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  1. Whats a good Shotgun to use for 3 gun? I would like to start but in need of buying a shotgun!
  2. DAA can be expensive when youre wanting a whole new kit. But is it worth it?
  3. I cant decide if i want 115g JHP again or if i want 124g to try out. The only problem with going 147g JHP are that they are super expensive!
  4. Which is better for 3 gun, 9mm or .40. and what gun would you get?
  5. Oops wrong Topic. Please Close
  6. Anyone selling a 170mm STI Mag? Wanting one for NM Sectional.
  7. really didnt know that! thank you!
  8. Thank you! ill just keep shooting and let the kinks fix themselves! i shoot here in Las Cruces and El Paso. I havent talked to an STI sponsored shooter yet since hes at double tap this weekend. thank you all for the support!
  9. So, I shouldn't mess with the compensator or guide rod? just keep shooting and itll make its adjustment by itself?
  10. Doesn't look like the extractor is the problem. Might just be from shooting shitty loads and not getting enough Ooomf, I get stovepipes from factory 115 ammo like winchester. my reloads also extract, never had a problem. I just looked at the compensator, youre right, it does look like the recoil spring (the metal stick) was rubbing against the compensator and caused some scratches. Wouldnt it be okay to round off the actual end of the recoil spring instead of messing with the compensator? cost more to replace that trubor barrel then a recoil shaft thingy.
  11. Haven't had the time to work on the gun, hopefully tomorrow or Friday.
  12. Yeah!!! im sure your gun won't have any issues since its being custom built!!! Congrats on your gun! i just got mine a couple weeks ago!
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