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  1. I ordered a 9mm with dies from Graf & Sons on 1-10, it's shipping tomorrow...
  2. That's what I wanted them for, just to try some different shapes and sizes. I guess I just need to learn to use some sort of 3D drafting software.
  3. I've seen a couple of files for the SP01, but no S2 grips
  4. I think you could make the "gouging" argument when it comes to heart medicine, food, water, etc. I'm not sure what my opinion is there, but you could certainly make the argument. But you're essentially arguing that you have a right to someone else's property at a price that you feel is reasonable. That's where I start to peel off into the libertarian lane. If someone had the luck or foresight to stock up on primers, who are you to dictate what they do with them? Or what they sell them for in a legal, consensual transaction? High secondary market prices meet a need. It allows the product to be available for purchase by someone who really wants them. If every retailer sold primers for $30/k, they wouldn't be in stock anywhere. But luckily, there are places where resellers can list primers for market prices and now you can buy primers if you really need them.
  5. I don't see primer prices being $75 a year from now. I think powder prices will be back to normal in a few months. As soon as retailers can keep either on the shelves for more than a few days at a time, I think prices will start to drop pretty quickly. People won't be motivated to hoard, or pay inflated prices on the secondary market. GB prices are already dropping to almost retail levels now. My local Scheels had primers in stock for a week without selling out. We're getting there...
  6. If primers have a free market value of say, $150, and they're being sold for $35-40, someone will buy them and pick up the profit being left on the table. That's not just primers, that's anything that can be legally bought and sold. It's not immoral or personal, to think otherwise is misunderstanding basic economics.
  7. I don't really understand that thinking, but to each his own.
  8. I can't speak to supply, but demand is certainly dying down. Prices on GB are down, and our local Scheels had primers in stock for at least week. Same with local sellers. And as prices start to come down, I think you'll see hoarders and speculators start to dump product as well.
  9. I've played around with mine for a couple of days. As a SD or carry type pistol, I like it a lot. For a CO pistol, I think I'd stick with the TP9SFX.
  10. Mine should arrive on Thursday. I'm actually excited to give it a try. As much as I liked the PPQ and Q5, I couldn't get over the short grip. Are you guys planning to swap any springs, or do anything other than mags?
  11. That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks. Hopefully, W74 will have another Memorial Day sale and I'll try one of the tungsten guide rods.
  12. Or are the Walther Sprinco springs a better choice in some way? Same with the guide rod and recoil spring. I think I have an extra G17 captured rod with the Gen4 adapter. But it seems like the W74 or P320 rods are more popular, I guess because they can be used with 1911 Commander springs?
  13. I'd agree that it's a hindrance. On "memory" stages, or high round count stages with hidden targets, etc....it's a serious struggle to focus and come up with a stage plan. Also, at times I'll go 100% into shooting and training, and then I'll see a shiny new hobby and forget about shooting for months at a time.
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