sit on top of the case. However, the press sticks really bad on the upstroke as I remove the brass from the powder funnel . Any ideas on how to smooth this out? Should I add a Lyman M die to the first tool head to open the case mouth a little bit. That way I can back off the powder funnel/ bell? How have you guys worked around this issue? Thanks for any and all input. JP
  10. Do you find it worth the trouble to sort by headstamp? Have you seen a noticeable increase in accuracy as a result of doing this? Thanks for your feedback.
  11. Thanks for all of the feedback. Trace - did you prefer the sight tracker over a regular barrel? If you had to choose one over the other, what would you choose and why? super- what turned you off about the aet barrel as I was planning on getting one? Thanks again for all of your help as this is probably the only SVI I'll own. JP
  12. I would be extremely grateful for the input of SVI owners. I am finally finishing my gun builder sheet for my SVI. From all of my research, I am no closer to deciding on whether or not to get the sight tracker option. Can any current site tracker owners chime in? How is the overall accuracy? Do you regret getting this option versus a bull barrel ? Have you experienced any cracks in the barrel? Any other issues? Thank you for any and all input. JP
  13. Thx for the suggestion Bunny...I shot steel for the first time down there a month ago but it was Mother's Day so it was slower than usual. Ranger...I know a couple of Docs down here in the shooting sports. I wouldn't be surprised if we knew some of the same people. PM me if you feel comfortable sharing your friends name... No worries if you can't. Thx again!
  14. Hi All, I live in Palm Beach county, FL and I'm going to purchase an SVI. I would be grateful if I could solicit the input of anyone who lives near me who has purchased one. Unfortunately, I've never actually handled an SVI as none of my friends own one. Ideally, I would be extremely grateful if I could meet up with someone simply to observe the fit and finish and ask for their input in building one of my own. Also, I would be happy to buy lunch or simply pay for your time. Thanks for any consideration. Sincerely, Joel
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