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  1. Make it simple and make it bulletproof (literally) I’ve seen eye type sensors used before and caused issues when they didn’t pick up some shooters, eg. Anyone wearing black pants wouldn’t trip the eye for some reason, Costs tons of reshoots and downtime. Remember not only are the users (shooters) going to be hard on them, those same people will be resetting the stage and probably no more gentle with the props at that time.
  2. 38supPat


    Good to see you’re shooting again!
  3. Well I had a good day doing load development today. Looks like I can get the 175SMK to shoot in both guns. Just need to run them a bit hotter. The 178 ELD-X still wasn’t as good but I may be able to come up with a half decent load for hunting.
  4. I’m a member at Sharon, we should be having matches every month next year starting in the spring. We have some new bays being built so next year is promising. Also Aurora is near you and they put on good indoor matches all winter.
  5. In my 700PSS 175 SMK over 44gr or Varget worked well, not so much in this 16.5” 1/10” twist barrel...it’s ok but not great, not nearly as good as the 168 AMAX or SMK.
  6. I put this together as part fun project and part as a deer rifle since most of the area I hunt in is thick bush and longer rifles are a PITA. This year it worked like a charm, easy to handle and manoeuvre with....but only deer I saw were at 600m and out of range. It works well with 168gr match bullets but over the winter I’m going to work up a couple loads with 175smk and 178 ELD-X and see what I get.
  7. The problem is rushing to do something else, it doesn’t matter if it’s the next target or the next position. I know most of my misses this year came from one or the other. A drill I came up with to help me is the shoot transition groups. Set up two targets, fire an accurate shot on the first target and as soon as the shot breaks drive the gun to the second target stopping in the A zone with a prepped trigger. Don’t fire the shot, just pause with a prepped trigger. Break an accurate shot and drive the gun back to the first target and stop with a prepped trigger. Break an accurate shot etc. Continue for a whole mag. The goal is to have two tight groups, one on each target, and to get the gun moving as soon as the shot breaks. If you move the gun early, you will see it. If you just start swinging the gun back and forth you will see it since you will have poor groups on both targets. Focus on a clean fast trigger press and drive the gun to the next target.
  8. Yeah it really seems to like 168gr loads, doesn’t seem to matter if it’s 168SMK or 168 Amax (maybe a slight edge to the Amax)
  9. Picked one up for fun. Anyone have experience loading for it? Tested some factory loads yesterday and compared against my 700 PSS .308 24" rifle for accuracy and velocity. All loads lost around 150fps. Tried Hornady Precision Hunter 178 ELD-X, shot ok in 16.5" terrible in 24" (1/10 twist vs. 1/12 twist) the real surprise was Hornady Black 168 AMAX. In both rifles it kept poking .5" groups time after time. Right now I have the 16.5" barrelled action in a Bell and Carlson M40 stock, factory Hogue was in contact with the barrel, I don't mean it flexes and touched the barrel, it was in contact all the time. EGW base and rings, Bushnell 3-12 elite Tactical G2DMR
  10. Typically we will use hard cover tape along the cut edge to restore the non scoring border.
  11. Richard Cho was a good man. Friendly and helpful. He was a Black Badge instructor and Range Master. He will be missed. RIP
  12. Actually I'm not sure if dies are covered under ITAR. But if buying at a store I can think of only a couple that might have sq deal dies in stock but regular dies can be found at almost every store plus cabelas and Bass Pro.
  13. Get the 550. It offers a lot more versatility for what you want. I load .38 super, 9mm, .45, .223 and .308 on mine. The square deal is only good for pistol and as pointed out has its limits. We can buy regular dies almost anywhere, but Sq deal dies are harder to come by.
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