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  1. I remember when we were shooting 115gr bullets at old major. 1550+FPS. I had loads for my P9 in 9x21 That was back in the day when rifle primers only were used for major and after a couple loading in your brass you had to glue the primers in...
  2. I like working on the kits but I need to finish something, I keep moving on and starting something else lol
  3. Given that it’s a factory barrel I’m not sure. It doesn’t seem like a particularity fast barrel. The 24” load of 44.9 was around 2650fps and in the 16.5” it was right on 2500fps
  4. Probably around 200? After the last session I really wasn’t happy where the accuracy level was, it will shoot some loads ok like AA 168 match, but other match not so much. So I took everything apart and reassembled it and gave the barrel a really good scrubbing. Now it shoots awesome. I’ll give it another good cleaning and then try some previous loads through it and see.
  5. I do the same thing, I just trimmed the safety down, broke all the edges and polished it so there’s not any abrasion now.
  6. I wasn’t but I’m starting to be
  7. I think the brass made a difference, this was the first time trying Starline .308 brass. The long rifle is the one I’ve used for PRS the last two years and this is the best I’ve seen it group. It’s normally a 3/4” rifle. The shorty has been a bit of a struggle. It shot OK but not fantastic, now it seems like it’s coming into its own. Maybe it’s just broken in lol
  8. 44.9 worked best in the long rifle and seems to shoot OK in the short
  9. Out with this again, looks like 44gr Varget with the 175SMK is dialed in.
  10. I imagine at 6’4” every port looks like a low port.
  11. It shouldn’t happen but it sometimes does, I wonder if 10.2.10 could be used?
  12. And ambient sounds will block it as it’s not terribly loud. That’s why I suggest looking at an ejected casing anytime the pistol is racked during a course of fire, only takes a fraction of a second but good chance if it’s black there’s a squib.
  13. If there’s enough energy to push the bullet into the barrel, there’s a noise. It may not be recognizable as a shot but there’s definitely something Sounds like you had some fizzy primers, that sucks. In my open gun I won’t run anything but Federal unless there’s a real shortage and then I might go Winchester.
  14. There is always a distinct sound when a squib goes off, it’s never a click. The sound of the primer firing will give a funny pop. With a lot of ambient noise like OP described it will be hard to hear but it’s there. A guy on my squad a few years ago at Ryan Rocks match had a squib in the shoot house. I distinctly heard it from outside but the RO and shooter didn’t recognize it and the shooter attempted to rack about 2 mags worth of .45s through it before giving up. The shooter and the RO both couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t feed, I told the shooter he had a squib and he didn’t believe me until he went to safety area and...squib in barrel. So a couple of tips, learn to hear the sound of a squib, it’s pretty distinct. If the next round won’t feed like the chamber is blocked, it probably is. Stop and check it at safety area. No stage is worth getting hurt over. Lastly, as the shooter or RO, learn to watch the brass coming out of the gun any time you clear a malfunction. If it is a squib, primer or light powder charge, the casing will come out black since it won’t seal the chamber and the primer soot or partial powder charge will flow back and darken the casing.
  15. Do you look for the holes as you shoot or after you shot?
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