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  1. Citigroup Restricts Gun Sales By Retail Clients YouTube said this week that it would tighten restrictions on some firearm videos
  2. ...And if you haven't yet converted to the alternative mounting system that mounts directly on a pipe attached to your loading bench take a look at the thread elsewhere that describes it.
  3. If you wear shooting glasses take a piece of clear or opaque tape and place it high on the left lens so that it will partly block your vision when your head is properly on the gun and you are aiming. Experiment with the tape; this will usually keep the left eye from taking over yet allow you to have a good sighting view. This is a common solution for some clay target shooters.
  4. I would be interested to see some photos of the Infinity when you get a chance.  My direct email is lv11@nym.hush.com.





  5. If a gun designer or builder has designed a sufficiently unique design or technology they can copyright the design or apply for a patent on it whichever is applicable to the product itself. If registration is granted, it will provide protection against copying. If preservation and exclusivity of the design are important to the designer then these legal protections would be appropriate otherwise the designs are likely to be copied.
  6. I have ordered Dillon products and Dillon related products from several dealers. No problems with any of these sources but Dillon Precision has provided excellent telephone support on the few occasions that I have called them and once sent a part to me by expedited delivery at no charge.
  7. If you connect through a foreign country you will normally not be able to touch your bags at the connection location because they will be checked all the way through to the destination. The potential problem with a connection is that the probability is increased of the bag being misdirected, exposed to additional risk and theft or other types of loss and when you have a gun, everything becomes more complicated.
  8. I have the Supremes with the Gel Pads. Best ear protection I have ever used.
  9. It is much safer to fly direct to any foreign destination without any connecting flights or layovers in other countries. You can never tell if one of your flights will be cancelled, rerouted or subjected to a long delay and any of those things creates potential for problems with guns by loss, seizure, or contributing, unintentionally, to violations of local laws. As for Thailand, I certainly wouldn't risk a China connection, and Tokyo is a good connection but Japan is not gun friendly however they are well organized and if there is a delay or unanticipated change you will get through it.. (Example of unanticipated problem with connection: there was a recent case of a guy taking a business trip with a layover in NY, the layover ended up being cancelled with a long anticipated delay and he decided to just continue by car. He was arrested when he claimed his luggage which contained a handgun, the owner didn't think about the NY Sullivan Law.) Thai used to have a nice LAX BKK flight but no more.
  10. I tried to shoot 38 Super in my CK 38SC and it wouldn't feed. Same with my SVI's. Anybody need 2 cases of Winchester 38 Super #4205??
  11. 1. Why not just get a a second powder measure. Or: an alternative would be to get the powder bar that has a micrometer built into it made by Uniquetec. 2. The Mr Bullet bullet feeder is worth buying but you will also want to pitch the included mounting system that attaches to the case feeder and buy the plastic mount that attaches to a pipe mounted to your loading bench. Do a search on this forum for detailed information. 3. The bearing kit is good as is the Fast and Friendly index pawl but the other things I would just suggest buying if you find that you need them. Good Luck!!
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