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  1. The only reason I haven't been shooting a Q5 is because of the short grip. I'll definitely pick up one of these. Of course, now I have a TP9SFX, so it'd have to be something really special to push it out of the lineup.
  2. I finally reached someone at FW Arms and he's replacing my die...
  3. I wouldn't say it replaces Breakthrough Marksmanship and Match Mentality.
  4. My email order was super easy, got my bullets in a few days, and they look great. Hopefully I'll get the chance to load some this week.
  5. How do you adjust or remove the guide rod? And the spring loaded brass guide at the tip, does it slide smoothly? Mine seems to hang up quite a bit.
  6. I did my TP9SFX grip in epoxy and silicon carbide. Fits my hands and I really like the texture.
  7. I like the look of the OR slide better, and I feel like it will have better resale value than a milled gun. Neither is a big deal, and all three are good options. Just to be clear, I prefer the Primary Machine milled slide. It sits lower, it looks cleaner to me, and doesn't have the gap the CZC plate does. But again, I don't think there's a better or worse, it's just personal preference.
  8. I've got two milled Shadows, one direct by Primary Machine, and a CZC plate setup. To start over, I'd do the direct milling. Although, my first choice would be an OR pistol if I could find a decent deal.
  9. I haven't seen them in person yet. They showed me a video and the brochure, but I had also done some research online prior to my appointment .
  10. I had my hearing checked today, and the Dr told me insurance would pay for the Soundgear Phantoms. They did the molds today, so I'll find out for sure when they come in.
  11. I'd probably do exactly what I did. Lee Classic Turret, then a 550C, now an RL1100.
  12. Look on page 3, someone did a review on these about a month ago
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