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  1. wdfwguy

    AVAILABLE pistols at CZ Custom

    Could I get a picture of the SP01? Thanks Wdfwguy@gmail.com
  2. wdfwguy

    Delta Point Pro vs. C-More RTS2 = Slide or Frame Mounted?

    If you've used both, can you compare the brightness of the two?
  3. I feel like the more I shoot, read, listen to podcasts, etc....the more I learn I don't know. I'm definitely seeing improvement, I can see that I'm shooting more accurately and finally getting faster too. But it feels like every time I learn something new, I see three things I need to do differently.
  4. wdfwguy

    I feel like my DPP isn't very bright

    As high as it will go...
  5. wdfwguy

    I feel like my DPP isn't very bright

    I tried a Duracell this morning, and it might be *slightly* brighter... But it still doesn't seem as bright as my Vortex dots, and it's definitely dimmer than the RTS I looked at
  6. wdfwguy

    I feel like my DPP isn't very bright

    I'll try that, thanks. I might also try a Duracell, the ones I have now are generic bulk batteries I bought on Amazon
  7. It's only the 2nd red dot I've tried, the other being a Vortex Venom, which is noticeably brighter. And today, I tried someone's Cmore RTS, and it was MUCH brighter than my DPP. All the comments I read from DPP owners seem to say they're very happy with the brightness. I can't really say for sure until I see another DPP to compare, but it seems dim to me.
  8. wdfwguy

    First round in a magazine not feeding?

    Is it possible that it was a recoil spring issue? I field stripped it this morning and realized it had the factory spring in it, so I swapped it for a 12# CGW. I'll take a picture, but I took ~200 rounds to the range this morning and they were 100%.
  9. wdfwguy

    First round in a magazine not feeding?

    FWIW this is what the malfunction looks like
  10. wdfwguy

    First round in a magazine not feeding?

    I haven't tried any factory ammo... But I loaded a handful of round nose bullets and they hand cycled perfectly. So it's unlikely to be crimp. I was loading the original rounds @ 1.095, then I worked my way down to 1.08 and a few were still hanging up. I think I'll just leave these bullets for my Glock...
  11. wdfwguy

    First round in a magazine not feeding?

    I only remember the first round not feeding, but I'm sure I hand cycled some and loaded some from slide lock This afternoon, II tried three different CZs and several different mags, just hand cycling, and had the same issue every fifth or sixth round or so. But if it's an issue while hand cycling, but not after the first round while being fired, it's not really an issue? My understanding is that it's not uncommon with CZs using non-RN bullets. Although, the first round from a mag should feed from slide lock. And if it's not, and the problem is with several different guns and ammunition, it's almost certainly an ammo issue.
  12. wdfwguy

    First round in a magazine not feeding?

    I *think* so, but I'll try a few different mags today
  13. I loaded some new ammo this week, and the first round out of a mag doesn't always completely chamber. Maybe 1 out of 5, and always the first round. The first round sticks about halfway in the chamber, and no issues after that. I feel like it must be an ammo issue, because that's the only thing that's different. I did the drop and spin test when I was setting the OAL. Maybe I need slightly more crimp? Or does it sound like something else altogether, maybe a gun issue? Oh, its a CZ Shadow with a conical style bullet.
  14. So, I took six loads out this morning; Acme 122 FP Eggleston 124gr .356 Eggleston 124gr .357 PD JHP 124gr @ 1.10 PD JHP 124gr @ 1.09 SNS 125gr RN All were loaded with Win 1x fired brass, Win SPP and Sport Pistol powder. They were all between 128-130pf. This was my first time shooting groups with my Shadow with the DPP. I was shooting at 15 yards resting across my backpack, and all of the coated bullets were staying around 1.5" Both PD loads were noticeably more accurate.