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  1. wdfwguy

    Steve Anderson drills?

    I just took his class, I'd give it a huge thumbs up!
  2. wdfwguy

    Is there any way to ID 230gr fmj bullets?

    Yeah, the .45s are the only thing not in factory cases. I weighed a few last night and they were all 230.2 to 230.8 grains.
  3. I ran across selling a closetful of reloading stuff, including a bunch of bullets. Everything is in cases, except for some .45 bullets. They're obviously 230gr fmj, but is there any point to trying to ID them? Or, for plinking and range use, just use generic load data?
  4. I've installed them in three Shadows, one being an S2. With the S2, the groups were slightly larger with the 10x. The most notable difference was the Accu bushing (SP01, not S2). Night and day.
  5. wdfwguy

    How are Winchester's 124gr FMJ bullets?

    I've mostly loaded coated bullets, so I'm not sure what a good price is for fmj. And what's a good price for used (for lack of a better term) bullets.
  6. Someone local has a couple of cases. They're marked 9mm .355 124gr FMJ Flat Base. Just wondering if anyone has tried them and how they compare to other FMJs. Shooting a CZ Shadow fwiw...
  7. wdfwguy

    Cleaning my carry optics gun

    I just wasn't sure about taking it on and off, if it would return to zero. But I'll put the rubber cover on and wrap that with painters tape or something similar.
  8. wdfwguy

    X-5 LARGE grip module

    I don't see this on their website, anyone have a link?
  9. For the guys who've read them, would you read them in any particular order?
  10. I generally use Hoppes #9, spray out with brake cleaner, then lube. Do I need to do anything special to protect my optic (DPP) when I'm cleaning?
  11. It's s 3 phase motor and vfd, controlled by the plc?
  12. How complicated was this to put together?
  13. It's 95% of what I load right now. It's clean and accurate and makes ~128pf in my Shadow.
  14. My regular load is Eggleston .357 124gr and 3.6gr of Sport Pistol PD 124 JHPs are more accurate, but not enough difference to shoot them in bulk
  15. I've had a couple of SP01 Shadows, Shadow 2s, and an Accu Shadow with the hand fit match barrel. In order from least to most accurate are the SP01, S2, then the Accu. But, to be honest, it wouldn't make a difference in a match. Now, if I thought I might finish in the top 10 at Nationals, I'd want every little edge I could get. (I've also tried 3 or 4 10x bushings and I haven't seen any positive difference)