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  1. I was at the range shooting my CZ, and someone offered to let me shoot their Canik. I was blown away by the trigger and the accuracy, and now I'd like to pick up one. Looking at the available models, the version I shot was the TP9SF Elite Salient. The model I'd get for myself is the TP9SFX. But now I'm wondering if the version I shot had some special Salient match barrel and trigger, and I'm going to be disappointed with the SFX trigger and accuracy.
  2. Any chance you could post a picture or two?
  3. Hi, I saw your post for the Walther certificate.  Could you explain how the process works, how long it generally takes, etc?  And do you know what the upcharge is for the SF?



  4. Assuming both have the same size grip, is there advantage to a full size pistol (5" M&P, P320f, G34) vs the shorter barrel version? The optic would seem to negate the sight radius advantage. Is there anything else that would sway you either way?
  5. I know the picture isn't great, but can someone ID this?
  6. Agreed, I said it wouldn't make a noticeable difference in a match. The question was if there's a difference in accuracy. Shooting groups, there's a measurable difference between my guns. Although, I'd be really interested in shooting an Accu S2.
  7. wdfwguy

    Decocker Sear Cage....

    I'll take a look at those, thanks Although, I must be doing something wrong. I'm using two slave pins, and didn't have an issue with the other pieces. Just can't seem to get the decocker spring to slide into place. It should be under tension, so that you have to push it down into the slot?
  8. I've spent almost an hour trying to get the decocker return spring in place. Is there some trick to this? I have the slave pin from CGW, but I can't seem to get it to drop into place. And I think I'm putting it together correctly, but I can't seem to find a really good photo or video of it actually going into place. It seems as though it won't drop in because it's under tension.
  9. Are you shooting this over your Shadow?
  10. They didn't do any other milling than just for the optic?
  11. I like my SP01, but I'm tempted to try an S2 for CO Just wondering what the more reasonable ($) options might be
  12. Just in the next issue of FS, or are they online before that?
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