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  1. I haven't used it in 9mm, but it sounds like there may be pressure issues when you get to 130-135pf. You haven't had any issues?
  2. I was looking at reloading stuff online this morning, and the wife wandered over and asked what I was looking at. I spent five minutes telling her about the two presses I was looking at. Her response? "Just buy the more expensive one, treat yourself"
  3. I'll pick up more when I find some, but I still need to load some ammo. I'm loading 9mm, 124/125gr coated bullets, range brass, Federal primers, in a Shadow 2. 3.8gr of Sport Pistol was my normal load. Out of the powders I have on hand (True Blue, AA #2, WST, and HP38) which would be the most seamless transition, and what powder charge should be equal to my SP load? I had a bunch of load data, but lost the files when i swapped laptops. And I've got a chrono, but just trying to avoid having to take it to the range and working up new loads.
  4. I'll try and remember/find the site where I saw the sale... But they're on the Lyman website if you just want more details
  5. I just happened to see it while shopping online for powder and primers. It was on sale for ~$80.
  6. Has anyone tried the Lyman 100 round gage?
  7. I've been trying to decide between these two as well. Even with the dealer discounts, the Evo is about 45% more than the RL1100. Just not sure I can justify the price difference,
  8. I'm sure it's not *necessary* But I'm not buying processed brass, I'm using range pickups. And I'm planning to automate. So, there's no extra effort on my part, and I feel like it would get rid of brass with debris, .380/.38 Sup cases, etc.
  9. I've decided to pull the trigger and get an RL1100 I found in stock. I'll only be loading 9mm, and I'd like to set up separate toolheads for processing and loading. Just looking for suggestions for how to set up both. Specific dies for each toolhead, etc.
  10. I looked at it again last night, and I noticed there was no tension on the slide stop. It looks like the spring isn't dropping into the notch on the slide stop. I put in a slide stop from an older SP01, and the slide cycled normally. I don't understand at all, because I shot it a few days earlier and it was running perfectly.
  11. Thanks, I'll try that
  12. I put the guide rod in the way I always do. I've even tried a different guide rod.
  13. I just picked up a used Shadow 2 and took it to the range last week, and everything ran great. Yesterday, I was going to try it out with an S2 slide milled for a dot (CZC/RDS). When I put the new slide on, it wouldn't rack. Took it off and on a few times, same result. I put the original slide back on, now IT won't cycle. Without the slide stop, the slide racks back and forth perfectly. I only have the one S2 frame and slide stop to try, but I don't see anything obviously wrong. And I'm lining up the slide/frame correctly when I'm inserting the slide stop. I'm at a loss... Any thoughts?
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