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  1. I prefer the DAA pouches with SS inserts, but I run them "bullets out".
  2. I've had good luck with both the Wilson 10mm and Tripp 10mm mags. Depending on the bullet weight, my OAL varies between 1.180 and 1.200.
  3. I have had good luck with both the Tripp Cobras and the Wilson 47NXs as long as my rounds were loaded out to 1.180 or slightly longer. They are both quality mags. I am leaning towards purchasing more Tripp mags only because I can to load 10 + 1 for "minor" at local matches. Good luck.
  4. I am thinking about purchasing a 19X as well. Would a magwell made for a Gen 5 work on the 19X?
  5. Tripp mags for L-10. Plus their customer service is one of the best!
  6. Their web site shows $299.95 but they are currently sold out.
  7. Would using either Of these pads along with a comb pad such as a cheek-eez help even more?
  8. Great video and instruction. What power did you use to engage those targets?
  9. I have an HK branded Benelli M1S90 with an 18" barrel. I recently obtained a 26" M1S90 vented barrel and forend to use for 3GN. The forend from my 18" is different than the 26" forend. The opening at the rear of the 18" forend is larger and allows it to fit over the mag tube where the opening on the 26" forend is smaller and will not fit over the tube. I am able to install the 26" barrel on my HK M1S90 as long as I use my 18" forend. If I use this combo (18" forend with 26" vent barrel), am I good to go? I am by no means a Benelli expert or historian, so can someone explain the differences with the forends? The picture with the receiver and forend are from my 18" HK M1S90. The other pictures show the differences between the forends (18" on the left in both pics). Apologies for the poor pic quality. Thanks in advance.
  10. Will it fit Gen4s with the grip inserts installed? The product description didn't specify and I do like the way they look!
  11. Gen4 G34, medium beavertail, feels great to me.
  12. dohboy

    Agency Arms

    Anyone have experience with them and/or their products? Their work and products looks great. Interested in their straight triggers and mag wells. https://www.facebook.com/AgencyArms
  13. Thanks for the replies and great info. The "CZ 75 Shadow", #91700, is a long dust cover with rails. The absence of the "SP 01" designation on the slide threw me off. CZC provided a brief explanation on these guns: CZ 75 SHADOW RAIL 9mm FACTORY GUN This is a factory shadow with no firing pin blocks. We have a very few on hand, same specifications as a CZ 75 SP01 Shadow but with a slide marked CZ 75 Shadow. Frame only is marked with serial number. (This is a very similar situation the CZ P01's that arrived in the USA marked as CZ 75 Compact D, Same pistol just different nomenclature on slide) With that info, seems like the only difference between the CZ 75 Shadow and the CZ 75 SP 01 Shadow is the slide markings and the rubber grips. Otherwise it appears to me to be the same gun. Would that be correct?
  14. Being a relative newbie to the whole CZ SP01 Shadow line and after reading Gussers great post, the "CZ 75 Shadow" was definitely "not normal". Would I be correct in assuming there would be nothing wrong taking this gun and building it up to the specs of a CZC SP01 Shadow to shoot in Production?
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