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  1. It just seemed odd that no one seems to be interested, or talking about it. Nationals in general, or Ben not shooting.
  2. I chrono'd some Clean Shot recently, along with some other known minor loads. CZ Shadow 2 124gr Eggleston TC coated Win headstamp Fed SPP 1.10 OAL 3.8 N320 1064 fps 23 es 7 sd 3.8 Sport Pistol 1050 32 11 3.8 Win 244 1048 12 4 3.9 Clean Shot 991 48 14 4.1 Clean Shot 1018 35 10 4.2 Clean Shot 1044 29 9 4.3 Clean Shot 1047 23 8 I then loaded some rounds with 4.2gr Clean Shot, and shot groups. It was consistently the most accurate of the four different loads.
  3. Can't seem to find any information about why he didn't. Here, or at PTSG. Frankly, I can't find much information about Nationals in general. Just not something people talk about much?
  4. I think I'm getting a set of these as well. I've tried a bunch of different grips, and just can't make enough room for my support hand.
  5. If the Gray Guns kit gets the P320 trigger to the level of the Canik/Freedomsith trigger, I'd reconsider one. I have a P320RX, and the trigger isn't even in the same ballpark as the Canik. In fact, it's terrible.
  6. Those are the numbers I was expecting. Just seems odd that its going to take me 4.3gr to get to 1050fps.
  7. I looked up my actual numbers, all from the same afternoon Avg ES SD PF 3.8 N320 1064 23 7 131.9 3.8 SP 1050 32 11 130.2 3.9 CS 991 48 14 122.9 4.1 CS 1018 35 10 126.2 3.8 244 1048 12 4 130.0
  8. I was running low on Sport Pistol recently, and picked up some Clean Shot to try out. I shot some through a chrono, along with a few known loads. Based on some older Clean Shot threads here, and load data from Shooters World and Alliant, I was expecting a similar charge weight to SP or something similar. My load was Eggleston 124gr .356 bullets, Win range brass, Fed SPP primers, 1.10 OAL. 3.8gr of Sport Pistol, 3.8gr of Win 244, and 3.7gr of N320 all chrono'd at ~130pf. But 4.1gr of Clean Shot got me to 126pf. Otherwise, it was the most accurate load, clean and not
  9. Just curious, but why?
  10. I've done searches and haven't really come up with anything. My understanding is they don't fit on the Shadow or Tanfo CO models. But has anyone put a Romeo3 on their Shadow or Tanfo, even it had to be milled specifically for the Romeo3. I'd just like to see what it looks like, and what your experience has been. And for that matter, which pistols of any type will they fit on without special milling? It looks like the P320 and Glocks both work, but need aftermarket plates. Anything else?
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